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Combining Email Marketing And Facebook For Dynamite Marketing Campaigns


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Andrew Choco from Directive Consulting flew into Dallas from his home in California to share an unbeatable equation for winning Marketing Campaigns. The DFWSEM crowd lit up as Andrew dropped the knowledge on combining email marketing with Facebook and other Social media marketing options to dial up the volume on your marketing campaigns. Lookalike Audiences, Custom audiences, coordinating your email and Facebook advertising campaigns - you'll find eye-opening tips and tactics here that will make you rethink your every day marketing. Andrew presented in Dallas at the invitation of the Dallas Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association on August 9th, 2017

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Combining Email Marketing And Facebook For Dynamite Marketing Campaigns

  1. 1. Combining Email and Facebook for a Dynamite Marketing Campaign
  2. 2. About Directive Directive is a comprehensive search marketing agency dedicated to running the most innovative search campaigns for ROI-driven B2B firms across a variety of industries. We provide industry leading SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media services. We are fiercely committed to delivering a truly exceptional service that exceeds your marketing KPIs.
  3. 3. @andrewJchoco Overview • Creating custom and lookalike audiences on Facebook from email • Best practices for launching email and social campaigns simultaneously • Results of our own test •Advanced tactics for Facebook campaigns • Additional strategies for top of funnel social campaigns
  4. 4. @andrewJchoco Other Ways to Create Facebook Audiences • Phone Number • First Name • Last Name • Zip/Postal Code • City • State/Province • Country • Date of Birth • Gender • Age
  5. 5. Creating Lookalike Audiences
  6. 6. @andrewJchoco Using Custom Audiences to Create Lookalike Audiences Lookalike Audience Best Practices • Your source audience must have at least 100 people, but Facebook suggests anywhere from 1,000 - 50,000 • You target lookalike audiences by country, but your lookalike can be from a different country than your source audience • People in your source audience will be excluded from your lookalike audience. • You can use multiple lookalike audiences within each ad-set • Use additional targeting to make your lookalike audiences even more specific
  7. 7. @andrewJchoco Using Custom Audiences to Create Lookalike Audiences
  8. 8. Launching Your Campaign
  9. 9. @andrewJchoco Best Practices for Launching a Simultaneous Campaign • Make sure timing is aligned • Email blast first in the AM, start Facebook campaigns early morning • Send out multiple emails throughout the process (most sales come after 6 - 8 touches) • Take into account all timezones (separate ad sets or campaigns for each area you’re targeting) • Budget accordingly • Use the estimated reach to make sure everyone in your list will see your ad multiple times
  10. 10. @andrewJchoco Building Out Your Actual Ads • Carousel Ads • Show off more than one product in a certain category, or show off broader categories as a whole • Exclusivity or urgency • i.e. “A special offer for our loyal customers!”
  11. 11. @andrewJchoco Directional Cues Reviews Built in Ads Building Out Your Actual Ads
  12. 12. Results From Our Test
  13. 13. @andrewJchoco 3 Day Sale for Banknotes
  14. 14. Additional Strategies for E-Commerce Campaigns
  15. 15. @andrewJchoco Additional Strategies & Best Practices • Use Google UTMs and Pixels for more exact tracking and data • Create lists for current sale buyers • They could be impulse buyers and can be targeted for future sales • Segment audiences using your pixel for even more targeted ads • Combine Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook for even more digital touches
  16. 16. @andrewJchoco Advanced Facebook Tactics for Ecommerce • Re-target audiences based on Facebook engagement • Spent time watching video • Filled out a lead form • Interacted with a canvas • Interacted with your page
  17. 17. @andrewJchoco Advanced Facebook Tactics for Ecommerce • Identify and build out target audience on Facebook • Create and promote a piece of content written specifically for that audience • Install tracking pixels • Build re-targeting lists for Search, Display, Shopping, Youtube, Gmail and other social platforms Create Content Strictly for the Purpose of Building Re-targeting Lists
  18. 18. @andrewJchoco Utilize GA Data for Audience Targeting Audience > Demographics
  19. 19. @andrewJchoco Utilize GA Data for Audience Targeting Audience > Interests
  20. 20. @andrewJchoco Utilize GA Data for Audience Targeting Audience > Geography
  21. 21. @andrewJchoco Utilize Twitter Data for Audience Targeting
  22. 22. @andrewJchoco Top of Funnel Social Campaigns
  23. 23. @andrewJchoco Targeted Email Blasts to TOFU Leads
  24. 24. Thank You!