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Dimex German uPVC Windows Profiles Sales Brochure


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"DIMEX" brand was set up in Germany in 1933 making aluminium profiles and other products. The first uPVC window was produced in 1973. DIMEX won the international fame rapidly due to its unique and high quality designs supported by its consistent R & D Wall Thickness of DIMEX profile varies from 2.5 mm to 3.0 mm to fulfill different multinational standards and tasts.
LOTOS 6O/ LOTOS can be used as Tilt Turn and out opening Casement due to its twin drainage design.
High flexbility to use all kinds of glasses
Optimized Steel Reinforcement design to use in Frame and Sash
Universal Connecting Solutions to combine Profiles from various Systems of Thermal Insulation Values according
DIN EN 12412-2
Uf = 1.7W/sqmk (LOTOS 60)/TROPICA
Uf = 1.6W/sqmk (Komfort 60)
Uf = 1.3W/sqmk (Contour 70)

Technical Specifications of DIMEX PREMIUM Series uPVC Doors & Windows.
The Superiority points of Dimex PREMIUM Series uPVC Doors & Windows: –

With 2.5 mm. wall thickness.
High UV Retardant with 8 Parts of Titanium Dioxide
8000 hrs. Xenon Tested
Eco Friendly
Fire Resistant
Sound Proof
Energy Saving
Termite Proof
Water Resistant
Burglar Proof
They carry 10 years Dimex Own warranty against Discoloration & against Brittleness
These economic & lightweight advantages make Dimex Premium windows most competitive in Indian Markets.
They are especially launched for Big Projects, where the Quality & prices can be assured.
They are a complete system to make all kind of project - Fixed, Sliding and openable Windows & Doors.
In this system we have separate window & door profiles as compared to other brand profiles. Who use the same window profiles for doors.
Being A German Brand Popular in Indian Markets for over 10 years, they provide more security to the end customer, and are more reliable for the Window makers.

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Dimex German uPVC Windows Profiles Sales Brochure

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