IND-2012-182 SBS Gurgawan- Anti-Smoking


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IND-2012-182 SBS Gurgawan- Anti-Smoking

  1. 1. We played the role to remove smoking from community. We used children for improvement of villagers and getting their smoke free environment .We got success to about 19 persons to make sure living smoke free life. Now they have beautiful smiles on their faces. We used meetings with students of village SARPANCH, with other village person .We tried to bring change by the way of community life and spread awareness through campaigns in village and we got a miracle change.The village Gurgawan is , remotely locatedbetween two district Shahjahanpur andFarrukhabad is extremely backward withagriculture .The population of the village isilliterate and works mostly in the fields.Agriculture is a whole family affair and involvesall men & women and children also.The children are also drawn to work in their ownor also as labourer in other fields especiallyduring sowing season when more hands arerequired.
  2. 2. During the discussions to identify the major problems of the village, students feel that their village lots of people always not doing any work because they are engaged only smoking and other addictions,because of this the village can not grow and also this impact can be seen on children they also try it among their peers to know that what will be happen-and why they do this….After thousands attempt illiteracy still lies somewhere that90% cancer of lungs and other disease caused by smokingso to save life quit smoking…..They were totally unknownwith ‘HARMS of SMOKING; So our school’s childrenarrange a Big campaign and have decided to spreadawareness among all villagers.‘It was a beginning but sufficient to spreadawareness’ against smoking…..It is a very positive result came out for ourstudents. Now people and children becameaware about smoking. Now they are living ahealthy and fearless life. ‘These were little steps towards hugebotheration’
  3. 3. Mostly Satya bharti School Gurgawan students are belongs from under privilege families so they are facing many problems. . But mains are illiteracy, drug addiction and pollution and out of these Smoking is a big hurdle to growth of village and mannered family.1.Support of the community is required.2.Formal & Informal leaders can play an important role in mobilizing the parents.3.Research is required to know the exact causes ofsmoking and how to aware in realistic way.4.Rallies and plays are required to sensitize the community against of Smoking addiction in the villages.5.Schools,Pan Shops ,Panchayat Ghar ,AnganwadiKendra.& volunteers teachers are to be convinced to support in our campaign.
  4. 4. . A meeting was conducted in the school between the teachers and students to discuss the course of action. The sarpanch & School donor were also invited.Important decisions made….1.The students were divided into 3 teams of seven each.2.The team has a leader and a name.3.Each Team was assigned a teacher as the mentor.4.Mr Navneet was made the incharge of the campaign.5.The Sarpanch & the donor decided to stand by us and to use their influence in the village.6.The teams were assigned different roles like Doctor-Patient,documentation, rallies, door to door meetings, signaturecampaign etc as the process of the campaign.7.Some ground rule to be observed during the entire campaignwere decided.
  5. 5. Student organized rally, community play, door to door contact, stop selling of Cigarette and Bidi in local shops, given oath to left smoking by written and get signatures by smokers…..Students Made lots of Slogans over thecampaignalong with mentor teacher guidance, they have also made some Cartoons of drug addictionand posters to aware the community peoples.Rally was done and a center of village with 250around peoples students have aware thedisadvantages of smoking and during thiscamping they lit some cigarette packs.
  6. 6. Village sarpanch has assured us that he will be continue to do this type of campaign with us and to aware the local peoples the disadvantages of the same,After lots of efforts of students we have receive a good news By a class 1st student that now his father S.K.Singh left smoking and whole family want to give us thank’s.1.About 50 Smokers get signed over a commitment chartThat they will never smok now2.Two Pan shop owners assured us before village Headthey will never sell Cigarettes and Bidi and also Gutkha,
  7. 7. School Leader: Neetu SinghMentor Teacher: Mr. NavneetStudents:The special part of Saloni, Rajani,Lovely, Amit, Roman, Ravi, Randheer,Nishant, Durga, Choti Bitiya, Shahjani,Shalu,Khushboo,Rahul,Vaibhav,Raveena,Pranshu,Nishi,Malti,Shahjaani,Priya,Shivani,Dev Karan,and the goodcoordination of all students.