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Ind eng 0402

  1. 1. GymsCoffee shopsRestaurantsBarsAirports.Doctor’s officesuniversity.Service stationHousesHotel lobbiesDepartment stores or malls
  2. 2. it Increases obesity and ruining their eyes are the bad impactof watching TV in children.We can see all the bad influences from the television programmes thatsometimes not fully censored by the government. We could just watchanything!Nowadays television become widely spread all around the world without anyhesitation with its bad influences. We can see all the bad influences from thetelevision There are so many things that ruin the children development.
  3. 3. Many adults still watch cartoons and they are addicted to it. Wwe had made adults to fight ,force and follow violence. Thousands of people watch this program and get distracted and make them into violence. People must get rid of it
  4. 4. Many childrens spend their most time in watching TV instead of playing outsidein the lawn . They get addicted to it .
  5. 5. Many childrens lost their lives in making stunts what they see in TV.They don’t believe that the stunts are not real.
  6. 6. many children fall from heights and they believe that they would fly in air.
  7. 7. Many spend much time watching stupid programs andshows . children are watching full of violence andbrutality
  8. 8. Watching adult movie thats not suitable for children or teenager is one of the thing. There are many adult movie like Scary Movie, that are broadcasted while children are still awake so it is possible for them to watch and be influenced by it movies, political or even crime news can imitate themchildren often forget to do their homework and feel lazy to study. As a result, theyget bad marks in school Home maids spend their most time in watching serials ,game shows movies etc And not concentrating in their child’s education. But they expect high marks in test or examinations. This is a point where their lose their marks. They don’t still believe the fact. This is turning point in a child’s like. So let us join together and spread this awareness to the people
  9. 9. Housemaids too target the mind like Alcohol and make it numb,non-responsive and make people an addict over a period of time.But, these serial killers are more dangerous because this addictiondoes not even have the social sanction that alcohol is faced with; andhence is affecting the entire family in the centre of the household!but these television serials leave a permanent effect in our minds.
  10. 10. Television creates lot of noise pollution by the speakers and vibrations. Music and speech from HiFis and TVs operated at excessive volume creates pollution.
  11. 11. we come at the end that this problem need to be sorted out.I think government should take this problem seriously, theyshould be more aware and put their concerns to it. They shouldcooperate with the television stations about arranging time and TVprogrammes that are suitable for each ages. In this case, parents take a big role to be more firm/strict with their childrenabout the regulation of watching television.parents should forbid their children or do not let their children stay up latewatching television
  12. 12. Everyone can stop watching TV and start playing in the lawn. And they can bring outTheir outstanding talents.If we have an LCD TV, try to turning down the backlight. This can save power and maynot make a lot of difference in the televisions picture quality.Watch TV as a family or groupTry to get out of the habit of having 3 or 4 TVs on in the house. If you can watch TVtogether, you will lower your TV power use.Turn off the TV when not watching - this is the obvious way, but many people keeptheir TV on for background noise or to go to sleep.
  13. 13. Watch less TV but try other power-free ways of entertainment like reading orplaying outside. Turn off the HDTV with quick start option The smaller the TV screen the lower the power consumption. But now the cable cost is Rs: 70/. only with lot of channels. It is done government of tamilnadu. Before the cost was Rs : 150 /. But now many networks are cancelled. Because they earn lot of black money
  14. 14. We should bringout thechild’s creativity
  15. 15. Ajay