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Ro plant inaugoration(police line)


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Ro plant inaugoration(police line)

  1. 1. RO Plant Inauguration Program, 1 Police Line, Barmer Venue – Police Line, Barmer Date – 14th July, 2014 Duration – 6PM – 7PM Introduction: On 14th of July, 2014, a very special program was organized in the premises of Police Lines in Barmer. The program was regarding the inauguration of an RO Plant within the Police Lines compound funded by CAIRN India Ltd. and implemented by DHARA SANSTHAN. Water is the most basic necessity of living beings. In Rajasthan, problems of water scarcity and impure water are very much prevalent which leads to various health problems. Presence of high amount of Fluoride and TDS levels in water affects health drastically. Health related problems like Dental Fluorosis, Joint problems, Stomach problems like diarrhea, etc have been observed in people consuming ground water. For this purpose the Jivan Amrit Project has been initiated and setting up of RO plants have been started. The water from the RO plants provide clean, pure and safe drinking water which do not lead to any health problems, rather it benefits health. This program has been initiated for the benefit of the people (especially the villagers) who do not have access to pure and safe drinking water.
  2. 2. Objectives of the Program: The major objectives of the program was to celebrate the opening of the RO Plant in Police Lines, Barmer and to propagate and spread the word to every nearby communities to increase the use of RO Plant water and avoid using ground water for the purpose of consumption. Pre – Program Initiatives: The entire setup was constructed for a grand program. Arrangements for stages and sitting were also made with the sincere help of the Police staffs. The folk artists were also used to play the ‘Dhol’ to increase more participation. Nature of Work Done: In the beginning, the program was started with Mr. Jamal Khan, Local Folk artist, and his group 2 performing a folk song named “PANI RO WALO PIJO”. The song was sung for the purpose of motivating everyone to focus on RO Plant water for the purpose of consumption. The people present in the program were greatly influenced by the rich folk music. The program was enti rely anchored by Dr. Jaswant Mayla, Principal. He efficiently carried out the responsibility and was able to hold the crowd together. He explained the benefits for consuming pure and clean water. He explained regarding the RO plant in brief and also motivated the people present in the program in using RO Plant water for consumption purposes. Next, the guests had arrived and the ribbon cutting ceremony was conducted successfully. The guests were warmly welcomed in traditional Rajasthani manner using garlands, turbans and shawls.
  3. 3. In the next session, the guests were invited on the podium one at a time to express their valuable words. In the beginning Mr. Hemant Sharma, IPS, Barmer, was called upon. He addressed to the people present in the program. He greatly praised the efforts of CAIRN India and Dhara Sansthan regarding the initiatives for setting up the RO plant. He also spoke about the advantages of using RO plant water for the purpose of consumption. And mentioned the valuable point of setting up the RO plant in Police Line compound as the plant will be safe and will be secured all the time. Next, Mr. Bhanu Prakash Yeturu, IAS Collector, Barmer, was called upon to share his valuable opinion. He focused on the importance of pure water consumption. The greatly appreciated the efforts of CAIRN India and Dhara Sansthan. He also shared the information that the RO Plant model has been appreciated by the Rajasthan Govt. and talks have been going on to try and implement this model in entire state of Rajasthan if possible. 3 Mr. O. P. Ujjwal, Deputy Superintendent, Barmer Police, thanked and gave regards to the efforts of TATA, CAIRN and Dhara Sansthan. In between, Mr. Jamal Khan and his group performed a folk song named “AAO PADHARO MARO DESH” to motivate the people. Next, Mr. Nilesh Jain, CAIRN Manager, CSR, was requested to come upon the podium to share his opinion. He addressed to the people present in the program. He thanked the Village Water Committees of the RO Plant villages and said that the initiatives would not have been successful without their efforts.
  4. 4. Mr. Nilesh also suggested regarding providing RO plant water to all the households’ who do not have access to clean and pure water. Lastly, Mr. Sunil Dutt, IPS, Inspector General, was called upon to express his views. He gave his best regards to CAIRN India and all the associates with the company who made the RO Plant initiatives a success. He also appreciated the techniques implied in the RO Plants. As 20 Liters of water was available for a meager amount of 5 INR, it is very much affordable for the villagers to avail the facility. He also appreciated the ATW card system in the RO Plants. Mr. Jaswant called Mr. Mahesh Panpalia, CEO, Dhara Sansthan to present the Abhinandan Patra to the guests. Also, Mementos were presented to the guests through the hands of Dr. Uma Bihari Dwivedi (CSR Asst. Manager, CAIRN), Mr. O. P. Ujjwal, Mr. Mahesh Panpalia, Anita Rani (SHO, Women Police) and Jogendra Kaur. Finally the program was brought to an end and the thanks giving session was carried out by Mr. O. P. Ujjwal and all the people present in the program were warmly thanked for their support and participation. A tree plantation ceremony was held and the guests participated in it in the Police Line compound. Lastly, snacks were distributed to the people present in the program. Important guests present in the program were: Mr. Sunil Dutt, IPS, Inspector General Mr. Bhanu Prakash Yeturu, IAS, Collector Mr. Hemant Sharma, IPS, Barmer Police Mr. Nilesh Jain, CAIRN Manager, CSR Ms. Ritu Jhingon, General Manager, CSR, CAIRN India Ltd. Mrs. Usha Jain, Sabhapati, Nagar Parishad. 4