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  1. Good Financial Grant Practice Colombia
  2. Public entity (Ley 1731 de 2014) What is AGROSAVIA? Mixed participation Scientific and technical Indirect Descentralized The aim is to develop and implement research and technology transfer activities and to promote agricultural technological innovation processes.
  3. AGROSAVIA implementation formed a team with representatives from the following areas: Organizational Management Resources and Alliances. Administrative and Financial. Project's own HOME Identification of the points and the area that corresponds to identify, the policy, process or procedure where it supports the answer of the question. A work plan was drawn up to follow up, in some cases from scratch, and in all other cases by strengthening existing documents.
  4. APPROACH Review of each of the documentary supports against the questions of the questionnaire, together with the areas involved the questions that needed to update documents, a work plan was built for the establishment of the guidelines to be defined Presentation of the completed questionnaire Review of the questions that make up the questionnaire Follow-up on the commitments of the work plan in conjunction with the areas involved, identifying risks to the plan ALWAYS ACCOMPANIED BY: Harry Harste Start END
  5. Challenges Failures in the platform, which led us to make revisions and diligence repeatedly. Systems Organizational changes as a result of strategic planning, which involved updating a large percentage of documents in line with GFGP requirements Match Those challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that led to delays in policy updates. COVID-19
  6. Focusing section 7 "Procurement" of the questionnaire with regard to item specifically in subparagraph f), it was necessary to include the way in which the conflict of interest was managed during the procurement process: Procurement challenge WORK PLAN DOCUMENT ADJUSTMENT VISIBILITY GFGP PLATFORM
  8. DOCUMENT ADJUSTMENT Update of the AR-P-54 procedure including the declaration of conflicts of interest
  9. 1324418852231532545 VISIBILITY GFGP PLATFOR Campaign for social networks, internal and external, against the declaration of conflicts of interest Construction of the brochure prevention of corruption in AGROSAVIA (and its allusive behaviors) available on the website.

Editor's Notes

  1. AGROSAVIA, is a decentralized public entity of mixed participation (private and public) without spirit of profit, of scientific and technical character, whose purpose is to work in the generation of the scientific knowledge and the technological development through the scientific research, the adaptation of technologies, the transference and the advising with the purpose of improving the competitiveness of the production, the equity in the distribution of the benefits of the technology, the sustainability in the use of the natural resources, the fortification of the scientific and technological capacity of Colombia and, to contribute to raise the quality of life of the population.
  2. We formed a team to carry out the gfgfp certification and a team of the main areas to answer the questions effectively
  3. In order to complete the questionnaire (summary) efficiently we apply these steps
  4. Some of the challenges associated with this certification came in an atypical year and mainly with reviews of the different areas. We focused the challenges in 3 fundamental aspects.
  5. From the acquisition area we took as an example this point of the silver section, which we had to separate by independent numerals, specifically the numeral f. In this numeral we did the following
  6. The work plan is based on a follow-up sheet that contains the following parts
  7. We ensure that the document has its full description, objective, scope, contextualization, as well as the addition and wording necessary to comply with the certification. It ends with the document's update date.
  8. In order to ensure the implementation and correct culturalization to the actualization of the norm we carry out Campaign for social networks, internal and external, against the declaration of conflicts of interest
  9. GFGP for us represents a way to make ourselves visible to the entire international community, so I can only thank you for this excellent initiative. If you have any doubts, you can do it through Harry. I will be very attentive