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  1. 1. DIGITALINNOVATIONASIA.COM  –  FACEBOOK/TWITTER:  DIASIATOURISM                  DIGITAL INNOVATION ASIA - CHINA BOOT CAMPMarketing to affluent Chinese Consumers, and trying to get a slice of thelucrative and fast growing Chinese outbound travel market?Learn about how to reach and connect with affluent Chinese consumers byleveraging web, mobile, and social media marketing in China.Digital Innovation Asia (DIA) has partnered with the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), aswell as the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to increase relevance to the industry when itcomes to digital innovation in travel and tourism in the Asia Pacific region.      Register for the China Boot Camp on April 23rd at Pullman Hotel G
  2. 2. DIGITALINNOVATIONASIA.COM  –  FACEBOOK/TWITTER:  DIASIATOURISM  As our friend, you can take advantage of attending the China Boot Camp and Digital Aid Asia at a20% discount.LIKE US ON FACEBOOK AND FOLLOW US ON TWITTER AND APPLY PROMO CODE:FRIENDS-DIA-2013Register at by going directly to: nationals spent a record US$102 billion on overseas travel 2012, taking it to the top ofthe international standings (Source: UNWTO, March 2013). International travel from China hasbecome a major source of growth for providers in the destination countries. There will be anaverage of 25 million first-time Chinese travellers every year, or 70,000 every day, for the next 10years. With over 564 million Internet users in China in April 2013 (an increase of 40 million newInternet Users in just the last year) which represents over 42% of their population and almostdouble the population of the US, more than 80% of Chinese travellers research and educatethemselves about destinations and brands online.The China Boot Camp on April 23rd, organized by Digital Innovation Asia (DIA) will helpcompanies understand how to reach and connect with “the new Chinese tourist” and affluentconsumers, by leveraging the complex social media landscape in China. Delegates will be ableto hear about the latest trends in marketing to Chinese consumers, and learn about the rapidlychanging and evolving Digital and Social Media Landscape in China, including the latest start-ups. Taking a deep dive into the complex and unique digital and social media landscape inChina, the April 23rd China Boot Camp will feature the unique opportunity to engage with threetop Chinese bloggers, sponsored by Chinese travel social media website Travel Index members can apply to be part of a Chinese mini blogger match-up themorning prior to the China Boot Camp at a 20% discount.Every participant will receive a hard-copy version of the latest Essential China Travel TrendsBook (free e-book download available at, and a special offer fora one-year Basic membership from, valued at RMB 5,000 or USD 800 (Note: SinaWeibo account is required). Don’t miss it if you are looking to get a slice of the most importanttourism source market.        
  3. 3. DIGITALINNOVATIONASIA.COM  –  FACEBOOK/TWITTER:  DIASIATOURISM  AGENDA:    9:00  –  11:00         Chinese  Blogger  Match  Sponsored  by    Unique  opportunity  to  connect  with  three  top  Chinese  bloggers,  the  winners  of  the  Spring  2013  Chinese  Social  Influencer  Competition.    Please  register  separately  at  under  “Chinese  Blogger  Match-­‐Up”  for  USD  975.  Enter  the  above  code  to  receive  a  20%  discount.    Note:  Tickets  are  very  limited  to  the  Chinese  Blogger  Match-­‐Up.      11:00  –  12:00     Registration  &  Lunch  Mingling  Sponsored  by  Pullman  Hotel  G    Meet  the  speakers,  bloggers,  grab  a  bite,  and  get  ready  to  take  a  deep  dive  into  the  Chinese  digital  and  social  media  landscape    12:00  –  12:10     Introduction    Speaker:     Jens  Thraenhart,  Founder  of  Digital  Innovation  Asia    12:20  –  12:30     Top  10  China  Travel  Trends     Sponsored  by    Speaker:     Jens  Thraenhart,  Publisher  of    12:30  –  12:45     The  Importance  of  the  Chinese  Market    Sponsored  by  PATA    Speaker:     Martin  Craigs,  CEO  of  the  Pacific  Asia  Travel  Association    12:45  –  13:15     8  Tips  for  Marketing  to  Affluent  Chinese  Consumers  Sponsored  by  Dragon  Trail  Interactive    How  to  build  a  China  Marketing  Strategy  that  works  by  leveraging  offline  and  online  marketing  methods,  from  concept,  execution,  to  measurement    Speaker:     Jens  Thraenhart,  Founder  of  Digital  Innovation  Asia    13:15  –  13:30     Networking  Break  Sponsored  by  Pullman  Hotel  G      13:30  –  14:00     The  Chinese  Digital  &  Social  Landscape  Sponsored  by  Dragon  Trail  Interactive    
