MLS Statewide eBook Project


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Webinar presented to MLS members about the statewide eBook pilot project.

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MLS Statewide eBook Project

  1. 1. MLS eBook ProjectWebinar presentation by Deb HoadleyMay 13, 2013
  2. 2. TimelineoftheProjectMay 2012: Resource Sharing Unbound workshop sponsored by MLS & MBLCOctober 2012: Statewide Resource Sharing Planning Committee proposes Business PlanOct-Mar 2013: Plan begins to move forward; eBook taskforce formed; pilot librariesidentified; MLS selected to manage project; RFP issuedApr-Dec 2013: RFPs received; vendors chosen, implementation and 1st phase is launched
  3. 3. DefinitionseBook – an eBook (variously, electronic book, eBook, or digitalbook) is a book-length publication in digital form, consisting oftext, images or both, and produced on, published through, andreadable on computers or other electronic devices. Sometimesthe equivalent of a conventional printed book, eBooks can alsobe born digital.Users – Massachusetts library card holders.
  4. 4. Models for eBooks• Overdrive Model – library needs to be networked or in aconsortium (individual libraries can have Advantage for owncollection); no ownership; one checkout per title; pay forplatform; downloaded to most eReader/devices; mostly publiclibrary collection driven (starting to offer core curriculum forschools)• Freading – library purchases tokens for eBooks; somebestselling content; no ownership; simultaneous checkoutsper title• Subscription Model – like EBSCO or EBL; aggregators ofcontent; simultaneous users per title; patron drivenacquisitions; buy access to collection, not individual titles; canbe accessed through computer download or app on tablet;not checked out and transferred to eReader/device.
  5. 5. Models for eBooks Continued• Douglas County Model – own Adobe server; negotiatesownership of content with publishers; access to local content;patron driven acquisitions available; one county system;downloadable to eReader/device; licensing requirements stillapply• Other states – (NC, KS, CA, WA, CO, AZ) focus on localcontent/authors and digital archival materials; one library typeor at most two types of content collected; bring all onlinecontent under one umbrella• MLS Statewide eBook Model – multi-type libraries across thestate for access to all eBooks available; various collectioncontent; increase resource sharing statewide; ownership whenapplicable; provide local content
  6. 6. Key Points and Benefits• Participate in building a statewide shared eBook collectionthat will be available to all MA residents• A statewide committee will drive collection developmentpolicies and procedures• Collectively own a collection of thousands of eBooks• Leasing option is always available for appropriate collections• Contribute and provide an entrée to local content, for examplehistory, literature and news• Preserve our vital resource sharing environment that is at riskwith the various platforms/content silos• Benefit from efficiencies of centralized technologymanagement, administration and contract negotiations (MLSrole)
  7. 7. Desired OutcomeAll library card holders in MA will have access to a broadselection of titles through a single, user-friendly, statewidediscovery platform, which will ultimately be integrated into alllibrary catalogs or single catalog or portal.There will be a statewide collection and collection policy ,selected and developed by representatives from public, school,academic and special libraries.There will be a sustainable, equitable funding model created anddeveloped by representatives from public, school, academic andspecial libraries for continued purchasing on online content.
  8. 8. Pilot Project – April-Dec. 2013• 50 pilot libraries made up of public, school, academic andspecial libraries• RFP issued and vendors chosen that reflect the scope andvision• Three taskforces formed: Collection Development;Sustainability & Funding; and PR/Marketing• 10,000 titles for opening collection• Integration into library website/catalog• Training & Implementation• End-user training; evaluation/feedback• Rolling-in phases to incorporate other libraries in the state
  9. 9. Learn More• MLS Resource Guide – multi-purpose guide where you canfind out more about the project, brief blog info, RFP details,articles and other information about eBooks, and thispresentation!• MLS eBook Blog – up-to-date information about the project,as well as other information that is pertinent to eBooks andonline content. We welcome your questions andcontributions to this blog. Sign up for RSS feed.• Contact me, Deb Hoadley, Advisor and Team Leader for theMLS Statewide eBook Project