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DG Precision Manufacturing - Flyer


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About DG Precision Manufacturing LLC

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DG Precision Manufacturing - Flyer

  1. 1. DG Precision Manufacturing High Standards, Precision Machining, ISO Certification, Customer Oriented ABOUT DG PRECISION MANUFACTURING DG Precision Manufacturing is an ISO Certified high precision manufacturing machine shop located in Southern California. Our focus is the highest customer satisfaction from our quality services of EDM, WaterJet and Swiss Turning applications to a variety of industries. Family owned and operated, the Gervais family has been involved in EDM since the 1960’s and Dave Gervais is a second generation owner and operator with a keen sense of the latest needs and applications manufacturers face today. We serve customers throughout the entire United States, Canada and Mexico with their most complex metal machining needs. We are committed to providing valued customers with the machining solutions needed at the most competitive prices. INDUSTRIES SERVED We specialize our machining services to an array of industries including: MEDICAL ENERGY AEROSPACE GENERAL CONTRACT MACHINING Because we use the latest machine tool technology, our shop can machine most complex shapes with tight tolerances. Our employees are skilled in all aspects of designing, machining and inspection.DG Precision Manufacturing LLC | 686 Parkridge Avenue | Norco, CA 92860 | call: 951-734-4775 | email:
  2. 2. DG Precision Manufacturing OUR SPECIALIZED MACHINING EQUIPMENTWe specialize in precision abrasive WaterJet machining, EDM machining, Swiss style turning, in addition to our standard machine shop machining services. Our shop uses precision machine tools from leading companies like Mitsubishi, Citizen, Tornos and Fanuc. ABRASIVE WATERJET EDM MACHINING: SWISS STYLE TURNING: CUTTING: Developed for the Swiss watchOur Mitsubishi WaterJet can Our EDM makingaccommodate a 6’x12’ sheet of department industry,material and can hold tolerances includes Swiss-­typeof .005”. With this tool, virtually wire EDM turning centers are designed toany material up to 6 inches thick and CNC turn small, complex parts withcan be cut. Our machine sinker EDM high precision automotive,combines the speed of WaterJet machines from Mitsubishi and medical electronics and micro-­with the precision only found in a Fanuc. EDM is a non-­traditional mechanics, Swiss style turning isMitsubishi. Unlike EDM, a WaterJet machining method of removing needed for work requiring highmachine can cut non-­conductive metal by eroding a part with accuracy. At DG Precisionmaterials. WaterJet machining electrical discharges between an Manufacturing, we can precisionhas the ability to cut material electrode and the work piece. The turn any of your part needs. Usingwithout interfering with the EDM can erode parts regardless Tornos and Citizen high precisionmaterial’s structure since there is of its hardness as long as the Swiss style automatic lathes andno “heat-­affected zone” (HAZ) part is conductive. Our EDM CNC turning lathes, we canwhich makes it a good fit for machines can cut parts within produce complex precisionaerospace and medical related +/-­ .00001” and down to an components to your printparts. 8RMS surface finish. specifications. We also offer value added services such as in-house design, reverse engineering and part inspectionservices. Our CAD/CAM department can accept all files including IGES, DXF and AutoCAD files. DG Precision Manufacturing LLCCONTACT US: 686 Parkridge Avenue Norco, CA 92860 call: 951-734-4775 email: