May 2011 soquent market research program


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May 2011 soquent market research program

  1. 1. Preliminary Research & Market AnalysisProgram Initiation DocumentMay 2011
  2. 2. Table of ContentsI. ContextII. Our VisionIII. Work to DateIV. Scope and Objectives of this ProgramV. Program StructureVI. Delivery ApproachVII.VII Detailed Work Plan D il d W k PlVIII. Proposed GovernanceIX. Investment CaseX. Stakeholder Engagement PlanAppendices: • Detailed Delivery Approach • Detailed Budget • Risks Log • Issues and Actions Log • Curricula Vitae
  3. 3. I. ContextOur StartA number of expert advisors f b f d from a range of private-, public- and civil-sector organizations h f bl d l have graciously and generously d l d l donated their time d hand experience to inform our work to date. It is through their input that we have moved from a number of ideas to a coordinated programwith which to demonstrate that it is possible to reliably project the social outcomes associated with a given venture, and thus contribute tothe industry’s creation of a predictable, universally accepted SROI (social return on investment) metric. We have chosen to test thishypothesis by narrowing our scope to: a specific social goal – poverty alleviation, in a specific geography – Sub-Saharan Africa, utilizing aspecific investment class – early stage investments. We have chosen poverty alleviation in Sub-Saharan Africa and due to the life and deathseverity of the issue, and we have chosen early stage business activity due to it’s demonstrable capacity for making a lasting impact.Background DocumentsThis project initiation document, builds upon earlier work in developmental entrepreneurship: 1) A conceptual design of a ventureaccelerator and joint equity investment fund; 2) Academic research covering the forecasting of early stage investments’ social outcomes; 3) Atoolkit for developingt lkit f d l i country entrepreneurs t id tif and screen opportunities f th t t to identify d t iti for those th t are commercially competitive and socially that i ll titi d i llbeneficial; 4) Secondary research on the opportunity for launching a new venture accelerator and fund in Africa; and 5) A summarization ofthe Soquent work and our direction. (See section III.)Our Opportunity to Make a DifferenceThis earlier work has demonstrated that we are sitting at the conflux of three trends which together present a unique opportunity to make alasting impact in the alleviation of African poverty. First, there is a large wave of economic growth in Africa – across industry sectors, acrossinvestment classes, and which is especially pronounced in certain countries. Second, developmental entrepreneurship has come of age, andis now generally recognized as a vehicle by which we (riding the aforementioned wave) will impact poverty. Third, impact investing is growingas an accepted investment alternative, and increasingly presents an opportunity to fuel these poverty-alleviating, early-stage enterprises.Purpose of This DocumentHaving completed a range of secondary research activities and analyses, we are now positioned to undertake required on-site, primaryresearch. This document describes, in detail, our next step – a program of research and planning to enable a subsequent feasibility study. Wehave gratefully received many expressions of interest and kind words of encouragement . We’d like to thank you for your continued support. p. 1
  4. 4. II. Our VisionOur GoalTo utilize business methods and tools to alleviate poverty and improve livelihoods livelihoods.Our VisionWe will be known through the success of our clients – a network of community-based businesses which we help achieve socially beneficial outcomes. Our Local Accelerators • Select socially beneficial and commercially competitive clients • Foster relationship networks • Provide strategic advice and enable capital investment • Provide back office support ff capabilities From the Center • Engage communities on the benefits • Generate leading insight of supporting small business • Open avenues of investment capital • Build support mechanisms • Ad Advocate f public policy changes t for bli li h Our Clients • Through their commercial success, they drive social change – alleviating poverty poverty, improving health and education standards, and benefiting the environment. p. 2