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IND-2012-89 SBS Kali Pahari - Promote conservations of trees & manage the wastages & generate sensitivity of environment


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Promote conservations of trees & manage the wastages & generate sensitivity of environment

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IND-2012-89 SBS Kali Pahari - Promote conservations of trees & manage the wastages & generate sensitivity of environment

  1. 1. Conservation of Trees & GenerateSensitivity towards Environment Our story of Change from Satya Bharti School, Kali Pahari, Alwar, Rajasthan, Bharti Foundation The change we plan to bring about in the community: Promote conservations of trees & manage the wastages & generate sensitivity of environment
  2. 2. Introduction• Bharti Foundation – Bharti Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Bharti Group Companies. – The Foundation aims to help underprivileged children and young people of our country realize their potential.• Satya Bharti School Program – The Satya Bharti School Program is the flagship program of Bharti Foundation. – It aims to deliver free quality education to underprivileged children, with special focus on the girl child across rural India. – The program goal is to establish 500 Primary and 50 Senior Schools reaching out to over 200,000 students – The promise of this large scale program, through its operation, is to create a replicable, scalable and holistic model of quality education in rural India – Present Operational Status: • Number of Schools Operational: 256 • States of Operation: Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh & Tamil Nadu, West Bangal • Number of Students Enrolled: Over 38,000
  3. 3. About the CommunityGeographical Location:– Kalipahari is situated very near to National High Way No.8 (Delhi – Jaipur High Way).– The nearest Govt. Sr. Secondary School is in Neemrana which is aprrox. 5 kms. From Kalipahari,– The Nearest Government Primary Health Centre situated in Neemrana.– The nearest Post office & Banks is situated in Neemrana.– The nearest Police station is Neemrana ,which is approx. 5 km form the village.– The nearest market is Neemrana which is approx. 5 km form the village.– Drinking water facility provided by government and constructed water supply tank, apart from this Hand pumps and bore wells are other source of water.– The main occupation of villagers are mining, working and other Business but few people are also engaged in agriculture.– The village is well connected with approach road and connecting to NH 8.– The village situated in the centre of Japanese Zone and Indian Export Promotion Zone of RICCO is also very near.
  4. 4. About the Community Cultural Background – Majority of the population belongs to Hindu community . – Dominant cast in village is Gurjar. – The villagers followed the all Hindu rituals and festivals. – The dressing style of community is long white Kurta & Dhoti / Pant & Shirt, for men and women dressing style is Ghagra & Odhni. – It’s a mix culture of Rajasthan & Hariyana as Hariyana border is very close to this location. – They are the followers of all Hindu God & Goddess. – It is Men dominant community and they are the main decision makers. – Prevalence of Dowry is very high in the village. – They are still following the Early Marriage/Child Marriage. – The majority of villager are consuming Alcohol most of the time.
  5. 5. We ‘Felt’: • We felt we are using the natural resources like forest, water, petroleum etc. without thinking of the results. • These products are available in our world at very limited amount. • If steps will not be taken to find the possible alternate to replace these, than we will suffer very soon. • We will not have trees in our village, water in our wells and petrol in our car and bikes.
  6. 6. We ‘Imagined’:• We can join hand to plant new trees in our school and village surroundings.• We will make the people aware of the upcoming situations.• The alternates to replace or increase the amount of these natural resources.• We can demonstrate good examples for utilizing the resources in an useful manner.
  7. 7. We ‘Did’: • Rally across the community • Community meetings. • Awareness through Nukad natak, Motivational songs, slogans and posters.• Tree plantation across thecommunity.• Signature campaign to promisefor utilising the natural resources in aproper way.• Demonstration of water andelectricity saving procedures.
  8. 8. Impact on Community:• Participated with full spirit and interest.• Cooperated us to make this event successful.• Understood the necessity of saving natural resources.• Excited to know other measures of saving electricity and water.
  9. 9. Impact on Us:• We understood, we can have a better prospect of saving these natural resources.• More ways can be found out if tried for replacing these resources.• We are promising to keep on our efforts for working on such issues as it is a question of our life.
  10. 10. Experience of Community Members & Teachers: • Community member: - “Prakritik sampadaon ke baare main hame kam pata tha. Bachho ke batane ke baad hum age se inka sahi istamal kiya karenge.” - Community members • Teacher - “ Age bhi iss tarah ka programme hume karna chahiye taki hum kuch parivartan la sake.” - Mr. Uday Singh Yadav HT, Kali Pahari
  11. 11. The Road Ahead…..(in the next 3 months)• Periodic and timely follow-up through: - Door to door visit. - PTM. - Individual data keeping.• Regular counseling to every stake holders. - Students. - Parents. - Community members. - Community key persons.• Trying to impart information on: - Saving electricity, water , Tree-Plantation, and other resources.
  12. 12. Students Participating in the Contest:Name of Mentor Teacher: Mrs. Priyanka No. of Students Name of # State District School Class Participating Student SBGPS, Kali Pahari 9 Sachin V Sikender V Anil V Champa V Rajas Manisha V Alwar than Pooja V Lali V Mosum IV Nasib IV
  13. 13. Thank you