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What kind of media institution might distribute your


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What kind of media institution might distribute your

  2. 2. WHAT IS FILM DISTRIBUTION? Distributers launch films with a target audience in mind. The business process of producing, distributing and marketing a film is fast moving and highly competitive. Distributers must decide what elements of the film will attract their target audience. They want to ensure that the films sells and reaches as many people as possible. The distributers have the job of making sure the film produces enough income to cover the costs of the film and its marketing. They must also exhibitors to play the film and must develop plans and partnerships to build awareness and interest for the film.
  3. 3. WHAT, WHEN, WHO AND HOW Two very important decisions distributers have to make are when and how to release a film, and to make sure they chose the right place and time to ensure that the film is successful. Distributers need to convince their target audience to buy cinema tickets, but they have to consider why their audience should buy tickets, how the film can be made popular and look at similar films to see what audience they attracted and see when the films were most successfully released.
  4. 4. DISTRIBUTION COMPANIES Major distributors: • 20th Century Fox • Warner Bros Pictures • Walt Disney Pictures • Paramount
  5. 5. DISTRIBUTION COMPANIES Independent distributors: Film Lions Gate Icon Just film distribution
  6. 6. HIDE N’ SEEK The film my group and I created is a teen/ phycological thriller. Major distributor such as 20th century fox are not known for distributing thriller films, but they have produced some thrillers such as Gone Girl. Even though major distributors do distribute some thriller films, independent distributors are more known thrillers. Therefore it would be more likely for companies such as Stage 6 Films and Screen Gems to distribute Hide N’ Seek. Hide N’ Seek would probably only appeal to audiences in the UK, this is because the distributors are not major distributors therefore the film wouldn’t have enough income to be able to market the film globally.
  7. 7. POSSIBLE MARKETING STRATEGIES, RELEASE STRATEGIES AND EXHIBITION OPTION Distribution companies need to make their marketing campaign stand out from all the other films that are being released around the same time. They need to make the public want to see their film more than any other. The general public are exposed to advertising all the time, therefore distributors need to make their advertising slot in the publics life gets their attention. Campaign Distributors need to make the product they are selling stand out as much as they can, even if that means creating a memorable font which becomes immediately identifiable. Trailers are the most important part of selling a film, therefore when advertising Hide N’ Seek we would want to create a trailer that is unique and memorable to be able to attract our target audience. Posters, internet campaigns an social media are a few other strategies for marketing a film to the public. Our target audience is the age group which uses social media, so we would want to create internet campaigns on social media platforms to be able to attract our audience.
  8. 8. POSSIBLE MARKETING STRATEGIES, RELEASE STRATEGIES AND EXHIBITION OPTION Posters are a very important element for marketing a film because they are seen in the cinema and in outside areas. Newspapers and magazines are also very important strategies because they are read every single day by thousands of people. For our film we could create several different posters and advertisements to get the film noticed. Teaser campaigns are another strategy, we would be able to get the film marketed as soon as possible to tell the public that it is coming. Then over time we would release more and more marketing to help build up the brand, so by the time the film is released it is popular and well known by he public.