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Next New Networks Sales Presentation

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N3 Q4 R2 102609 V2 Pdf

  1. 1. Next New Networks: 1 The Online Landscape ! The Online Video Marketplace ! Advertising in Online Video ! Next New Networks Market Position ! Customized Solutions
  2. 2. Online Video will be as 2 important as television It’s the next form of entertainment. ! Online video viewing will double from 6 billion to 12 billion hours by 2010 (eMarketer) ! 81% of online users watch video, 90% of 18-29 y.o. users watch video (eMarketer) ! In July, record 21.4 billion views by 158mm US viewers (comScore) ! Up from 134mm in April ! YouTube 42% of all views “Video quality is getting better and there are more premium content options than ever. It’s possible that could actually reduce consumption of TV.” (eMarketer, July 2009) “The lines between traditional TV and online video continue to blur.” (Business Week)
  3. 3. Online Video Views Rival 3 Cable TV Total Day Average Viewers 500.0 375.0 250.0 125.0 0
  4. 4. YouTube is the Industry 4 Leader. ! 121 mm US unique viewers “Forget Hollywood. YouTube’s future lies less in “Desperate Housewives” and more in producers such as Next New Networks.” ! 8.9 bn views/month ! 77% of branded online video viewing (Neilsen) (Advertising Age,“Why YouTube Will Sink or Swim With Obama Girl.” June 2009) ! 2009 ad sales forecast $250-500mm (WSJ, 8/09) ! With 51% of ad execs preferring to buy from publishers (eMarketer - BrightRoll report) YouTube’s top partners represent their best chance to reach revenue goals. “The issue for YouTube going forward is to increase the percentage of its videos that can be monetized (likely through more deals with content companies) and to drive more advertiser demand through standardization of ad formats and improved effectiveness.” (Credit Suisse, 04/09)
  5. 5. We’ve become the leader YouTube is the Industry 5 on YouTube, too. Leader. ! #10 content parter in views All Time #9 partner in most subscribed Content Partner Views (mm) ! 1 Universal Music Group 5,767 ! Top 20 in monetizable views ! 6% of YouTube are “sellable 2 Expert Village 823 streams” (YouTube) 3 SonyBMG 770 ! 7% of YouTube’s uniques/month 4 Hollywood Records 679 (YouTube) 5 Machinima 673 ! Deeper partnership: NNN & YouTube: ! Integrated our 3rd-party ad server, 6 Failblog 534 Freewheel, into the stream with pre- 7 Michael Jackson 526 rolls as well as overlay ad units. 8 CBS 496 9 MondoMedia 486 10 Next New Networks 463
  6. 6. Next New Networks: 6 TV for the Internet VIDEO VIEWS TO DATE 650 million ! We combine the best of TV with the best of the web ! Authentic, established and engaged communities VIEWS PER MONTH 30 million ! Original, quality award- winning programming ! Industry-leading advertiser solutions with top brand UNIQUES PER MONTH 15 million ! Professionally branded, names packaged and regularly TOTAL SUBSCRIBERS 1 million scheduled
  7. 7. The Media the Industry YouTube is is Paying 7 Attention Leader. “Like MTV in its heyday... Viewers don’t go to it for any one video; they tune in for a sensibility, a lifestyle. If it’s escape you’re looking for, and you’re open to a brand-new fantasy of youth, the one present on Next New Networks is pretty sweet.” – Virginia Heffernan, The New York Times Magazine, 6/2009 ! Regularly popping the culture with attention and coverage from mainstream media. The New York Times CBS News Los Angeles Times Rachael Ray Wall St. Journal WIRED Saturday Night Live AP ABC Fox News The Colbert Report E! News The Science Channel Yahoo! News ! More nominations and awards than any other online TV company, with 7 Webby Awards and 2 Streamy Awards. !
  8. 8. Confashional YouTube is the Industry 8 Leader. An upcoming Next New Network Website Launch Date http://confashional.com TBD CONFASHIONAL BLING FOR BROKE A new network that brings you the tips, tricks and hottest trends in the ! Bling for the Broke is a new series on our Confashional network with world of beauty and fashion gossip. Shedding a light-hearted host Shelia Marikar, who helps fashionistas like herself, find and perspective on fashion from blogs and magazines, Confashional hunts create red carpet looks for less. Shelia believes that looking your down the real life fashionistas that stop you in your tracks. best does not need to cost you a lot of money, but rather a little imagination and some know-how. She's here to show you all the WHAT I WORE tricks to make your wardrobe fashion-forward, fun and affordable. ! In "What She Wore," fashion stylist Jessica Shroeder documents her LIFE EXPERIMENT favorite looks, how she pieced them together, where she bought the ! Lifestyle blogger and professional guinea pig Mary Rambin tries one items and where she wore it to. Each piece and look tells a story -- new thing every week for a whole year -- and you're coming with her.  whether it was vintage, a hand-me-down from her mother, a In each episode, Mary tries a new exercise, whips up a meal from a department store find or an neglected dress hanging her the new recipe, or jets to a new hotspot.  She ventures the urban jungle closet-- Jessica will help viewers create stylish looks from head-to- in search of the latest lifestyle trends.  From tasting the street toe and make your overall look pop with smart shopping in mind. vendor foods to washing up with a new body scrub, Mary Rambin will try it all.
  9. 9. Leaders In Brand 9 Integration Customized in-programming advertiser and sponsorship placements, coordinated with our standard media. ! Interstitials, hosted promos and sponsorship bumpers. ! Host mentions to deliver key brand messaging. ! Scripted brand integrations and sponsored segments. ! Site skinning and sponsored web content. ! Custom series development.
  10. 10. Appendix YouTube is the Industry 10 Leader. ! Ad Solutions ! Case Studies ! Our Networks ! 2009 Sizzle Reel
  11. 11. Industry Standard Ad 11 Solutions Relevant rich media and video placements 300 x 250 and 728 x 90 728 X 90 ! banner banners and rich media on network sites and partner channels ! In-stream video ad units: pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll placements 300 X 250 ! In-video overlay units on banner network sites ! Coordinated YouTube in- In-program sponsorship video overlay with bumper with companion banner, and in-video overlay dynamically served :15 pre-roll with companion banner
  12. 12. Industry leading ad serving, 12 tracking & reporting Measuring viewer reach, engagement and frequency with leading third-party partners ! Partners incl. Freewheel, "The opportunity in online video is to better understand the audiences that Visible Measures and are consuming video and to enable publishers and marketers to deliver advertising in a more meaningful way to those audiences.”—Ad Age YouTube Insight ! Uniques, age and gender demographics ! Video play-thru and audience engagement, hot spots, peak moments of recall ! Viral lift reports on the sharing and embeds of videos with in-stream advertising
  13. 13. Case Study: Starburst Nite Fite, sponsored by Starburst 13 Objective: Drive awareness and brand favorability for Starburst Candy and its message of “Share Something Juicy.” Solution: “… the (Starburst) brand’s entry into the online video business is one of the first big bets by a ! A unique partnership with agency Digitas, Next name advertiser on independent Web video…It’s New Networks created an innovative content a signal to the marketplace.”—TV Week initiative: Nite Fite, the first ever animated comedy show for the web ! Starburst brand was integrated into the 20 episodes over 5 months with its own story arc; series characters discussed the Starburst sponsorship in an organic and authentic way ! Rich banner media accompanied the series, including YouTube homepage takeover ! Custom series development Results: ! Delivered over 5 million views ! Cross-network promotion and distributed on Starburst.com ! Critical acclaim from key ad industry press
  14. 14. Case Study: Verizon FiOS $99 Music Videos, sponsored by Verizon FiOS 14 Objective: Develop a memorable component to the Verizon FiOS media campaign that delivers their brand message of quality high speed internet. Solution: “... one of the most innovative idea we’ve seen ! Next New Networks launched $99 Music yet from Next New Networks. –NewTeeVee Videos - a series showcasing emerging bands and musical artists paired with talented filmmakers to create music videos for just $99 -- with Verizon FiOS as the exclusive launch sponsor ! Verizon promoted their FiOS network in 24 episodes, boosting awareness around Verizon’s fiber-optic Internet service ! Campaign integrated brand sponsor elements such as the “FiOS Fast Clip” featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes footage Results: ! Over 9.5 million brand impressions delivered ! Critical acclaim from a variety of media outlets including Advertising Age, WSJ, CNET and WIRED
  15. 15. Case Study: Universal 15 Pictures RON sponsorship by Universal Pictures’ Death Race Objective: Generate awareness for the release of Universal’s movie “Death Race” in a wide-reaching campaign, led by Next New Network’s top Internet talent Solution: ! Universal Pictures partnership to develop sponsorship campaign composed of 5-second sponsor bumpers, 30-second mid-roll video ad trailers surrounded by in-programming host mentions. ! Anchored within network websites and super- distributed to partner platforms including YouTube, iTunes, Yahoo!, and AOL ! Surrounded media coordinated with in-stream ads included standard leaderboard and companion banners, and YouTube’s in-video overlay and companion banner units Results: ! Over 6 million brand impressions delivered across five networks and multiple video partner platforms
  16. 16. Case Study: Warner Bros Indy Mogul, sponsored by Warner Bros’ Friday the 13th 16 Objective: Drive awareness for the release of latest installment of the popular Warner Bros horror franchise in a deeply integrated campaign Solution: ! MediaCom partnership to develop cross- network promotional campaign: “Jason Month” takes over our shows for weeks leading up to the movie’s release ! Indy Mogul shows integrated “Jason Month” into programming: Backyard FX recreated the “axe in the back” effect; a special edition of Best Short Films in The World integrated a Jason and Bobby Miller scary storyline; and Beyond the Trailer’s Grace Randolph presented an episode recapping the Friday the 13th franchise to date ! Cross-promotional media on Next New Networks sites and YouTube in-video overlay and companion banner Results: ! Delivered over 4 million brand impressions in under two weeks
