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Business and Administration careers


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The Business and Administration industry employs 116,200 South Australians, which is 14.2% of the State’s workforce.

Around 21,831 jobs are expected to open up over the next five years due to industry growth and replacement of people who will retire.

Business and Administration workers can be found within every industry, but governments, banks and insurance companies have higher numbers.

There are also significant numbers in the health and community services industry.

Most of the jobs are in the Adelaide metropolitan area, although there are many regional jobs available.

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Business and Administration careers

  1. 1. Business and administrationEmployment prospects Quick facts about this industry If you are at schoolThe Business and Administration industry • The majority of people work full-time. For vocational education in SACE, ask youremploys 116,200 South Australians, which VET coordinator at school, and visitis 14.2% of the State’s workforce. • ost people have completed Year 12 and have a Certificate III M to check the VET recognition register. Check the followingAround 21,831 jobs are expected to open up qualification or higher. industries to see which qualifications canover the next five years due to industry growth • omen make up around two thirds of the business and W be recognised in the SACE. Some of theand replacement of people who will retire. Certificate III qualifications may be availableBusiness and Administration workers can be administration workforce. for Training Guarantee for SACE Students.found within every industry, but governments, • he age spread of people working in the industry is similar to the T • usiness and Finance Bbanks and insurance companies have highernumbers. There are also significant numbers in average age of the SA workforce. If you are thinking about VET, vocational education options include:the health and community services industry. • o work in this industry you need to be neat, accurate and T Business AdministrationMost of the jobs are in the Adelaide organised. Computer skills are essential and you’ll need to be able to • ertificate I, II, III, IV, Diploma and Cmetropolitan area, although there are Advanced Diploma in Businessmany regional jobs available. communicate well with others, particularly in writing. • ertificate II, III, IV, Diploma and Advanced C • ages depend on your qualifications, experience and responsibility. W Diploma in Customer Contact For example, in administration you might start at the front desk • ertificate III, IV and Diploma in Business C Administration, with specialisations in on $400 - $600 per week and, with training and experience, move international education, legal and medical into jobs that require a higher level of expertise and be earning • ertificate III, IV, Diploma and Advanced C $1,200 per week. Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety • Certificate III in Micro Business Operations • Certificate III and IV in International Trade • Certificate III and IV in Recordkeeping Top job openings • Certificate III and IV in Frontline Management Office Managers • here are 19 qualifications at the Certificate T Advertising and Sales Managers IV and Diploma level in addition to those Chief Executives and Managing Directors mentioned above, including advertising, Human Resource Managers small business management, international General Managers business, international education services, franchising, governance, human resources, legal services, marketing, project management, purchasing, unionism and industrial 1800 506 266 20
  2. 2. For more information about the qualifications Occupations in this industry include:and where to go, check the job guide: Advertising and Marketing Call or Contact Centre PersonnelCheck to see what Chief Executives, Directors and Managerscourses are available under Skills for All. Conveyancers and Legal ProfessionalsIf you are thinking about university, Court and Legal Officersdegrees include: Data Analysts Executive Assistants/Secretaries• Bachelor of Business Administration General Clerks• achelor of Commerce (International Business) B Human Resource Professionals• Bachelor of Commerce (Management) Management and Organisation Analysts• achelor of Management (Human B Office Administrators/Managers Resource Management). Project OfficersCheck the three South Australian university Public Relations Professionalswebsites and South Australian Tertiary Purchasing and Supply Logistics OfficersAdmissions Centre (SATAC) listed at the front Receptionists/Switchboard Operatorsof this guide. For more information about the Records Officersqualifications and where to go, check the job Safety Inspectors and Regulatory in this industry Occupations in thisAdministration is the hub of every organisation’s industry link to the:planning, organising, staffing, directing, • Finance and Insurance industrycontrolling and budgeting functions. • Government Need more info?Administration workers are found in almost • nformation and Communications I Business Services Industry Skills Board resourcesevery organisation, from the front desk to the Technology industry room and everywhere in between. They • Media and Publishing industry Innovation and Business Skills Australiaare found in private companies, government • Property Services industry. agencies, law courts, hospitals, factories, Note: The Business and Administration job-seekers-and-learners.aspxand small businesses of every type. industry is strongly related to the Finance CPA Australia and Insurance industry and Government. information about specific occupations has been sourced from and industry skills bodies. South Australian labour marketinformation has been sourced from ABS Catalogue 6291.0.55.003 Labour Force, average of 4 quarters to November quarter 2011. South Australianinformation on Age, Region and Income has been sourced from the Australian Census of Population and Housing 2006. Job Openings information is sourced 21from the South Australian Training and Skills Commission, (unpublished) 2011.© Copyright 2012 Minister for Employment, Higher Education and Skills