Df c alliance school part 2


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Df c alliance school part 2

  1. 1. “DO” It was very important toattract local peoples’attention, so we chose to doa number of things:  Set up our stall in a very busy area: Golconda Fort monument  Have an attractive display to draw people to us which contained both posters and models explaining the dangers of plastic usage  Appeal to the Muslim responsibility to protect by creating one poster in Urdu explaining environment sections of the Koran  Hand out fliers to passers by inviting them in  Invite some important members of the local community
  2. 2. “DO”  More than just telling people about the dangers of plastic bag use we wanted to provide people with a cheap alternative. We did some research on the internet and found many innovative ways to make bags. We then used some of these ideas to create our own Alliance “eco-bags” using just a square of cloth like so…
  3. 3. “DO”  We wanted people to remember how to make the bags. So first we showed them in person. …Then we made a poster with the pictures …And finally we made flyers for people to take home and keep. 1 2 3
  4. 4. “DO”  We had a fantastic day!! Many local people and tourists came to see exhibition. The chief inspector of police came too. We even made it into the papers!
  5. 5. A few more snaps from the day!
  6. 6. “SHARE”  When we came back to Alliance all students who participated shared their experience with all the other students during an assembly presentation. We also pinned up photos and the newspaper clippings on the school notice board for parents, teachers and students to see. Finally, inspired by doing good, we decided to start a new school-wide competition called Gandi-giri. Each month, all classes must compete to behave in the most Gandian way possible by abiding by Gandhi’s three principles:  Non-violence  Truth  Kindness Our teachers will select the most Gandhian class and they will win a trophy and a class party. This way we can further spread the joy of giving.
  7. 7. “IMPACT”  No. Students directly impacted: 20 No. Students indirectly impacted 1,200 (whole school saw presentation and is now participating in Gandhi-giri competition) We spoke to at least 50 members of the local community, as well as seeing our school being placed firmly on the map by our press coverage and our support from local officials. ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL IS PROUD TO SAY WE HAVE DESIGNED SOME CHANGE IN OUR COMMUNITY