  17. 17. Case Study: Caress TMI Weekly, sponsored by Caress Skinwear Collection 17 Objective: Drive brand awareness for the Caress Skinwear Collection with celebrity spokesperson Carson Kressley to make skin the ultimate fashion statement Solution: “I just wanted to say that I’ve been using the [Caress] Tahitian Renewal body wash, and it ! Mindshare partnership to develop deep works great so far!”—TMI viewer testimonial integrated campaign with the first interactive online women’s magazine show, TMI Weekly ! Series integrated special Caress sponsored segment featuring a TMI fashion correspondent and Carson Kressley, covering latest skin baring fashion trends ! TMI’s Mary Rambin, Julia Allison and Meghan Asha host special bonus series of fashion themed episodes and a variety of Caress integrated elements, including 5-second sponsorship bumpers and hosted promos to promote a Caress trip to NYC Fashion Week Results: ! Campaign ongoing, has generated new conversation across YouTube, Twitter and Facebook
  18. 18. Our Networks 18 Barely Political 61% 39% Barely Digital 61% 39% 200,000,000 video views to date 18,000,000 video views to date 10,300,000 views/month 2,500,000 views/month 7,700,000 uniques/month 7,700,000 uniques/month 190,000 subscribers 190,000 subscribers Home to the hit sensation Obama Girl, From the creators of Barely Political now BARELY POLITICAL is the leading comes the first ever comedy network political satire network on the web, devoted solely to the digital age, BARELY devoted to bringing smart, funny, sexy DIGITAL, satirizing the latest tech news political satire to the internet. Barely and trends with an irreverent brand of Political has seen over 100 million views online humor. All the tech bases will be to date, and has been featured on covered including gaming, social Saturday Night Live, Fox News, MSNBC, networks, gadgets, the Internet and Newsweek, GQ Magazine and CNN. much more.
  19. 19. Our Networks 19 Threadbanger 43% 57% Ultra Kawaii 46% 54% Fast Lane Daily 68% 32% 18,000,000 video views to date 40,000,000 video views to date 78,000,000 video views to date 1,100,000 views/month 3,000,000 views/month 3,700,000 views/month 470,000 uniques/month 230,000 uniques/month 2,200,000 uniques/month 70,000 subscribers 30,000 subscribers 68,000 subscribers THREADBANGER is the first and most ULTRA KAWAII brings together two of 2008 Webby Award People’s Voice successful new style network online for the web’s all-time favorite things: Winner for Best Sports Series, FAST people who make their own fashion viewer-submitted videos and cute LANE DAILY is a dedication to car lovers featuring how-to DIY tutorials on animals! Twice a week, Ultra Kawaii everywhere, providing a daily dose of original fashion design and covering the showcases the cutest pet and animal what’s new and noteworthy in the best craft and DIY events across the videos submitted by viewers from automotive industry. Fast Lane Daily country. around the world. covers the biggest auto events around the globe delivering fast and fresh information and updates everyday.
  20. 20. Our Networks 20 Indy Mogul 58% 42% Channel Frederator 59% 41% $99 Music Videos 56% 44% 48,000,000 video views to date 51,600,000 video views to date 1,000,000 video views to date 3,300,000 views/month 430,000 views/month 160,000 views/month 1,800,000 uniques/month 210,000 uniques/month 44,000 uniques/month 134,000 subscribers 73,000 subscribers 9,000 subscribers INDY MOGUL is the first network for the CHANNEL FREDERATOR is the world’s $99 MUSIC VIDEOS pairs great, YouTube generation of independent, original podcast and has featured the buzzworthy bands with creative young aspiring filmmakers and fans of movie work of thousands of animators. The directors to produce the best music making, as profiled by CNN, The Wall network appeals to to a very broad videos on the web -- all on a shoestring Street Journal and Yahoo! People of the audience of artists, animation and film budget. This innovative music video Web. Indy Mogul currently boasts over 1 fans with its Tuesday anthology show, series features some of the brightest million views per month and has won new break out show Cartoon Hangover, upcoming stars. three Webby Awards. and hugely popular series, Meth Minute 39 and Nite Fite.
  21. 21. Our Newest Network: 21 Hungry Nation Real food for real people. Three Month Projections Website Launch Date Advertisers 250,000 views/month http://hungrynation.tv September 24, 2009 CPG, Retail, Travel 25,000 total subscribers Not your everyday food network, HUNGRY NATION dives into the online community of food lovers and information seekers with fresh, daily, original perspectives on how anyone can shop, cook, entertain and dine out on a budget and still experience wonderful, exciting meals. Working Class Foodies Working Class Foodies follows a pair of siblings on their quest to eat local and organic for under $10 a meal. We’ll follow the hosts, both food enthusiasts with no formal culinary training, to the greenmarket and watch as they compose meals on the fly. VendrTV VendrTV covers the best of the best curbside cuisine the world has to offer. Hosted by Daniel Delaney, the show consists of 7-10 minute episodes each individually highlighting a vendor, their food, and locale. “… it’s a promising launch with some interesting new talent 12 Second Cocktails and some incredibly yummy-looking eats”—NewTeeVee Lush Life Productions presents 12 Second Cocktails - classic drink recipes at lightning fast speed; don’t blink of you’ll miss these tasty concoctions.
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