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DID DoingMyPart.Coop 2012 : Destination Senegal


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Discover Senegal, in West Africa, the country where will head the two grand prize winners of th DoingMyPart.Coop contest : enter until February 26, 2012, at www.DoingMyPart.Coop!

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DID DoingMyPart.Coop 2012 : Destination Senegal

  1. 1. Since 1995, UM-PAMECAS, a union of mutuals to mobilize savings, has openedup a network of mature, well established cooperatives that reach more than555 000 members and clients, 54% of whom are women.The mission for UM-PAMECAS is to enable its base financial cooperatives toimprove the economic and social well-being of their members and of thecommunity in a spirit of solidarity, responsibility and democratic management.PAMECAS has 36 savings and credit mutuals in Senegal operating 58 branchoffices. (French only)
  2. 2. The Développement international Desjardins mission is to empower the disadvantaged in developing countries and countries in transition by developing community-owned and operated financial institutions which will have an impact on the community.
  3. 3. In Dakar, the capital of Senegal…