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IND-2012-103 SBS Dhani Malyan -Koshish To Karo


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Koshish To Karo

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IND-2012-103 SBS Dhani Malyan -Koshish To Karo

  1. 1. Koshish to karo….Our story of Change fromSatya Bharti School,Dhani Maliyan, Achrol,Rajasthan Bharti Foundation Problem being attempted to change:The make the parents sensitive for their children on the separation
  2. 2. Introduction• Bharti Foundation – Bharti Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Bharti Group Companies. – The prime objective is to bridge the existing education divide and make quality education accessible to underprivileged children in rural India. – The Foundation aims to help underprivileged children and young people of our country realize their potential.• Satya Bharti School Program – The Satya Bharti School Program is the flagship program of Bharti Foundation. – It aims to deliver free quality education to underprivileged children, with special focus on the girl child across rural India. – Present Operational Status: 254 • States of Operation: Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu & West bangal • Number of Students Enrolled: Over 38,000
  3. 3. About the Community• Geographical Location: – Satya bharti school Dhani Maliyan is situated in Jaipur district`s north side at Achrol village. This Dhani completely belongs to Rural Area. Our Satya Bharti School Dhani maliyan 1 km Ahead east side. – Cultural Background: Community of this village belongs to Rural Enviournment . There we found poor economic status. They Wear rural costumes Like MEN- Dhoti,Kurta & pagadi (turban) & WOMEN-Lehnga & Chunari. Women,s do not have enough rights.• Role of Satya Bharti School in the Village: Satya bharti school’s main focus to develop the education level of underprivileged children and improve their behavior & communication status. Satya bharti school changed the living system & gave them a good place in education and society with Quality education. These peoples were suffring with the Govt. School and their teachers. Now Community is giving full support to us at every level.• Participation in ‘Design for Giving’ School Contest: – By this contest the students want to give the awareness of our community regarding to women’s empowerment. Our students find a family where a woman or a family was struggling.
  4. 4. We ‘Felt’: We felt that our school community completely covered with social evils. There is a one family was struggling for living life. There is a woman his husband lived at another place due to misunderstanding or quarrelling. Both they living at the separate place as divorce couple. They have one boy and one girl. They are living with mother. The mother went to daily labor & Struggling for food, clothes, education etc. Many times the children’s and mother slept without food.
  5. 5. We ‘Imagined’: When we were doing enrollment drive our school staff met the woman. she told his problem to the school staff and students. We admitted his children in our school. Our school staff and students encourage the girls for solve her problem.
  6. 6. We ‘Did’: Role play March to their Baat cheet at home home
  7. 7. Impact on Community: “aap logo ne jo mere baccho ke liye kiya hai mai use kabhi nahi bhool paungi…mere chote bachho ke baton se mere pati ka dil pighala of aaj hum sab log ek saath hai….bhagwan aapko or in sare bachho ko lambi umar de”………Shimla Devi(Mother) • “Aaj mai bahut khush hun ke mere sir or madam ne mujhe or meri bahan ko humare papa se milwa diya..mai mere sare dosto ko thankyou bhi bolna chahta hun ki unhone meri or meri bahan ki madad ki”……Kamlesh (student) • “maine to kabhi socha bhi nahi tha ki ye pariwar fir se ek ho payega…par aap logo ne bagair dare wo kaam kiya hai jisme sare log dar rahe the……”Ramnarayan saini(SMC head)
  8. 8. Impact on Us: We are feeling so motivated and full of energy with this type of activity and wants to do more for our base peoples.
  9. 9. Experience of Community Members & Teachers: • “We saw that our students did a great job here. They solved this problem”. (Sanjay Kumar Acharya H.T with staff) The students of our school did a out standing performance here- Boduram Yogi . • “Mujhe aaj bahut khushi hai ke humare gaon ki beti ka ghar wapas basane me humare bachhe madadgar Bane hai”-Shankar lal
  10. 10. The Road Ahead…..(in the next 3 months) • This is only starting, we will do our best to remove this type problem and pay our attention………………………………..
  11. 11. Students Participating in the Contest: No. of Students Name of # State District School Class Participating Student Dhani 1 10 Manjeet 5 Maliyan 2 10 Kaluram 5 3 10 Dipesh 5 4 10 Mamta 5 5 Rajastha 10 Kavita 5 Jaipur n 6 10 Payal 5 7 10 Krishan 4 8 10 Rahul 4 9 10 Mankirat kaur 4 10 10 Rahul 2 4
  12. 12. Team Responsible: School staff:- – Sanjay Acharya-Head teacher – Nidhi Gupta & Diksha pareek-Group Head – Manjeet saini-Team leader – Shankar lal saini,Boduram Yogi,Rupesh Yadav-Supporting handsDistrict Staff:- District Staff:- Cluster Coordinator-Shyam babu Sharma District Coordinator-Sachin Ashapure
  13. 13. Thank you