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DISCUS DFM focuses on characteristic management at an earlier stage in the product lifecycle when a manufacturing engineer is analyzing the detailed design of the part. In fact, by helping to define the applicable specs and annotations to include on the design, DISCUS DFM can actually assist with the definition of the Technical Data Package (TDP).

DISCUS DFM picks up where today’s leading CAD tools leave off by empowering the product team to consider the key considerations for manufacturing the part. An overview of the flow:
You start DISCUS by opening the native 3D CAD model in the model/drawing panel.
DISCUS will automatically review the model and its associated PMI and add the balloons to the model and the rows in the Bill of Characteristics.
You select the appropriate part family and likely list of manufacturing processes to consider for fabricating the part.
At this point, DISCUS DFM enables you to evaluate the part DFM by applying rules associated with the part’s features and characteristics versus the likely manufacturing processes.
The evaluation of the part against the integrated manufacturing knowledgebase results in a list of pertinent DFM constraints, recommended annotations/PMI for the part, and more.
When you're completed the analysis of the model, you can export the DFM data for review with the DFM engineer or the entire Integrated Product Team.

With DISCUS DFM, you consistently and correctly add the vital details to the design, giving you the ability to manufacture the new part right the first time. DISCUS DFM is the tool to improve the quality and productivity of your engineers.

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Discus DFM

  1. 1. Design for Manufacturing Enabling a Practical Approach to Producibility Analysis with DISCUS DFM March 11, 2006© 2011 DISCUS Software Company
  2. 2. Presentation Outline DISCUS DFM Overview – Detailed Design & Producibility – DISCUS DFM Operation & Outputs – Position in the Business Process – Typical Business Benefits – DISCUS Suite of Tools Software Demonstration – DISCUS Desktop – DISCUS DFM – DISCUS Knowledge Workbench2
  3. 3. Detailed Design Realities The creation of the detailed design documentation is still a laborious bottleneck for many companies Producibility (Design for Manufacturing) is frequently not addressed as part of the engineering design effort The proper completion of the detailed design really depends upon the manufacturing processes considered Manufacturing process knowledge is often not reused and actively applied during the detailed design The move towards a model-centric environment introduces new challenges & demands on engineering3
  4. 4. Detailed Design & Producibility Current Approach Create Share 3D Clarify Determine detailed model of design notes & design/ part intent annotation drawing Typical “Improved” Approach Create Share 3D Clarify Determine Perform detailed model of design notes & producibility design/ part intent annotation analysis drawing DISCUS DFM Approach This “bolt-on” approach adds labor & time to the overall business process Create Create Share 3D producible detailed model of detailed design in part design Master Spec Address producibility as part of creating a detailed design in less time & with less labor4
  5. 5. Key “Definers” for DISCUS DFM1. Rather than another simple checklist, help get detailed design completed quicker and with less design engineering labor2. Provide the Product Team with a way to easily discuss the detailed part characteristics and rapidly clarify design intent3. Enable the engineering knowledge to be captured by engineers, and provide transparency into the application of rules4. Enable the manufacturing engineer to be an instrumental part of getting the detailed design completed5. Support the principles of “multi-bird” engineering –- the activity of using a software tool that creates many useful outputs5
  6. 6. DISCUS DFM: Operation & Outputs Recommended Annotations/PMI For Design Select Identify Part Design Engineering Mfg Processes Characteristics Constraints Process Insights 3D CAD Model Bill of Characteristics For Supply Chain/QA Acrobat 3D PDF Manufacturing Process Knowledge Bill of Processes For Manufacturing Engineering Bill of Documents6
  7. 7. DISCUS DFM: Outputs Recommended The recommended product manufacturing information, such as Annotations/PMI drawing notes, process notes, symbols for the part. Design The results of comparing the part’s nominals, tolerances, and Constraints ratios against pertinent manufacturing constraints. Process Insights The recommended sections of handbooks and guides where manufacturing process information is pertinent to the part. Bill of The comprehensive list of characteristics for the part including Characteristics the nominals, tolerances, etc., used for FAI. Acrobat 3D The Bill of Characteristics linked to a 3D ballooned model of the PDF part all contained in an Acrobat document for easy sharing. The questions & answers, process notes, drawing notes, Bill of characteristics and process drawing for each mfg process. Processes Bill of The itemized list of material/process specs that are called-out Documents by the manufacturing processes and materials.7
  8. 8. DISCUS DFM: Screen Layout Model/Drawing Panel Design/Specs Panel Bill of Characteristics Panel8
  9. 9. DISCUS DFM: Business Process Bill of Processes Bill of Documents Perform Create/ Thermal Update Analysis Routing/WI Create/ Perform Update 3D Conduct Create/ Update Structural Model From Design Update 3D Model Analysis Analyses Review Config Mgmt Perform Create/ Mfg Process Update Recommended Analysis Annotations/P FAI/SPC MI Design Bill of Constraints Characteristic s Process Acrobat Insights 3D PDF9
  10. 10. DISCUS DFM: Typical Benefits Benefit Area Reason MagnitudeReduces time and labor to create DISCUS DFM identifies the notes, Based on user experiences, it canthe documentation for a detailed GD&T, symbols, etc. that are reduce 8 hour/part to less than 1 design necessary for the detailed design hour/part. Reduces engineering rework DISCUS DFM provides input for Based on study of welds, it can labor effort on new designs producible design first time reduce MRBs for new part by 50% eliminating design rework effortsReduces time and labor to create DISCUS DFM creates a part-specific Based on current FAI effort, it can documentation for FAI and Bill of Characteristics that is the save 4 hours/part in labor effort inspection basis for FAI and SPC setting up AS9102Reduces time and labor to create DISCUS DFM creates a part-specific Based on conf room pilot, it can routings and work instructions Bill of Processes that provides key reduce effort to create planning input for manufacturing planning documentation by 30% Reduces quality escapes in the DISCUS DFM defines a complete set Based on study of welds, it can supply chain that result from of characteristic requirements for reduce supply chain quality poorly defined mfg processes special manufacturing processes escapes by 10% Reduces the time and labor to DISCUS DFM creates a part-specific Based on user experiences, it can assemble documents for Bill of Documents that defines the reduce effort to organize configuration management controlled Tech Data Package documents by 30%10
  11. 11. DISCUS for Manufacturing Engineering DISCUS Desktop DISCUS Server DISCUS Connect DISCUS Database Windows Browser  OCR  Collaborator  Results  Advanced  Planner  3D  DFM / KW  CMM11
  12. 12. 614-360-2424www.DISCUSsoftware.com