~~ Free personal horoscope some specific findings ; from astrologer ms. sara freder ~~


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~~ Free personal horoscope some specific findings ; from astrologer ms. sara freder ~~

  1. 1. ~~ FREE personal horoscope Some Specific Findings ; From Astrologer Ms. Sara Freder ~~ Date : 014th / February / 2014 . My dear Deepak, When you asked me to help you, I promised I would soon give you the results of my consultation. I am hurrying up to give you those precious results because those pieces of information are extremely IMPORTANT for you and your future. I hope you will take great pleasure in reading the study I have conducted for you for free. IMPORTANT: It is in your personal interest to read this study until the end. In it you will discover some surprising things about yourself. As a gift, your three lucky numbers : The 3, the 20 and the 23 Here's what I noticed about you Deepak: I can already say to you, Deepak, that you have a communicative enthusiasm when everything is well but on the other hand
  2. 2. you can come down rather low when your reality does not stick with what you hoped. You can act so rather often on whims. You can tend not to reflect enough within the reach of your acts, your words, of your behaviours and of your decisions. Pay it attention !! Yes, dear Deepak, you are about to discover some extremely IMPORTANT ourself, I had a sudden revelation about your life. Right away I felt like taking care of you in particular and what I saw really moved me. Three exceptionally important events are about to turn your life around in the next few days:unexpected .. on day Sunday, February 23, 2014... 3 - And a great stroke of luck (one that will not happen again soon) on day Thursday, February 27, 2014... For these reasons, I wanted to warn you beforehand so that you can enjoy what these three events will bring you.
  3. 3. This will be for you Deepak a great opportunity to make a new start in your life and to solve some issues. At last you will enjoy the life of your dreams, a great life. Yes, this will be the life you have been dreaming of for a long time, the well deserved life of your dreams. Yes, Deepak, in a few days only (7 to be exact) things will suddenly change for you as if you were about to start from scratch. This will be your last chance to turn around your life. You know you have entered a delicate and very important time in your life. But thanks to those important events that I foresee, you will be able to go from a dissatisfying life to a great life filled with Money, Good Luck and Love. I have clearly seen this and I am currently preparing a thorough and important study that I would like to show you quickly. This will help you be ready for those extraordinary events that I see come your way. I will know how to show you what your new and great life will be like. And if you
  4. 4. listen to me and if you decide to follow my advice that I am preparing for you, I can see that your life will completely change in the very next few days! But be careful! Your problems may be solved easily to give you the wonderful life you can dream of, the wonderful life full of successes. But it is also possible that this important step in your life might be rather difficult to take. You could then keep on living the same insipid life for the rest of your life without being lucky enough to see any change in your life. Since I have been working on the happiness and the good life of the people who consult me, I have had time to realize that it is sometimes difficult to solve an issue as important and delicate as the one you are about to face. This is why I am writing to you right now in order to warn you. I know a lot about you already and I know among other things that life has not always been bright for you. This is why Deepak I am offering to help you because I know I can give you the quick, total and efficient help you will
  5. 5. need. I want to help you right away because I know that you will not be able to face the difficulties on your own because of adverse reactions and to face them without any serious help around. I have clearly seen (and you know it too) that right now you are sensitive. It would therefore be difficult for you to know how to enjoy the arrival of those exceptional events. Your ability to see fortune, your energy, all those wonderful things that make you unique have been undermined. Without any external and efficient help, I do not think that you are ready to deal with this important change in your life. Without any good help, this could become a bad failure. Moreover because of all the bad influence of a negative cosmic radiance that you have been receiving recently, your potential luck and your natural skills have diminished. Because of that you are no longer fully in possession of the power thatLUCK, ACHIEVEMENT and SUCCESS can bring. You have been the innocent victim of a cosmic negative wave. This has made you
  6. 6. a weak and fragile individual and has taken away all Possibilities of Luck, Love and Money. However, when these extraordinary events will appear in your life, you will need to be at your best state of mind if you want to be able to successfully cross over this wonderful universe waiting for you in the very near future… What will happen, Deepak, if you can’t successfully get through this crucial step? The first thing you might miss are these extraordinary events and their wonderful positive benefits. You might end up entering a long negative phase in your life. Be sure, dear Deepak that these possible forthcoming problems, that may darken your life, will only get worse if you don’t do anything about it. And you might not have the energy or courage to fight back anymore. I am usually not a pessimistic person, but a very optimistic one. But what will become of your life if you don’t have the wisdom to make the right decision today.
