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Editing images – Photoshoot 2


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Published in: Art & Photos
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Editing images – Photoshoot 2

  2. 2. PROCESS OF IMAGE 1 - SOFTWARE USED : BEFUNKY I started off by cropping the left size as this image had the disadvantage of not having good framing. I then used the ‘Vignete’ tool to darken the edges a little. I then decreased the brightness so that you can only see little surface of the actors face I then decreased the light and increased the shadow on the image which created a dull/dark I then blurred everything but the white contact eyes of the twins. I then added an effect called Holga Art and its an in built feature of the website.
  3. 3. FINAL • Last adjustment which I did on this image was add in an affect called scratches. • I enjoyed editing this image as it is a online website which is easy to understand and use however it limits what you can actually do as most of the effects are
  4. 4. PROCESS OF IMAGE 2 - SOFTWARE USED ; PHOTOSHOP CS3 I started off by roughly raking out the background I then started to colour in the background black. I then started to play with the brightness/contrast on photoshop and started to darken the image. I then started to create a line with blood dripping on paint. Being on photoshop I started to create the Title therefore this is where I made the decision of what font design I should use as well as size. Last adjustments made was to add the release date (06/06/2016) and make the contrast a little darker.
  5. 5. FINAL • I used photoshop here and as it is a much more complicated software it took me a long while to come up with the final image which I am still not fully satisfied with. I could improve on many things such as making it more blurry and adding the scratch effect. I am extremely happy with the outcome of the title and the release date. • Using paint to create the line and blood dripping I believe it
  6. 6. PROCESS OF IMAGE 2 - SOFTWARE USED ; BEFUNKY Knowing how to use Befunky I have decided to use it to edit my last image. First I decreased the brightness and then increased the shadows. I then used the blurr tool to enhance the contact lenses and blur the rest out. I also added the Vignette tool to darken the edges. I then added the Holga Art effect similar to my first image as i thought it turned out good. I then used an affect called colour which ads shades of colour to an image, in this case a chose a hint of red. To finish it off I added the affect called ‘Scratches’ similar to my first image.
  7. 7. FINAL • Editing the last image was much faster as I already knew how to use BEFUNKY therefore I was familiar with the options it has. • I was satisfied with the editing of my first image so decided to go for a similar outcome.