DIA Digital Aid Asia 2013_April


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DIA Digital Aid Asia 2013_April

  1. 1.                DIGITAL INNOVATION ASIA - DIGITAL AID FORUMSustainable Tourism 2.0 - digitally powering and taking responsibletourism development to the next levelLearn about the latest trends from e-Visa access, community based onlinedistribution, social media powered crisis management response systems, e-learning driven human resources development, mobile alerts combating childprostitution, and crowd-funding to alleviate povertyDigital Innovation Asia (DIA) has partnered with the Pacific Asia Travel Association(PATA), as well as the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to increase relevance to theindustry when it comes to digital innovation in travel and tourism in the Asia Pacificregion.  Register for the Digital Aid Asia Forum on April 24that zuma Restaurant(at St. Regis Hotel Bangkok)As our friend, you can take advantage of attending the China Boot Camp and Digital AidAsia Forum at a 20% discount. (USD 440 instead of the regular price of USD 550)The Promotional Code for our friends:- FRIENDS-DIA-2013Register at http://DIAsiatourism.eventbrite.com/Or by going directly to: http://diasiatourism.eventbrite.com/?discount=FRIENDS-DIA-2013The Digital Aid Asia Forum on April 24th is the first ever conference focusing onhelping emerging tourism regions across Asia to learn how to leverage technology anddigital media for capacity building to develop tourism in a responsible way and drivepoverty alleviation. Linked with the 2013 PATA Annual Summit (PAS) in Bangkok fromApril 25-26, Digital Innovation Asia (DIA) is organizing the first ever Digital Aid AsiaForum on April 24th at trendy zuma Restaurant at the St Regis Hotel in Bangkok.Emceed by media and global tourism personality Ms. Anita Mendiratta of CNN T.A.S.KGroup, speakers will discuss the issues from crisis management, human trafficking,human resources development, capacity building from micro-financing and e-Visa, andhow internet and emerging technologies, mobile, and social media can act as an enablerand catalyst to drive positive economic growth supporting the visitor economy.    
  2. 2. AGENDA:    Moderated  by:     Ms.  Anita  Mendiratta,  Lead  Consultant  of  CNN  T.A.S.K.  GROUP    10:00  –  10:30     Registration      Meet  the  speakers,  bloggers,  grab  a  bite,  and  get  ready  to  take  a  deep  dive  into  the  Chinese  digital  and  social  media  landscape    10:30  –  10:45   Welcome  from  PATA  &  Partnership  between  Digital  Aid  Asia  and  the  PATA  Foundation    Speaker:     Martin  Craigs,  CEO  of  the  Pacific  Asia  Travel  Association  (PATA)      10:45  –  11:00     Introduction  to  DIA  &  Digital  Aid  Asia    Speaker:     Jens  Thraenhart,  Founder  of  Digital  Innovation  Asia  (DIA)    11:00  –  11:30   The  Big  Opportunity:  Digital  Media    Powering  Sustainable  Tourism  2.0    Speaker:     Anita  Mendiratta,  Lead  Consultant  of  CNN  T.A.S.K.  GROUP      11:30  –  12:00   The  Case:  Opening  up  a  Tourism  Destination  –  Mekong  Discovery  Trail  and  Social  Media      Speaker:     Mason  Florence,  Executive  Director  of  the  Mekong  Tourism  Coordinating  Office  (MTCO)      12:00  –  12:30     Networking  Lunch       Get  a  demo  of  PATA  m-­‐Power  –  leverage  data  to  drive  tourism      12:30  –  13:00   The  Pioneers:  Backpackers  discovering  new  destinations,  and  sharing  experiences  online    Speaker:     Nikki  Scott,  Editor  of  Backpacker  Magazine  Southeast  Asia      13:00  –  13:30   The  Access:  Electronic  Visa  driving  tourism  development  in  Cambodia    
  3. 3. Speaker:     Hong  Panharith,  Chairman  of  CINet  Technologies  Co.,  Ltd      13:30  –  14:00   The  People:    Leveraging  e-­‐Learning  to  build  service    Speaker:     Vijay  Kumar.N,  CEO  of  Future  E  learning  Resource  Ltd    14:00  –  14:15     Networking  Break    14:15  –  14:45   The  Distribution:  Showcasing  small  travel  businesses  in  rural  communities    Speaker:     Grace  Lee,  Sales  Director  of  BeMyGuest.travel      14:45  –  15:15   Google  Power:  Not  just  search  but  also  applications  to  drive  tourism  development  and  capacity  building    Speaker:       Amy  Kunrojpanya,  Head  of  Communications  &  Public  Affairs  of  Google  Asia  Pacific  &    GooglersGive  Ambassador  ~  Southeast  Asia  Lead      15:15  –  15:45   The  Digital  Aid  Asia  Model:  Digital  and  Technolog  as  enabler  for  Capacity  Building  &  Responsible  Tourism  Development    Speaker:     Jens  Thraenhart,  Founder  of  Digital  Innovation  Asia      15:45  –  16:15     Digital  Aid  Asia  Round-­‐Table  Discussion    Ask  the  experts,  debate  issues,  and  engage  with  peers,  on  how  to  tackle  the  Chinese  travel  market.    This  is  a  fun  and  engaging  way,  open  for  all  delegates  to  participate.    Moderator:  Anita  Mendiratta,  Lead  Consultant  of  CNN  T.A.S.K.  GROUP      16:15  –  16:30       Closing  &  Wrap-­‐Up    Speaker:     Martin  Craigs,  CEO  of  the  Pacific  Asia  Travel  Association  (PATA)