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Sbs khanpur


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Published in: Business, Sports
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Sbs khanpur

  1. 1. Design for Change School: Khanpur Name of Staff: Gurbhej Singh, ManjitKaur, Manpreet Kaur, Amritpal Kaur, Sulina, Amandeep kaur Theme: Road Safety
  2. 2. We felt that modern life is very fast. Mostly people are doing joband they are traveling daily on roads. Because of lack of awarenessof traffic rules accidents are increasing day by day. The main road is beside our village. Accidents occur everyday. Need is to spread awareness to people on road safety.
  3. 3. We imagined that if people will be aware aboutroad safety rules they can save their as well asothers lives. If we tell about road safety and trafficsigns to people and drivers then the problem ofaccidents can be reduced. With this we areimagining an accident free zone.
  4. 4. Preparation of banners, charts, pamphlets, cards etc.: -First day of campaign children prepared pamphlet’s in which they depictedinstructions of road safety, they also prepared slogans and banners in order tospread awareness in the community and to aware the people on road and othersso that people will be able to read these instructions, slogans and banners.
  5. 5. Organized the rally and plays in the feeder villages andhome visits.
  6. 6. Students did street play in the village which was viewed byapproximately 90 people and the efforts were appreciated bythe viewers
  7. 7. There were many drivers of trucks, cars and buses along with othervillagers who appreciated the cause. Most of them were not awareabout rules of traffic. During home visits, road march and through playchildren aware them about road safety. It was awareness amongpeople that how we can safe our lives from these safety rules. Nowmost of them are driving without drugs. They are using helmets fortheir safety and are aware now about road signs.
  8. 8. Thanks