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A.MARWA QNET:Biodiscpower energy presentation


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A.MARWA QNET:Biodiscpower energy presentation

  1. 1. • Offers Unique & Revolutionary Quality Products• Attractive and Rewarding Compensation Plan• Fantastic Products and the Perfect Business 1
  2. 2. Watches & Health and Coins & Holidays InternationalJewellery Wellness Medallions Telecom 2
  3. 3. Amezcua BioTechnology Products Exclusively distributed by QuestNet • BioDisc • Pewter BioDisc • Shower Shell • Straw Tube • Chi Energy Pendant 3
  4. 4. Health Concerns about Food and Water Today, over 100,000 chemicals are used in food production More than 14,000 chemical additives are used in food processingWater suppliescontain harmfulchemicals thatyou ingest whendrinking waterand absorbwhile showering 4
  5. 5. Typical Water Treatment SystemWater with Life Energy Chlorination & Fluoridation Unstructured Water has no Life Energy 5
  6. 6. Water is the most important Element for Life Water makes up 75% of our body and is essential for -Aiding Digestion Accelerating metabolism Waste disposal likeTransportingnutrition sweat, breath, urine and stoolMoisture ofsaliva Lubrication of jointsBalancing body Lymphatic and bloodtemperature systems Multiplication of Healing wounds skin cells Are you drinking enough pure, energised water for your daily needs? 6
  7. 7. The Healing Power of WaterDr. Masaru Emoto The I. H. M. Institute in Japan was founded by Dr. Masaru Emoto . He is Internationally acclaimed for his extensive research on Water 7
  8. 8. BioDisc - A 21st Century Health Miracle 25 years of research and development by Dr. Ian Lyons BioDisc is made in Germany using nanotechnology and high heat fusion processes Natural minerals are structurally bonded at a molecular level within the BioDisc to generate bioenergy (also known as Scalar Energy)Dr. Ian Lyons 8
  9. 9. The Energy of Life Every cell in our body is 75% water and is a mini battery Healthy cells have an electrical charge of 70 to 90 millivoltsWeak, diseased or cancer cells typicallyhave a charge of only 15 to 20 millivoltsBioenergy can recharge the cells in our bodiesto help restore them to a healthy state 9
  10. 10. BioDisc - A 21st Century Miracle BioDisc has a spinning resonance of Alpha frequency that provides bioenergy to energise water and neutralise chemicals in our food and water BioDisc’s natural Bioenergy can energise and recharge our body’s trillions of cellsBioenergised water and food help to improve thetransfer of nutrients into our body’s cells and wasteout of our body’s cells 10
  11. 11. BioDisc Restructures WaterI.M.H. Institute Test Results - Water Crystal Comparison Non-Treated Tap Water Poured over the BioDisc through the energy field Water Treated with Amezcua BioDisc Becomes energy enhanced or structured water 11
  12. 12. BioDisc changes ‘dead’ water to ‘living’ water Tap, Filtered or Bottled Water (H2O) Poured over the BioDisc Becomes [H2O]37 Energised Water The angles of the water molecules change from 104.45º to 109º “THE ANGLE OF LIFE” 12
  13. 13. Model of an [H2O]37 ‘Living’ Water ClusterThis change in the water caused by the BioDisc is accurately represented by a soccer ball 13
  14. 14. Live Blood AnalysisBlood sample image – Person Blood sample image _ Person who drinks water that is who drinks water that has not bioenergised been bioenergised by the Bio Disc Image Source: The Australian Institute of Applied Sciences 14
  15. 15. The 5 Step BioDisc Bioenergy Program1 Bioenergise water by pouring it over the concave side of the BioDisc2 Wash fruit and vegetables in the bioenergised water to neutralise chemicals and extend shelf life3 Fit a shower shell so you can shower in bioenergised water4 Create a bioenergy field around your bed by placing a bottle of bioenergised water at each corner to improve sleep & creates wellness5 Fill a small spray bottle with bioenergised water. Spray yourself for an energy boost and to help relieve headaches, joint pain, insect bites & stings, skin conditions, sunburn and more ….. 15
