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Photos of wmfg

  1. 1. Waste Management Flower Garden<br />The aerial view of class garden of 12 Science A<br />Students working together following four simple things; Feel, Imagine, Do and Share<br /> <br />The Magical weave of Boxwood and Waste Management Flower Garden along the path of learning<br />Garden of 12 Arts: Topsoil put in the containers made of wastes like plastic bottles and wrappers for planting flowers<br />The Clock Tower of Class 11 Science B<br />The Flower Pots of 11 Commerce<br />Flower Garden of 12 Commerce <br />A replica of Chorten under under progress (Class 10 D)<br />The Orchid Corner of Campus Beautification<br />A segment of class garden of 11 Commerce using slippers<br />Students of 9 C revamping their garden<br />A Message for All<br />