IND-2012-219 AKYSBI Mumbai No Litter, Be Fitter


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No Litter, Be Fitter

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IND-2012-219 AKYSBI Mumbai No Litter, Be Fitter

  1. 1. 1.List the situations/problems in you school/community that bothered you:· Time constrain was the main problem faced by us.· All the member were not able to meet each other many a time for meeting because ofdifferent classes, tuition time because of that selection of topic lot lots of time.· Selecting a proper topic which can affect the society took lot of time.2. Who was affected by the situation/problem and what did they say?· It was not a personal problem but a societal problem, people never use to take itseriously but took it casually and adjusted them self according to it. But because of this eventpeople thought if they can take initiative, so why cant us.· They took it in a positive way and appertained our efforts.3. State the problem you chose and why did you CHOOSE it?· The topic is “NO LITTER BE FITTER”.· It is a very common problem faced by our society which is not at all taken seriously, wesay not throw waste on road but we do the same thing every day in our day to day life now itshigh time to take it seriously and work on it, so we came up with an idea called “ NOLITTER BE FITTER”.· Initiated by putting dust bin in different areas and street play which can make adifference in a society with a motto “IF WE CAN, WHY CANT YOU?”4. List the different solutions you came up with and which one did you choose toimplement and why?· We came up with many topics. First we selected “ NO SMOKING AND NOTOBACCO”. it was a very tough topic and we could not make it out because we cantmeasure any change in society.· Second topic was “SAVE FUEL”, we planned with a cycle race with a motto that usemore of cycle which will help you to save fuel and also will be good for ur health sameproblem as above we cannot get any measures out of that.· Finally we came up with an idea which can help our society that is “NO LITTER BEFITTER”.· Initiated by putting dust bin in different areas and street play which can make adifference in a society with a motto “IF WE CAN, WHY CANT YOU?”5. This is our story of CHANGE!1. DFC was launched in mid of may but because of many reason we were not able to star itin a proper way. We took around 2 month to choice our topic and were able to implement thesame in September. After selecting the topic kids started with der plans and differentstrategies to implement the topic. They came up with ideas and plans to organize a funfair toraise fund to purchase dustbin and other materials. Fun fair was organized on 25 and28th September 2012. Fun fair was a grand success and with the help of funfair they not onlyraised fund but also passed the message of save environment clean our society in jamatkhana. Second step to reach our topic was organizing a rally in different areas with themessage of throwing dust, waste in dust bin and not on road. Further in 1 week of October weare going to do a street play and we will put dustbin in different areas.2. High lights of the event
  2. 2. · We are going to put dustbin in different areas.· We went for a rally with the message of throwing dust, waste in dust bin and not onroad.· Street plays on save our environment and clean our society.· Rising fund for buying dustbin and various other material we kept funfair in jamatkhana which was well appreciated by the jamati members· Collected scrap and news paper from society and sold it for rising fund.· Prepared charts, banners for the rally and fun fair (for awareness) with different messageto save our environment.· Planning to go to schools and colleges for the awareness with the help of skit andspeeches on save environment clean our society.