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Clean green power point


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Clean green power point

  1. 2. Vanakkam
  3. 4. By Panchayat Union Middle school. Nallambakkam. Welcome to our project CLEAN GREEN Awareness campaign Regarding BABOOL TREES (ie)Karuvelam Trees
  4. 5. Why we selected this topic? Why ?????? “ GLOBAL WARMING”
  5. 6. Destroy Karuvelam Trees 1.Karuvelam trees can able to absorb moisture present in air surrounding it. 2.It emits only low oxygen but emits more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. 3.This tree will grow in least water / water scarcity areas like Virudunagar, Theni,Ramanathapuramdistricts in Tamilnadu.
  6. 7. 4.That’s why the above said districts found dry always eventhough they are coastal. 5.Viceversa the neighbour state Kerala there is no cultivation of Karuvelam plant so they are always found greeny and wealthy.
  7. 8. 6.Almost all countries banned this Karuvelam trees.
  8. 9. Decided to clean our school area, A clean green area. Explained our theme to our village president and people.
  9. 10. In Nallambakkam, Karuvelam trees exists. Hence this topic has been taken up to educate awareness among the village people through a rally, issued pamphlet,etc .
  10. 12. Rally slogans Pamphlet
  11. 13. Our students distributed pamphlets to the village people.
  12. 14. our students gave a speech on “ Global Warming ” .
  13. 15. If you cannot cultivate a tree, atleast try to destroy a Karuvelum tree. Please.
  14. 16. Our kids explained about the disadvantages of the “ Karuvelam Trees” and they have decided to destroy “ Karuvelam trees”.
  15. 17. It was a great success to us.
  16. 18. Now there is no “Karuvelam Trees” in our school. We are taking steps to remove “Karuvelam Trees” in our village also.
  17. 19. The school ground has been cleaned and pits arranged for plant saplings with the help of JCB machine.
  18. 21. Now our ground is ready to plant saplings.
  19. 22. They plant saplings to make our school greenish.
  20. 23. We celebrated it as a function. Invited Lions club members to plant a lot of Neem saplings,Banyan saplings,etc. Except Babool trees .
  21. 25. Our team made an alert to our kids too.
  22. 26. Kids changed the place to garden.
  23. 27. We had a program “ Muthucharam ” in local radio station about our theme.
  24. 28. They telecasted “ villupattu and drama ” regarding our topic.
  25. 29. They wanted to change building border too. We also painted our school building in green.
  26. 30. We tried so many ways to change the mind of the Village people.
  27. 31. After few months we will have a clean green school .
  28. 32. Eagerly waiting to see the result