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The Potential of the Internet for Development:Digital Divides and Uneven Geographies of Knowledge                      A t...
Image: Copyright Roger Bamber
Image: Copyright Roger Bamber
Map by Mark Graham, Monica Stephens, Matthew Zook
Spain: Spanish (Castilian) and Catalan
Belgium: Flemish and French
total number of Wikipedia articles in all languages                                            
15th century               43
16th century               44
17th century               45
18th century               46
19th century               47
20th century               48
“The sum of all human knowledge”                                   49
Wikipedia research:(1a) what is the geography of articles in MENAcompared to the rest of the world?(1b) what is the geogra...
Wikipedia research:(2) do local authors in the Middle East/NorthAfrica/East Africa comprise disproportionatelyfewer of the...
Wikipedia research:(3) are the contributions of local contributorsundervalued?
More info about this story in Ford, H. (2011). The Missing Wikipedians. In Lovink, G., and Tkacz, N. Critical Point of Vie...
Gado Cartoons, Nairobi Daily Nation
Image: Copyright Roger Bamber
thank you            Dr Mark Graham            Oxford Internet Institute            w:            w: zeroge...
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