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IND-2012-183 GHSS - Kalakkadu -Make Beautiful Things from Waste


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Make Beautiful Things from Waste

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IND-2012-183 GHSS - Kalakkadu -Make Beautiful Things from Waste

  1. 1. Make beautiful things by waste Conducted By: Panchayat Union Middle School,Kalakadu Students Name: 1.Muppidathi 2.Suresh 3.SubashMentor Name: KalaiarasanP.Rani 4.Usha
  2. 2. Step:1Feel 1.School & Kitchen wastes are throw out the open places. 2.It is dumped in the school premises. 3.It leads bad odor and disease spread.
  3. 3. Step:2Plan
  4. 4. Step:3 Do Collect the School & Kitchen Making the Ornamental Wastes Things
  5. 5. Step:4Made Ornamental Things made Ornamental Things from Onion and Glove Shell
  6. 6. What wecreate: 1.School & Kitchen wastes have been thrown out stopped. 2.Bad odor and dumping of waste were prevented. 3.Waste made as beautiful things.