Submission form group 1 anando


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Submission form group 1 anando

  1. 1. SUBMISSION FORM<br />Name of School: Anando<br />Registered Office 301, Priyadarshini<br /> 36/3 Southend Park<br /> Kolkata 700029<br />Field Office 63/8 PGHS Road, Ground floor<br /> Jadavpur, Kolkata 700032<br />NGO Director Gitanjali Ghosh <br />Tel.: 9830006747<br /> <br />E-mail:<br />GROUP 1 : NEW FRIENDS<br />Student Information:-<br />Sr. No.NameAgeGrade1.Piyali Chandra13 yrs82.Deepti Aich 14 yrs93. Pinky Paja14 yrs94. Surojit Pal15 yrs105. Ratul Mondal14 yrs9<br />Mentor : Gitanjali Ghosh<br />THE PROJECT <br />NEW FRIENDS<br /> Implemented over 10 days between September 3rd and 23rd , 2011<br /><ul><li>FEEL</li></ul> <br />What is the problem you were attempting to change? <br />Hashi Khushi is a school for specially abled children. It is in the same neighbourhood as Anando. It has 25 students and 3 teachers as well as a few volunteers.<br />Hanshi Khushi has been keen to have the Anando children interact with their students so as to give either side an exposure to another world and thereby develop sensitivity and understanding in both groups.<br />While Handshi Khushi has an adequate number of teachers , it does not have enough adults who can conduct art and craft activities on a regular basis as the children need a lot of one-to-one attention and facilitation during such sessions.<br />The children from Anando , on the other hand, are adept at these activities as they regularly attend the weekend activity club run by the organisation. They thus decided to fill the gap in the Hanshi Khushi curriculum by offering to teach the students some simple crafts. That these items could later be sold at the annual sale was an added advantage.<br />IMAGINE<br />Tell us some of the ideas generated<br />The team came up with a host of ideas about how they could interact with the Hanshi Khushi group. These ranged from games and outdoor play to art and craft activities and dance. <br /><ul><li>DO</li></ul>What was your final solution and how did it change the situation and yourself? (Do include number of students participating <br /> and the number of people impacted)<br />The Final Solution<br />However once the team met the children of Hanshi Khushi and formed an idea of their abilities, they pruned down their ideas and decided to stick to simple crafts. Suggestions from the principal of the school also helped the team to formulate a plan that would be realistic and of maximum benefit to the organisation. <br />The final solution that the team chose thus was to help the children of Hanshi Khushi make a few craft items which they would sell at their annual sale before the Durga Puja Holidays. The team decided to first work with the Hanshi Khushi students to complete the main activity. They would then add the finishing touches during their weekend activity class at Anando.<br />The team worked with Hanshi Khushi twice a week for an hour before they went to school themselves.<br />Working Together<br />The group consisted of 3 girls and 2 boys from Anando’s club for older children. They were responsible for deciding which items they would teach, setting up dates for the activities and coordinating with the Hanshi Khushi principal.<br /> <br />The other members of Anando’s weekend club were involved in putting the finishing touch to the products and in making jute key ring dolls for the sale. <br />In all 50 children from both Anando and Hanshi Khushi were involved in the project at different stages<br />Change in the Situation<br />The children from Anando had had little earlier exposure to children who suffered from multiple challenges and so did not know what to expect when they first went to Hanshi Khushi. Initially apprehensive and wary, they soon realised that under their disabilities the Hanshi Khushi children were just like anyone else and they too were wary and apprehensive! But the two groups were soon comfortable with each other, mixing well and joking and laughing through the activities. Adult supervision was at a minimum after the first day<br />Hanshi Khushi was appreciative of the intermingling of the two groups and were eager for more such sessions in the future. They were also able to offer a larger variety of items at their annual sale as a result of this project!<br />Change in Self<br />The project had a huge impact on the 5 teenagers. Typical of their age, they are usually a bit self absorbed and egocentric. But this experience allowed them to come out of themselves and appreciate others. It also helped banish their prejudices and fears about individuals with disabilities.<br />All the members of the group come from poor socio-economic backgrounds and are more often than not recipients rather than givers. The project gave them the opportunity to reach out to others less fortunate. In the process they developed a sense of pride, achievement and self worth. The responsibility and commitment exhibited by the group was exemplary. All the team members coordinated among themselves in distributing responsibility and ensuring that they stayed true to their schedule.<br />