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Awards Entry.......


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Awards Entry & My Tryst with Destiny......!!!!

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Awards Entry.......

  1. 1. 1 | P a g e ENTRY: A) This entry is purely aimed at targeting and defining the planning model of an ‘executive development strategy’ to promote and develop leaders. In fact, it is all the more relevant to me personally after a very brief ‘tryst with destiny’, where I had experienced the need of a ‘trim-tab’ or a ‘rudder’ that propels the direction of an organization in the right track. To me this means the organizational chart for ‘corporate governance’, depicts the roles and categories, of the executive leadership team which obviously comprises of team leaders/managers, supervisors & controllers etc, in order to be able to provide the required level of strategic insight and the additional leverage for governing corporate affairs prudently. B) Defining a leadership strategy and a leadership model for all types of leaders however, would be important to adjudge the level of agility, dexterity & resilience under the current economic conditions. In this scenario the multi-tasking ability of an individual holds good when he/she can adorn multiple hats but when it comes to big organizations or freelance /contract roles the idea, is to garner the ability to face strategic and organizational goals and challenges in a manner in which it is possible to bridge the gap. This is possible through L&D programs and improvised GAP analysis techniques to be able to seamlessly align jobs and responsibilities with the overall objectives of the organization. Organizational leadership encompasses and incorporates ideas that augment team effectiveness, synergistic ideas and encourages deviant’s who believe in pausing and probably act as change strategists in order to drive forward the objective of not just being effective but effectual.
  2. 2. 2 | P a g e C) Implementing a sound well aligned leadership development approach should probably involve identifying issues that come from a thorough understanding of leadership fundamentals that would define the following areas: Managing Change Motivation & Incentives Groups & Teams Corporate Culture Managing with power Managing complex systems Personality & Leadership Development programs D) In terms of evolving innovative methods to increase the effectiveness scale, scope & leadership development efforts the ‘need of the hour’, is to develop key skills and capabilities that determine the (KPI)’s - Key Performance Indicators. It has a lot to do with addressing challenges that inhibit organizational behavior and development which would intimidate employees and the reduce the levels of employee engagement. Therefore motivational workshops, interactive sessions and team building activities would boost the morale of employees and increase the level of employee engagement, enhancement and retention. Last but not the least , I believe that an ‘executive leadership’ model that puts more onus on equipping ‘trim-tabs’ or trim-tabbers’ in every organization can make a considerable difference as they have the hidden potential to make adjustments to regulate and control any imbalances!
  3. 3. 3 | P a g e A trim tab on a boat or a plane is the small rudder or keel being the main structural element or vital component that provides the required level of stability. So it would be worthwhile to develop the planning of a coaching , training and executive development strategy so that ‘trim-tab’ leaders are able to exercise initiative within his/her own ‘Circle of Influence’, however small it maybe. In this way it is possible to identify possible ‘roadblocks’, in the process of trying to get things done by streamlining cumbersome procedures and take the required level of action in order to exercise better control and effectiveness. -----------------------------------------------------------------------