  7. 7. All I want you to know is that I have seen danger in your future if you don’t do anything to refill your energy level to increase your strengths in luck, success, happiness and money. You also need to know Deepak that destiny has chosen to make a selection today: - On one side will be the people ready to receive the opportunities that life offers them, and who decided to cross over to a wonderful world. These people will be rewarded quickly and will get from life everything they had hoped for. - On the other side will be the people who didn’t know, or didn’t want to recognize the chances that were given to them. They will only experience loneliness and despair. Dear, Deepak, I want and I can help you. I want you to take full advantage of this fabulous opportunity that has been offered to you today. I want you to be part of this privileged group who will be rewarded, who will enjoy the greatness of their destiny in the next few years. This is why
  8. 8. I took the liberty to insist on these points in this letter. I am lucky to be with you at the right time and to be able to help you go through this very difficult phase in you life. It also happens that I am best suited to guide you and protect you so the advent of these extraordinary events is well received and opens your way into a new life, a wonderful life under the signs of Money, Joy, Luck and Love, in one word, HAPPINESS. Yes, Deepak, I believe I have been vested with the power of this ministry, this is my duty, and I want to carry it through. I want to bring Joy, Luck, Love and HAPPINESS into your life. This is what I am going to do for you, Deepak I – The first thing I am about to do for you, is to take immediate action so that you can quickly do away with those serious problems that are crushing you today.
  9. 9. What I am going to do, then, completely free of charge, is to help you earn a substantial amount of money to relieve you of your most pressing debts. For this purpose, I am going to calculate your 7 Beneficial Lucky Numbers, and you can use these 7 Special Numbers in the favorable moments I will indicate to you. The only thing you must do is to use these numbers on the exact dates I will communicate. For my part, I promise to perform especially for you a SPECIAL MONEY CEREMONIAL that will dramatically improve your luck. I have envisioned that you are about to receive a substantial amount of money (I clearly saw the figure 70,000), therefore I feel optimistic about you and I think you should too. Then, I am going to send you FREE OF CHARGE, as a beneficial gift, the most fabulous of all Talismans for your immediate protection. As soon as you receive this Amazing Talisman, which I have charged with positive energies especially for you, it will fulfil your powers of luck and radically change your entire
  10. 10. existence. You will enjoy the blessings of total astral protection which will immediately clear your life and your spirit of all the negative influences that have kept your hands tied lately. II – The second thing I am going to do is to perform permanent actions for you so that your everyday life becomes and forever remains the Marvelous Life you always dreamed of. -1. First of all, I will immediately send you my Magical Photo charged with my Special Magnetization Power. This is going to be a unique and privileged link between you, Deepak, and me, between the two of us. This way, any time you feel the need, you can take the photo in your hand to establish an instant contact between ourselves, an immediate and effective connection. 2. Then, I am going to perform a study of the Road to Happiness in your Life,because, Deepak, this study is a priceless and extraordinary document. Just imagine, inside you will learn about absolutely all the good things that could
  11. 11. happen to you in the next 12 months, especially all the wonderful events that are awaiting you in this fabulous period of Happiness I have seen coming for you. As soon as I finish, I will send you your study of the Road to Happiness in your Life.In it you will discover absolutely everything you need to know to make sure that the days coming ahead are going to be the most fantastic days in your life. You will know everything you must definitely do, and everything you must not, in order to take full advantage of all the wonderful opportunities that will come your way and radically change your existence. The study of the Road to Happiness in your Life will bring you day after day all the extremely useful information to effectively help you take advantage of your lucky days. You will thus rejoice in the amazing life that lies before you, for it is certain that these days are going to be the most wonderful days of your life.
