ReTargeter Resonate-Ad Optimization Deck


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Full presentation on our cutting edge use of personality temperament research to optimize online banners to increase conversion.

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ReTargeter Resonate-Ad Optimization Deck

  1. 1. Do  you  know  your  customers  Ins0nctual  Persona?     We  do,  and  how  to  use  it  to  increase  CTR  in  your  conversion  funnel.   ©  1995-­‐2010  David  W.  Fauvre  MA  &  Katherine  Chernick  Fauvre,  
  2. 2. Table  Of  Contents   •  The  ReTargeter  Resonate  solu0on   •  How  ReTargeter  Resonate  works   •  Ins0nctual  Persona  Banner  Examples   •  An  Introduc0on  to  the  three  Ins0nctual  Personas   •  Ini0al  thoughts  on  pricing   •  Case  Studies   ©  1995-­‐2010  David  W.  Fauvre  MA  &  Katherine  Chernick  Fauvre,  
  3. 3.     Imagine   if   you   could   have   your   banners   op0mized   to   liV   conversion  rates  by  leading  experts  in  persona  marke0ng  and   consumer  behavior.             Well,   now   you   can   with   ReTargeter   Resonate,   a   cuWng   edge   persona   alignment   and   op0miza0on   methodology   based   on   over   a   decade   of   research   into   personality   type   and   gene0c   temperament.   ©  1995-­‐2010  David  W.  Fauvre  MA  &  Katherine  Chernick  Fauvre,  
  4. 4. Why  should  you  use  ReTargeter  Resonate?   •  Op0mize   your   banners   to   appeal   to   your   customers   dominant   Ins0nctual  Persona:  Self-­‐Preserva0on,  Social  or  In0mate.     •  LiV   conversion   rates   by   aligning   your   conversion   funnel   with   your  customer’s  dominant  Ins0nctual  Persona(s).   •  Market  be]er  by  determining  the  ‘Ins0nctual  Persona’  of  your   most  valuable  customers.   •  Learn  how  to  increase  CTR  in  your  conversion  funnel  by  using   ‘trigger’  words  that  appeal  to  each  Ins0nctual  Persona.   ©  1995-­‐2010  David  W.  Fauvre  MA  &  Katherine  Chernick  Fauvre,  
  5. 5. What  we  do  to  help  you  market  be?er.   First,  we  will  design  three  banners  each  of  which  appeals  to  a  specific  ‘Ins0nctual   Persona’.     Then   we   run   those   banners   in   the   award   winning   ReTargeter   network.   The   banner   that   has   the   highest   CTR   and   conversions   indicates   the   dominant   Ins0nctual  Persona  of  your  customers.     Then,  based  on  these  real  world  metrics,  we  op0mize  your  banners  and  assign   an   expert   to   teach   you   how   to   align   your   conversion   funnel   to   trigger   the   Ins0nctual  Persona  of  the  visitors  most  using  your  site.   Services   like   this   are   tradi0onally   only   offered   to   Fortune   500   companies   by   high   end   and   expensive   online   marke0ng   consultancies.     ReTargeter   Resonate   is   designed   for   small   and   medium   sized   businesses   and   is   offered   at   highly   a]rac0ve  introductory  price  point.     ©  1995-­‐2010  D  avid  W.  Fauvre  MA  &  Katherine  Chernick  Fauvre,  
  6. 6. IntroducDon  to  the  InsDnctual  Personas   Each   of   your   customers   can   be   grouped   into   one   of   three   ‘Ins0nctual   Personas’  known  as  Self-­‐Preserving,  Social  and  InDmate.     Research   suggests   that   the   three   Ins0nctual   Personas   are   gene0cally   determined  personality  temperaments.     We   can   help   you   market   be]er   by   aligning   your   marke0ng   efforts   with   the   dominant   Ins0nctual   Persona   buying   your   products   and   clicking   on   your   banners.   Most   importantly   for   you,   a   customer’s   Ins5nctual   Persona   is   highly   influen5al  in  determining  their  consumer  behavior  and  response  to  your   marke5ng.     ©  1995-­‐2010  D  avid  W.  Fauvre  MA  &  Katherine  Chernick  Fauvre,  
  7. 7. Banners  targeted  to  the  InsDnctual  Personas     Each  of  your  customers  is  one  of  three  Ins2nctual  Personas:     Self-­‐Preserva2on,  Social  or  In2mate.   Self-­‐Preserva0on   Social   In0mate   Ins0nctual  Persona   Ins0nctual  Persona   Ins0nctual  Persona   ©  1995-­‐2010  D  avid  W.  Fauvre  MA  &  Katherine  Chernick  Fauvre,  
