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~~ The newer technological related bigger business life & industrial life ~~


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Published in: Business, Spiritual
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~~ The newer technological related bigger business life & industrial life ~~

  1. 1. DATE : 07TH / FEBRUARY / 2014 ; ( New Time Hrs: 0725 ) ; (Total Set : 02Nos. ). [ Now My Communication : For The * Millionaires Quality Visualization From My Own Feels ; Its For Many To Activate In Better Good Form & Later Participate In Its Class For the Newer Business Life ID To Be Top Profile Wealthyness & Bigger Richness ). Their Many Astrologers From Astrology web site my registration connect via Email for Big ClassChances / Good Fortunes To Be * Millionaires ] . Their Some Imagination that Comes In Mind ; In Context to World Renowned Astrologer Mr. Sepherial Some Class Symbols & Signs with Astrological Findings in its Creative Formation’s . Their Creative Formation In Its Seed Germinations / Seed Formations . That are Like Some Associating / Syncronisation with & to additional type the * Crystal-Octopus-3 Symbol . [Every Months their’s Some Time Unicorn / Prajapatya Related My Presentation’s : They are Always for Nice Fortunes & Good Fortunes For All ]. The Newer Technological Related Bigger Business LiFe & Industrial LiFe : ~~ Telecommunication Big Interactive Voice System *( FIFA Big Leagues Matches & World Cup Matches In India 2017 & Continents . The Strategic Plan For Police
  2. 2. system wuth their Authorities & Staff / Employess to Connect amoung them to provide superb security & safety at FIFA League matches & FIFA World Cup matches . The Mobile Interative System for them is based on 02 type coding in Alphabet & Numerics Form for Staff & employees coding offered to them from Police system . Their the coding portal Like in smaller faction avaliable on Mobile for (02) type coding to at its touch on mobile screen ; can Interconnect for voice messaging two way between authorities & staff with them for security & safety . The Police system Authorities from Control Room at their Head quarters ; Via Future * Broadcast System can be connected with the Police Authorities at the Locations During the FIFA Matches). ( Corporate Big Authorities Can Doo Interactive Voice connectivity Like conferences within their mobiles offered to their Sub Authorities & Some Time with Employees ). ~~ The Business Budgetary For Film Production Project with its Profits & Later again Into Investments ( Animation Film Projects ). ~~ Cartoon Film Projects Releases At the Broadcast Channels ( i.e.For Childrens Enjoying & Entertainment Time ) .
  3. 3. ~~Music Albums For Exploring From Music Records Companies with its Single Hit Songs On Radio FM. ~~ Sporting Games Like * Carom Board / Billiariad’s Type with Cafe Center at some venues Big Entertainment Complexes with Shopping Malls & Amusement Parks . ~~ Big Events Related Partys & Live Concert Musical Programmes with Freinds & their arranged Orchestra Bands . Their Too * Newer Singing Talents Performances at this Big Events. REGARDS ALL; Mr. DEEPAK S.SAWANT ; NICK NAME : MR.RONNIE .