  4. 4. DIGITALINNOVATIONASIA.COM  –  FACEBOOK/TWITTER:  DIASIATOURISM  The  Chinese  digital  and  social  media  landscape  is  one  of  the  most  complex  and  competitive  in  the  world,  and  the  most  important  way  to  reach  and  influence  sophisticated  and  affluent  Chinese  consumers.  Learn  how  to  build  a  digital  strategy  for  long-­‐term  success,  and  not  just  short-­‐term  gain.  Observe  digital  campaigns  that  worked  in  achieving  a  high  viral  spread  and  engagement.    Part  1:  Overview  of  the  Digital  Landscape  &  Developing  a  Digital  Strategy    Speaker:     Jens  Thraenhart,  Co-­‐Founder  of  Dragon  Trail  Interactive    Part  2:  The  Players  &  Best  Practice  Case  Studies  of  Digital  Campaigns    Speaker:     George  Cao,  Co-­‐Founder  of  Dragon  Trail  Interactive    13:30  –  14:15     Engaging    &  Inspiring  Chinese  Consumers  to  Travel  Sponsored  by    The  movie  “Lost  in  Thailand”  created  lots  of  buzz  in  China,  which  resulted  in  increased  Chinese  tourists  to  Thailand.  Visual  Content  is  a  key  influential  when  it  comes  to  inspiring  and  influencing  Chinese  travelers  where  to  go,  where  to  stay,  where  to  eat,  and  what  to  do  and  experience  –  especially  with  new  Chinese  tourists  that  are  looking  for  personalized  experiences.    Chinese  travelers  take  photos  and  share  them  on  Chinese  social  media  sites,  especially  Weibo.    Learn  on  how  to  create  a  visual  content  strategy  and  leverage  sites  like  and  when  it  comes  to  campaigns  and  social  CRM.    Speaker:     George  Cao,  Co-­‐Founder  of  Dragon  Trail  Interactive    14:15  –  14:30     Networking  Break  Sponsored  by  Pullman  Hotel  G      14:30  –  15:15     A  conversation  with  Chinese  Bloggers  Sponsored  by    A  very  unique  session  on  what  Chinese  consumers  are  looking  for  when  traveling  outside  of  China.    What  are  the  issues?  How  to  engage  with  top  Chinese  influencers  to  spread  the  word  about  your  destination  and  brand?      Moderator:  Dale  Lawrence,  President  of  Skal  Thailand  &  George  Cao,  CEO  of  Dragon  Trail      15:15  –  16:00   Experiences  from  Travel  Companies  marketing  to  Chinese  consumers  –  what  worked  and  what  didn’t    Sponsored  by  Dragon  Trail  Interactive    Hear  from  companies  that  have  been  marketing  to  Chinese  consumers.    Panelists:   Representatives  from  travel  companies      Moderator:     Jens  Thraenhart,  Co-­‐Founder  of  Dragon  Trail  Interactive  
  5. 5. DIGITALINNOVATIONASIA.COM  –  FACEBOOK/TWITTER:  DIASIATOURISM      16:00  –  16:30     The  Chinese  Backpacker  conquering  the  World  Sponsored  by  Backpacker  Magazine  South  East  Asia    Backpackers  historically  are  the  pioneers  in  opening  and  discovering  new  tourism  destinations.  What  is  the  role  of  the  Chinese  backpacker?  Very  digitally  savvy  and  engaged  on  social  media,  how  can  travel  organizations,  from  tourist  boards,  hotels,  airlines,  and  tour  operators  leverage  Chinese  backpackers  as  a  completely  new  category  of  influencers.    Speaker:     Nikki  Scott,  Editor  at  Backpacker  Magazine  Southeast  Asia    16:30  –  16:45     Networking  Break  Sponsored  by  Pullman  Hotel  G    16:45  –  17:15     China  Boot  Camp  Lab  Sponsored  by  Dragon  Trail  Interactive    A  new  session  that  will  give  the  audience  a  unique  opportunity  to  get  free  advice  and  consulting.    Show  your  Chinese  website,  and  get  live  critic  and  feedback  on  what  to  improve.      Speaker:     George  Cao,  Co-­‐Founder  of  Dragon  Trail  Interactive          17:15  –  17:45     Conclusion  &  Discussion  Sponsored  by  SKAL  Thailand    Ask  the  experts,  debate  issues,  and  engage  with  peers,  on  how  to  tackle  the  Chinese  travel  market.    This  is  a  fun  and  engaging  way,  open  for  all  delegates  to  participate.    Moderator:     Dale  Lawrence,  President  of  SKAL  Thailand    17:45  –  18:00     Closing    Speaker:     Jens  Thraenhart,  Founder  of  Digital  Innovation  Asia    18:00  –  20:00     DIA  Pop-­‐Up  Party  Sponsored  by  Pullman  Hotel  G