  12. 12. 3 . I will perform the Complete Astrological Consultation and send it as soon as I have it ready. And if you grant me your permission immediately, you will also enjoy the exceptional discount on the final bill for my services. Take this extraordinary GIFT because I truly want your HAPPINESS and I wouldn’t want a simple matter of money to come between you and all the LUCK and HAPPINESS in the brilliant life that lies ahead of you. In my Complete Astrological Consultation you will also find the priceless information you will need to fulfil your amazing life, where everything will go the way you want. You will be able to find out my most precious advice and my secret instructions. Thanks to the very clear vision I mentioned previously in this letter about your life, I am going to be able to give you with precision the exact road to take to reach this grand HAPPINESS and
  13. 13. the WEALTH you have been waiting for and deserve. Yes, I am saying WEALTH because I also saw very clearly that you are going to be rich! In my Complete Astrological Consultation I am going to tell you how certain planets influence your mind and mood, making you a unique person, like no one else. I will also show you how these planets determine your most favorable days, your lucky days, your encounters, and relationships with others. I will reveal How others really see you and what they really think of you, What effects you have on your surroundings and how sensitive you really are. You will be surprised by this self revelations and hearing about your personality and people around you… I will make you discover your real capacities, your Luck,
  14. 14. your real skills and secret gifts, your unknown talents and hidden abilities… I will show you The repression in yourself that disturb your personality The obstacles to succeeding in you life I will also tell you How to multiply your chances, how to avoid obstacles, how to take decisions at the right time, and how to fully take advantage of this unexpected chance that’s coming to you. YES, Deepak I am convinced that you are going to be able to take the right decisions now, and that it will take you right to HAPPINESS, LUCK and MONEY that you deserve so much! And last, I will perform for you a string of mystical ceremonials called High Protection Ceremonials which I will begin as soon as I receive your approval. These mystical ceremonials are designed to recharge all your vital forces of Luck and
  15. 15. your energy potential. You will be able to take full advantage of the ultra-beneficial effects of theExceptional Events that are awaiting you. You will witness the great gates of Money, luck and love opening up before you. These mystical ceremonials will bring you, day after day, the essential elements you need so that your everyday life becomes and always remains the Amazing Life that’s coming to you, the amazing existence you deserve. To you, this is going to be a beneficial Occult Action, a permanent formidable ACTION that will multiply a thousand fold your energy potential and boost your vital forces of luck, success, happiness and Money. Starting with this very day, without any reservations, I will dedicate myself to establishing and maintaining GREAT HAPPINESS in your life. I am looking forward to receiving your letter of gratitude, adding up to the other testimonials such as the ones you will find in the appendix to this letter. I am so happy to think that you are about to step
  16. 16. up into a new exceptional existence, if only you make the right decisions today! Yes, , I promise you, I will have you permanently under my high protection and if you confide in me and follow the words of Wisdom I am going to impart on you regularly each week, LUCK, LOVE and MONEY will come barging into your life and never, ever leave. This decisive turning point is like an enormous door that will open up towards a better world. Today, I can see that you are very weak to swing it open all by yourself and walk through to find the Treasures that the future has in store for you. But together, you, Deepak, with your faith, and me, with my skills and experience, together we can open up this door very easily. We are going to swing it open together to discover a new world, a world so amazing you simply cannot imagine now... This is what awaits you if you walk through this open door. As much as your future is going to be impoverished and grim if you don’t walk through this door, as much it is going to be rich and brilliant if
  17. 17. you are able to open it. As soon as you burst through to the other side, an entirely new life will be offered to you, the amazing life that you deserve: No more Money problems, no more bills piling up on your desk, no more debts. Instead, you can have all the money you need and even more (I saw that substantial amount coming to you...) Forgetting what it is to feel lonely and despaired and on the contrary feeling surrounded by Friendship and Love, having somebody close by, someone to talk to, someone to rely on and who loves you, Forgetting your shyness, your psychological blocks and on the contrary being confident again, being aware of your radiance, your charm and your confidence, Forgetting about doubting yourself and your future and on the contrary regaining faith and confidence in better days. You will see a bright future ahead, which will make you feel confident, happy and hopeful,
  18. 18. You will see for yourself the truth in the sayings: Money draws money, luck draws luck, love draws love. YES, Deepak, the more you are with luck (and believe me you will be) the more luck will come your way. The more money you have the more you will get. And the more love you have the more you will get. This is the way of the world and this is how I predict your new life will be like. YES, Deepak, if you really turn the corner in good conditions, believe me, your life will be completely different from the one you have now. But... Deepak it is now that you need to do something. YES, you need to act now if you really want your life to change, if you want money to fulfill your dreams, if you want to feel attractive and confident, if you want to keep on being with luck and live a different life from the one you have now. Now and not later.
  19. 19. This is the reason why I am telling you to act now and complete the help form for a wonderful Life (the wonderful life that you deserve) and return it to me today. This is very important for you and your future! I will need to take the time to calculate your 7 Lucky Numbers, I will need some time to prepare your Talisman for Instant Protection, I will need time to magnetize my Magical Picture especially for you, I will also need some time to prepare the Ceremonials for High Protection. - and I will also need time to complete the study of your Road to Happiness in your Life as well as the Complete Astrological Consultation I am preparing for you. Above all, Deepak, grant me your permission now, without delay. Time flies fast and it would be such a pity if you weren’t in the best shape to overcome this crucial turning point beyond which lie the wonderful events your future has in store for you. I am counting on you,
  20. 20. and as I wait for your answer, please accept the assurances of my deepest friendship. From all my heart, I am with you Your devoted friend, Sara Freder ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~