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IND-2012-121 SBS Bath -Small Family, Happy Family


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Small Family, Happy Family

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IND-2012-121 SBS Bath -Small Family, Happy Family

  1. 1. In village Bath we observed that some family were very big they had noincome to fulfill all need of their family members. So we have taken thetask to make aware the people about need of small family in thisgeneration.
  2. 2. The people were very happy and gave positive feed back about tasktaken by our school. They agreed with the need of small family intoday . life. Most of the villagers promised that they would think aboutfamily planning aware that the villages about need of small family.
  3. 3. ADMISSION 3RD ADMISSION 4TH ADMISSIO 5THNO. NO N NO.ASR/10112/ Aasdeep singh ASR/10112/0 Ranjodh kaur ASR/10112 Khushbir kaur077/09 49/08 /032/08081/09 Amritpal singh 060/08 Kuldeep kaur 041/08 Sumandeep kaur089/09 Pamanpreet kaur 108/09 Prabhjot kaur 042/08 Pawandeep kaur096/09 Harpreet kaur 062/08 Sarwan singh 043/08 Kamaljit kaur090/09 Manpreet kaur 063/08 Jaideep singh 241/12 Anmol singh235/12 Shivpreet singh 053/08 Vishal singh 039/08 Manpreet singh037/08 Tejbir singh 238/12 Sharanpreet 162/10 Vishal singh singh236/12 Abhishek singh 237/12 Ranbeer 045/08 Sahib singh singh234/12 Gurmanjot singh 109/09 harpreetsingh 242/12 Sukhpreet singh094/09 Sukhraj kaur 052/08 karan 243/12 Sharanjeet