Arts, Performance and Design


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The Arts, Performance and Culture industry employs 3,100 South Australians, which is around 0.4% of the State’s workforce.

About 500 new jobs are expected to open up over the next five years due to industry growth and replacement of people who will retire or change jobs.

Most people working in this industry are visual arts and crafts professionals, musicians, and performing arts technicians.

Most of the jobs are in the Adelaide metropolitan area (northern, southern, eastern and western Adelaide).

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Arts, Performance and Design

  1. 1. Arts, performance and designEmployment prospects Quick facts about this industry If you are at schoolThe Arts, Performance and Culture industry • Slightly more people work full-time than part-time in this industry. For vocational education in SACE, ask youremploys 3,100 South Australians, which is VET coordinator at school, and visitaround 0.4% of the State’s workforce. • he majority of people have Certificate III or higher qualifications. T to check the VET A third of the workforce currently has Bachelor Degree or recognition register. Check the followingAbout 500 new jobs are expected to industries to see which qualifications canopen up over the next five years due higher qualifications. be recognised in the SACE. Some of theto industry growth and replacement of • There are slightly more men than women in this industry. Certificate III qualifications may be availablepeople who will retire or change jobs. for Training Guarantee for SACE Students.Most people working in this industry are visual • eople working in the industry are of similar age profile to the average P • Music, Art and Culturearts and crafts professionals, musicians, age of the SA workforce.and performing arts technicians. If you are thinking about VET, • o work in this industry you need to be creative, have confidence and T vocational qualifications include:Most of the jobs are in the Adelaide Visual Arts, Craft and Designmetropolitan area (northern, southern, enthusiasm and excellent interpersonal skills. You will also need a higheastern and western Adelaide). • ertificate I, II, III and IV in Visual C level of organisational and time management skills and be prepared to Arts and Contemporary Craft work long and varied hours. • ertificate I, II, III and IV in Aboriginal or C Torres Strait Islander Cultural Arts • ull-time Arts Administrators can earn from $800 to around $1,400 F • Certificate III and IV in Design per week, while musicians earn between $400 (part-time) and • Certificate III and IV in Arts Administration $1,100 (full-time) per week. • Certificate IV and Diploma in Photoimaging • Advanced Diploma of Arts Management • erforming Arts Support Workers can earn between $300 – $800 P • dvanced Diploma of Creative A per week. Product Development. Music • rts and crafts professionals can earn between $450 - $1,000 per A • ertificate II, III, IV, Diploma and C week (depending on whether they work part-time or full-time). Advanced Diploma in Music, with specialisations in music business, technical production and sound production. Top job openings Music Professionals Fashion, Industrial and Jewellery Designers Designers Performing Arts Technicians Actors, Dancers and Other 1800 506 266 14
  2. 2. Entertainment Occupations in this industry Visual arts, craft and design• ertificate I and II in Live Production, C Artists create visual and three dimensional forms Theatre and Events Actors, musicians, dancers through painting, drawing, printmaking, carving, and other entertainers sculpting, photography, modelling, • ertificate III, IV, Diploma and Advanced C Musicians play music in recitals, as an film-making, music, acting, dancing, video and Diploma in Live Production, Theatre and accompanist, or as a member of an orchestra, computers to communicate an impression or idea. Events, with specialisations in construction band or other musical group, make recordings for and manufacturing and technical operations sale or provide musical backing for advertising, Occupations in this industry include:• ertificate III, IV and Diploma C radio, television, internet or film productions. Artists in Venues and Events An actor may perform live or on recorded medium, Art Directors (Advertising)• ertificate IV and Diploma in C Art Therapists including theatre, film, radio, television, internet Costume for Performance Arts Administrators or in commercials. They may also provide voice• Certificate IV and Diploma in Make-up backing to animated films and commercials. Craftspeople• Advanced Diploma of Stage Management. Commercial Photography including advertising, Dancers perform as soloists, with a partner, or as photojournalism, forensic photographyFor more information about the qualifications members of a group, often working closely with Creative Photographersand where to go, check the job guide: musicians. They may perform a variety of dance Film and Television specialists styles or they may specialise in one particular style. sound recordists, video editorsCheck to see what Picture Framers Other entertainers include comedians,courses are available under Skills for All. Jewellery Designers circus performers, magicians, andIf you are thinking about university, puppeteers/ventriloquists. Industrial Designersdegrees include: Textile (Fashion) Designers. Occupations in this industry include:• Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama)• Bachelor of Creative Arts (Screen) Actors• Bachelor of Visual Arts (Specialisation). Dancers Occupations in this Need more info? EntertainersCheck the three South Australian university industry link to the: Service Skills SA Film, Stage and Television Directors and South Australian Tertiary Musicians and Music Professionals • Fashion industry The Job I loveAdmissions Centre (SATAC) listed at the front Performing Arts Technicians • Hair and Beauty industry of this guide. For more information about the Production Crew Members • nformation and Communications I JobILove_WEB.pdfqualifications and where to go, check the job Singers Technology industry Innovation and Business Industry Skills Councilguide: Stage Managers. • Media and Publishing industry • Tourism and Hospitality industry. information about specific occupations has been sourced from and industry skills bodies. South Australian labour marketinformation has been sourced from ABS Catalogue 6291.0.55.003 Labour Force, average of 4 quarters to November quarter 2011. South Australianinformation on Age, Region and Income has been sourced from the Australian Census of Population and Housing 2006. Job Openings information is sourced 05 15from the South Australian Training and Skills Commission, (unpublished) 2011.© Copyright 2012 Minister for Employment, Higher Education and Skills