  8. 8. What  moDvates  the  three  InsDnctual  Personas?   The  mo0va0ons  of  the  three  Ins0nctual  Personas  correlate  to  the  basic  survival   strategies  found  in  the  animal  kingdom.       Animals   either   mate   for   life   (InDmate   InsDnctual   Persona),   are   part   of   a   herd   (Social   InsDnctual   Persona)   or   fend   for   themselves   (Self-­‐Preserving   InsDnctual   Persona).     “Your   site   visitors   are   unconsciously   mo5vated   by   the   same   three   survival   strategies  when  they  travel  down  your  conversion  funnel,  click  on  a  banner  or   make  a  purchase.”       Self-­‐PreservaDon   Social   InDmate   Ins0nctual  Persona   Ins0nctual  Persona   Ins0nctual  Persona   “I  am  on  my  own”   “We  need  to  cooperate”   “You  and  me  together”  
  9. 9. How  can  this  help  me  market  be?er?   Over   fiVeen   years   of   research   has   revealed   that   a   customer’s   Ins0nctual   Persona   is   highly  influen0al  in  determining  their  consumer  behavior.     If   you   know   your   customers   Ins0nctual   Persona,   you   can   easily   predict     their   response   to   products,   marke0ng   campaigns,   pricing,   banner   ads,   images   and   in   par0cular,  the  marke0ng  copy  in  your  conversion  funnel.   “If   you   understand   what   triggers   your   customers   Ins5nctual   Persona,   you   hold   the   key   to   improving   your   marke5ng   and   liBing   conversion   rates   across   your   funnel.”   ©  1995-­‐2010  D  avid  W.  Fauvre  MA  &  Katherine  Chernick  Fauvre,  
  10. 10. What  appeals  to  each  InsDnctual  Persona?   Self-­‐Preserving  InsDnctual  Persona:   Marke0ng  that  priori0zes  the  needs  of  their  body,  safety,  energy,  money  or  health.   Social  InsDnctual  Persona:   Marke0ng  that  priori0zes  group  affilia0ons,  brands  or  their  friend’s  buying  decisions.   InDmate  InsDnctual  Persona:   Marke0ng  that  priori0zes  close  personal  rela0onships,  exclusivity  and  sex  appeal.     Self-­‐Preserving     Social     InDmate     InsDnctual  Persona   InsDnctual  Persona   InsDnctual  Persona   ©  1995-­‐2010  D  avid  W.  Fauvre  MA  &  Katherine  Chernick  Fauvre,  
  11. 11. Product  Summary:   1.  Three  sets  of  banners,  each  targeted  to  one  of  the  three  Ins0nctual  Personas.   2.  Banner  refresh  to  op0mize  CTR  and  conversions  every  three  months.   3.  Analy0cs  report  on  your  banners  performance  in  the  ReTargeter  network.   4.  Persona   alignment   and   funnel   walk   through   with   an   expert   on   the   Ins0nctual   Personas  with  ac0onable  insights  to  improve  your  funnels  performance.   5.  Language   review   of   your   online   marke0ng   copy   to   op0mize   and   align   your   language,  UI(User  Interface)  and  images  to  appeal  to  your  customers  Ins0nctual   Persona.  Once  every  3  months.   ©  1995-­‐2010  D  avid  W.  Fauvre  MA  &  Katherine  Chernick  Fauvre,  
  12. 12. Case  Study   ScanDigital     •  Scan   Digital’s   Ins0nctual   Persona   aligned   banners   consistently   demonstrated   trending   toward   Social   and   In0mate   Ins0nctual   Persona   in   the  ReTargeter  network.     •  This  was  crucially  important  data  to  improve  ScanDigital’s  marke0ng.    Prior   to   our   assessment,   their     conversion   funnel,   unknowingly   was   using   words   that  trigger  Self-­‐Preserva0on  Ins0nctual  Persona,  not  Social  or  In0mate.     •  Our  sugges0on  was  to  align  their  conversion  funnel  to  Social  and  In0mate   Ins0nctual  Persona  to  increase  CTR  and  conversions.   ©  1995-­‐2010  D  avid  W.  Fauvre  MA  &  Katherine  Chernick  Fauvre,  
  13. 13. Special  introductory  pricing!   $3,000  for  the  first  three  months   and     $1,000  a  month  thereaVer.    or     $10,000  for  a  one  year  subscrip0on.   Compara2ve  consul2ng  by  leading  persona  and  conversion  funnel  consultants    can  cost  as  much  as  $5,000  per  month  for  a  small  business  site  or  $80,000  per   engagement  for  high  traffic  name  brand  sites.       ©  1995-­‐2010  D  avid  W.  Fauvre  MA  &  Katherine  Chernick  Fauvre,  
  14. 14. Thank  you!   To  learn  more  or  to  start  using  ReTargeter  Resonate  to  liK  your  conversion  rates,   please  contact  us  at   Self-­‐PreservaDon   Social   InDmate   ©  1995-­‐2010  D  avid  W.  Fauvre  MA  &  Katherine  Chernick  Fauvre,  
  15. 15. Appendix:  Categories   •  Automo0ve   •  Business  /  Finance   •  Conversa0onal  Media  /  Social  Media   •  Directories  /  Resources   •  Entertainment   •  Health   •  Kids  /  Teens   •  News   •  Real  Estate   •  Shopping   •  Sports   •  Technology   •  Travel   •  Women’s  Interest   •  Men’s  Interest   ©  1995-­‐2010  D  avid  W.  Fauvre  MA  &  Katherine  Chernick  Fauvre,