IND-2012-88 Tagore High School -Child Labour


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Child Labour

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IND-2012-88 Tagore High School -Child Labour

  1. 1. CHILD LABOUR Tagore’s High School Gandhi Nagar – Hyderabad, India IX Class Girls – B Section
  2. 2. WHAT BOTHERS US EVERYDAY? We had a lot of ideas… And many students! So we took a vote on the most important issues
  3. 3. ELECTION DAYWe voted on the three mostimportant issues that wewanted to work on together. The IX Class A and B Sections voted on 13 different topics. And one of the topics selected was…
  4. 4. THE PROBLEM OF CHILD LABOUR FEEL! Everyday we walk to school, and see girls forced to work intheir houses and boys forced to work in shops. In 2006, the Indian government made child labour illegal. The children near our houses and near our school are tooyoung to work and not go to school.
  5. 5. H OW D O W E S T O P C H I L D L A B O U R ?To stop child labour we have to know what causes it: • Parents send children to work because they need money • Parents don’t realize the importance of education • Children are afraid of being beaten for not working A group discussion about child labour and why it exists.
  6. 6. DO!1. Talk to parents and children2. Invite children to our school for a breakfast program.3. Teach the children English basics since they cannot always go to school, and tell them about the laws against child labour.
  7. 7. S O LV I N G T H E P RO B L E M …Discussing child labor with JamesTulloch. He works with child laborersin Tuni. Making charts for our breakfast program.
  8. 8. BREAKFAST AT TAGORE’SThree girls showed up on Sunday morning.The other seven children were kept at workby their parents. We had fun with our newfriends!
  9. 9. WHAT DID WE LEARN? Some child laborers have gone to school before, but their parents need them to make money. Everyone can enjoy learning. If we can teach our new friends, it will be easier for them to go back to school. We are going to continue to teach our friends and learn about ways to stop child labour!
  10. 10. THANK YOU FROM THE IX/B CLASS GIRLS!Amitha  Sindhuja  Kavya  Shirisha  Sunanda Swetha  Rama  Devi  Ganga  Chaitanya Nausheen  Pavani  Pavithra  Sravani Akhilandeshwari  Prashanthi  Mamatha  Lavanya