  16. 16. Innovative Uses for your BioDiscInstantly bioenergise and improve the taste of liquidslike fruit juice, red wine, spirits etc. by pouring themover your BioDiscPour milk over your BioDisc to neutralise the effect oflactose in the milkPlace a bottle or glass of water on your BioDisc for 15to 30 minutes to bioenergise the waterUse an L.E.D. light in combination with your BioDiscon painful parts of your body to relieve pain 16
  17. 17. Answers to Common QuestionsBioenergised products and water will hold theirenergy charge and structure for at least 50 yearsBioenergy is the body’s natural energy. BioDiscis simply a tool that produces natural bioenergyfor every day use to top up the body’s supplyBioDisc has been engineered to function forat least 15 years, however, recent tests on earlymodel BioDiscs show an energy increase thatsuggests a longer lifetime 17
  18. 18. Growth Rate of Plants After a 7 day trial we found that the growth rate of “A” is double that of “B” “ A” “ B”Bioenergised Ordinary tap water tap water 18
  20. 20. Commercial Biotechnology - Vivifier - Dr. Lyons Australia’s largest Chicken Producer uses Vivifiers to increase chicken health and quality Chickens harvested 2 days earlier than normal Vivifier 20
  21. 21. Who needs BioDisc? Children Men WomenAnyone or anything that needs water for life Teenagers Plants Animals 21
  22. 22. Harmful Electromagnetic Radiation (E-SMOG) Electric power, mobile phones, computers, microwaves, televisions, etc. produce E-SMOG Exposure to E-SMOG is dangerous to your health and can cause adverse health conditions like chronic fatigue, depression, headaches, abnormal behaviour in children etc. # (Source – British Department of Health, Health Protection Agency and World Health Organisation) 22
  23. 23. Amezcua Chi Pendant Protects against the negative effects of electromagnetic fields (E-SMOG) Feel refreshed and rejuvenated The Amezcua Chi Pendant improves your harmony and energy levels 23
  24. 24. Energy Pendant The Energy Pendant is made of mineral based nano-engineered glass similar to the BioDisc but with a pulsing resonanceCalibration of the energy pendant at a highAlpha frequency helps balance the bioenergy inyour body to maintain a calm and healthy stateFor best results, the Pendant is worn in themiddle of the chest and promotes balance,strength, stamina and enduranceThe bioenergy produced by the Energy Pendantstimulates brain and thought processes 24
  25. 25. Energy Pendant Enhances capacity to function in E- SMOG environments especially for pilots, truck drivers, taxi drivers, musicians, nurses, computer operators and so onStrengthens your resilience and resistance to theeffects of tiredness and mental stressEnhances energy levelsAthletes claim that wearing the Pendant improvesstamina and endurance to give them a competitiveedge 25
  26. 26. Amezcua Shower ShellMade of pure aluminiumCreates a positive energyfieldInstantly energises waterDesigned for use withdomestic shower or bathtap pipes (up to 15mm )Water energised through the Amezcua Shower Shellimproves the body’s harmony and energy levelsEnergised water carries detergent much morethoroughly into material during laundry 26
  27. 27. Evaluated and Certified by:The BioDisc has been classified by theTherapeutic Goods Act for use in the‘purification or treatment of drinking water’(TGA – Australia) Japan: Water I.H.M. Institute,crystal photography and energylevels in waterPSB Laboratory, SingaporeWater surface tension value Med Prevent GmbH & Co,GermanyPROGNOS testing - Positiveenergy fieldSCHOTT AG, GermanyManufacturer of BioDisc 27
  28. 28. Dr. med. Manfred Doepp GermanyEnergy levels in water and human bodyPositive Energy FieldCertificationEnergy levels in water andthe human body weretestedResults showed positiveeffects in the treated waterUser’s energy and harmonylevels showed an increaseTests done on AmezcuaBioDisc, Amezcua ChiEnergy Pendant andAmezcua Shower Shell 28
  29. 29. Invest in your HealthBioenergise yourself towards optimum wellness Most people choose the BioDisc and Energy Pendant Combo to start with, as these promotional Combo packages are priced to save you moneyPromotional Price of this Combo includinginternational courier delivery is US$770, a savingof US$430 on individual retail priceProduct Information Website: www.amezcua.comRegistration and Purchasing Website: 29
