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Presentation at Regional Education Expertise Forum


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Presentation delivered at the Regional Education Expertise Forum outlining progress of "Digital futures in Teacher Education" project.

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Presentation at Regional Education Expertise Forum

  1. 1. Digital Futures in Teacher Education: Open educational resources and quality of teaching
  2. 2. Digital literacy: as a part of ‘Literacy’
  3. 3. Core Project Team Dr Cathy Burnett Dr Julia Davies Dr Anna Gruszczynska (Project Manager) Prof. Jackie Marsh Prof. Guy Merchant Richard Pountney (Project Lead) Dr Nicky Watts
  4. 4. Partnership of SHU and TUoS educators partners Core Team  Learning Connections 4 PGCE tutors  SmartAssess Initial Teacher Education  Sheffield Childrens students - PGCE/BA in Festival Education  Yorkshire and Humber 10 primary and secondary Grid for Learning schools  UK Literacy Association
  5. 5. Overview of the Digital Futures in TeacherEducation project (DeFT)Aims to involve local teachers and pupils, teachereducators and teacher educations students in:  exploring and sharing the potential of digital technologies  understanding more about what it means to be digitally literate  sharing and developing good practice in teaching
  6. 6. Open Educational Resources… digitised materials offered freely and openly for educators,students and self-learners to use and reuse for teaching,learning and research (OECD, 2007). Create Remix License Share … teaching, learning and research resources that reside in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual property license that permits their free use or re-purposing by others. (Atkins et al. 2007).
  7. 7. Examples of Projects: QR codes 45 Interesting Ways* to Use QR Codes to Support Learning *and tips … Rob Hobson – Halfway Junior – Using QR codes in the local park Jim Hildyard – Winterhill – Using QR codes to open out Magna Camp Cardboard – Chris Bailey - Lydgate
  8. 8. The school website as a teaching and learning hub Christine Bodin, Notre Dame – development of the school moodle Kate Cosgrove Mundella Primary –…. (also David Hockney brushes approach to gardening!)
  9. 9. Examples of projects: Secondary Schools 21st Century Show and Tell & the digital classroom assistant! – Jo Lawson - Dinnington Digital Videos as Communication - Jack Todhunter – Newman School
  10. 10.  A Jungle Hunt! - Peter Winter - Monteney Involving digital footprints on Google earth; Video diaries; e-safety issues embedded.
  11. 11. Examples of projects: ITE Student teachers and pupils working together – English students blogging in preparation for the transition to HE Teacher education CPD - Creating communities of teacher learners Michael Payton Green – Wales Comprehensive School Designing a Masters module on digital literacy for teachers engaged in accredited CPD with either university.
  12. 12. Next Steps: Creating case studies of the work in the 10 schools Developing the shared Masters module Organising the Digital Bloom event at Sheffield Children’s Festival Preparing for a local dissemination event in September
  13. 13. Key relationships
  14. 14. For more information: This presentation can be accessed from our slideshare account at: Project blog: Follow us on Twitter @deftoer3 Contact details: Project manager: Anna Gruszczynska ext. 6384 Project assistant: Nicky Watts
  15. 15. Photo credits… thanks!