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  • Get picture from mom, regarding the FEEL step where kids and teacher discuss India’s biggest problem
  • Kid looking at a painting.
  • Art is the most accurate way….
  • Brinda!!
  • Anantharaju Aided Middle School

    1. 1. ‘ Hygienic Education From School To Society Through the Students ’ Our story of Change from The Anandarasu Aided Middle School, Maraignayanallur, Vedaraniam Tk, Nagapattinam Dist, TAMILNADU L.Ilamparuthi, T.Hariharan, M.Tamilpriya, M.Ranjitha, M.Vijayalakshmi Mentor Teacher : Mr. G.Singaravelu
    2. 2. Step 1: FEEL <ul><li>There are a lot of problems in India. But the one that troubled us the most was the lack of Hygienic education for so many children. </li></ul>
    3. 3. Going out <ul><li>Our School Students do not use the toilets properly. </li></ul><ul><li>They excrete out of the basin and make the toilets non-hygienically. </li></ul>
    4. 4. IMAGINE <ul><li>Most of our area people do not have toilets in their houses. because they are getting meager income. </li></ul><ul><li>They mostly excrete in the open places. So the children follow them. </li></ul>
    5. 5. IMAGINE <ul><li>The Students, who have no toilets in their house, are not aware to use them hygienically. Some of them have a fear to sit on the toilet basin and excrete out of the basin. </li></ul><ul><li>The students should be educated to use the toilets hygienically that can bring changes in the society. </li></ul>
    6. 6. MY SCHOOL
    7. 7. Why Need? <ul><li>The outspreads the infectious disease from the India. </li></ul>
    8. 8. Step 3: DO <ul><li>We made a survey among our school students that 81% of students have no toilets in their houses out of 643 students. </li></ul>
    9. 9. Do.. <ul><li>We explained the students about the fibrous food and how to use the toilets in proper way. </li></ul><ul><li>While entering the toilet, they have to wear chapels and wet the toilet basin with water. </li></ul>
    10. 10. Do... <ul><li>After excretion, they have to pour enough water in the basin. </li></ul><ul><li>While exiting the toilet they have to clean their foot and hands. As per guidance of the WHO (World Health Organization) the children have to clean their hands from finger tips to wrist using soap. </li></ul>
    11. 11. Do… <ul><li>The toilet doors should be kept closed. </li></ul><ul><li>We exhibited the fiber contented vegetables, fruits, dolls and greens etc., which help them to make the execration easy.. </li></ul>
    12. 12. Do… <ul><li>We trained the primary level students (age group of 5 to 10) to sit on the toilet basin and explained them how to use the toilets. </li></ul>
    13. 13. SHARE <ul><li>We made awareness among the students who have no toilets in their houses to excrete only in the pit and close it while going toilet in the open places. </li></ul><ul><li>We urged the students to tell their family members to wear chappals while going toilet and clean their hands using soap after going toilets. </li></ul><ul><li>We exhibited fiber contented vegetables, fruits; dolls, greens etc., and asked the students to take them in their daily life. </li></ul>
    14. 14. SHARE <ul><li>We asked the students to tell their parents and relatives to build Government aided low budget toilets in their houses. </li></ul><ul><li>We hope that this hygienic education giving at school level will bring clean surroundings in public places all over India. </li></ul>
    15. 15. SHARE <ul><li>After getting the training, there is a great change in their behaviour in using the toilets. Now they are following maintaining clean habits and using the toilets hygienically. </li></ul><ul><li>We have brought this change of behavior in the young minds within a week. </li></ul>
    16. 16. SHARE <ul><li>We feel happy and a satisfaction about this change of behaviour among the children and also we feel proud that we can able to bring a change in the society. </li></ul><ul><li>We will follow this process continuously in our school. </li></ul><ul><li>We hope that giving this kind of education through students to parents we can make awareness among them to maintain clean habits all over India. </li></ul>
    17. 17. Everything is to change. Nothing is too unchanged.
    18. 18. From Headmaster <ul><li>We very much want this changes. We accomplish such changes occur in the community. </li></ul><ul><li> - Mr. P.Ambiganithi </li></ul>