  30. 30. How Can QuestNet Enhance Your Life andthe Lives of your Family?As a Customer – Improvingyour Health and Well BeingAs a Business Associate – Helpingyou create an additional source ofincome - $250 per Week or Month orSubstantial Income Stream - $2,000or more per Week or Month
  31. 31. Making a Choice 1st Choice - Share the Benefits with others1. Register US$10 (I.R.)2. Qualify – Purchase at Retail Price3. Activate – Refer 2 or more4. Earn income 2nd Choice – Be a Customer Purchase at Retail Price 31
  32. 32. Quest International Ltd is headquarteredin the Bank of China building in HongKong and has 23 offices worldwideMarkets products in 120 countries withservices to over 4 Million customers“State of the Art” E-Commerce Systemand provides free training & supportQuestNet has achieved over $1 Billion insales since its beginning in 1998 32
  33. 33. QuestNet’s Global Compensation Plan QuestNet You ‘Qualify’ by will deliver purchasingthe product product to you online at YOU You do not You register with have to handle QuestNet as an or carry any Independent Referrer products Representative for US$10 33
  34. 34. Binary Marketing Plan YOU Left Team Right TeamUpon enrollment as an IndependentRepresentative of QuestNet, you areallocated three Tracking Centres (TC’s)assigned in a 3 header configurationEvery Tracking Centre has a Left Customerteam and a Right Customer team 34
  35. 35. Simple but Powerful Point System YOU Left RightThe referrals that you introduce are placed on eitheryour Left team or your Right teamProducts purchased from QuestNet have aCommissionable Unit Volume (CUV) or point valueA BioDisc/Pendant Combo is equal to 1 CUVor 1 PointFor the following exercise, let’s assume everyonepurchases a product with a 1 point value 35
  36. 36. Activation YOU Left Right A BYour friend A Your friend B purchases a purchases aProduct (1 Point) Product (1 Point) You are now ‘Activated’ Every time someone in one of your teamspurchases product, you will accumulate points volume from that sale 36
  37. 37. Points Accumulate through Referrals YOU Left Right A B “A” introduces two people and “B” does the same. Each new person buys a Product 37
  38. 38. First Step Commission YOU Left Right A B 3 CUV US $250 3 CUV3 Points Left and 3 Points Right = US$250.00 38
  39. 39. Second Step Commission YOU Left Right A B 3 CUV 3 CUV 3 CUV Earnings now US $500Arrangement does not matter as long as it is balanced3 Points Left & 3 Points Right from sales in your teams 39
  40. 40. The Value of a Residual IncomeThere is value in developing Monthly Required Income Savingsa passive income throughreferral marketing. $200 pm $48,000 $400 pm $96,000Just developing a residual $1,000 pm $240,000income of $400 per month,means that you would $1,500 pm $360,000effectively have banked $2,500 pm $600,000$96,000 earning interest atfive percent $5,000 pm $1.2 Million $10,000 pm $2.4 Million
  41. 41. The Power of Duplication 4096This is an indication of the compounding effect ofduplication if each IR only introduced two newaffiliates who introduced two and so onOver time, there is no limit to the number P 2048of IR’s you and your team can introduce e o 1024 512 p2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 l e1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Time in Business 41
  42. 42. Ten Business Advantages:• One time purchase of Product or Service• You only need to introduce Two people to start• Minimum Skills required• Free training is provided• It is a Global Business• Work at your own Pace• Backup for your regular Income• Inheritance – Business can be willed to heirs• Superannuation Plan - Residual Income Stream• Work from home 42
  43. 43. For more information about the AmezcuaHealth and Wellness Products and thebenefits of becoming an IndependentRepresentative of QuestNet:• Contact the person who introduced you• Register to attend one of our Business Workshops for a more in depth overview of the QuestNet Compensation Plan. 43