October Newsletter


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This is the October edition of the 2011-2012 Central Region DECA Newsletter.

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October Newsletter

  1. 1. Central Region DECA A Word from Your CRVP Volume 1, Issue 2 October, 2011 As you begin strengthen our en- Special Points of Inter- to attend confer- tire association. est: ences and think Please do  This year’s CRLC is one “wild” conference that about competition, I not hesitate to con- you do not want to miss. encourage you to tact me at any time. Conference coordinator keep the “Aspire If you wish to get in Nicole Coffey gives you some great insight to this Higher” theme in touch with me, send “wild” conference on Page mind. Use this an email to decavp- 2. theme as your micah@gmail.com.  Thanks to DECA’s part- motto for this year nerships with FIDM and in DECA; continu- Finish Line, members October has ally strive to be bet- DECA Wishes, have the opportunity toalways been one of participate in some excit- ter than you ever ing challenges.my favorite months. have been.The weather is  National President Claire As I serve Coker discusses the im-crisp and cool. The you this year, I portance of believing inNFL is in full- the power of DECA. promise I will too Micah Mellingswing. And, of “Aspire Higher.” Central Region VPcourse, DECA is My goal is to servebeginning to kick Inside The Issue: you to the best ofinto high-gear. my abilities and CRLC—Get “Wild” 2DECA is Going to The Big Apple State Officer Spot- light 2 Have you ever The first con- careers fields in onewanted to experience ference will be Nov. of the world’s largest DECA-FIDM Chal- 3 lengethe Big Apple? Well, 30—Dec. 4. The sec- cities.DECA is giving you ond conference will be Registration DECA-Finish Line 3the opportunity to Dec. 7—11. ends on October Challengefulfill your dream. The New York 3rd. Slots are only A Letter from the 4 DECA will Experience will give available for the sec- National Presidentonce again be hosting attendees the unprece- ond conference, whichtwo New York Experi- dented opportunity to is Dec. 7—11. Facebook: Where 4 Does your Stateence Conferences. learn about exciting Rank?
  2. 2. Page 2 Central Region DECACRLC: Be There. Be Wild and global companies head- The leadership training will quartered in Omaha, a WILD really encourage members to dance party, a live music and step outside their comfort entertainment night spon- zones as leaders, work on a sored by Finish Line, AND our team, and develop those per- signature event -- the Leader- sonal and communication ship Safari at the Zoo! The na- skills that will give them the tions #2 ranked zoo will be confidence and tools needed to the home of Amazing Race be successful in the future. meets Survivor meets DECA! Members wont want to miss What makes this confer-Micah Melling’s interview it! ence different than otherwith Nicole Coffey, CRLC DECA conferences?Conference Coordinator: How will conference activi- This conference is different inWhy should students at- ties positively affect stu- its delivery - were on a mis-tend this years CRLC? dents? sion to make sure that DECAThis year’s Central Region This conference is tradition- members become inspired byLeadership Conference is go- ally one of the best confer- what they experience and areing to be WILD! Nebraska is ences a DECA member can ready to Aspire Higher, to be-excited to host the conference attend all year, and this year come leaders in their commu-and share with our fellow is no exception. The network- ing opportunities are incredi- nities and passionate aboutmembers how great a cityOmaha is! Weve put together ble, not only to meet other their chosen career paths. Bya great conference loaded with members but to meet and attending CRLC in Omaha,activity: outstanding keynote learn from business profes- we know members will leavespeakers, the best business sionals in career areas in the conference better equippedprofessionals from national which members have interest. for their future.The State Officer Spotlight is on Maddie Mayleben Business owner. World involved in can give you directiontraveler. Avid runner. These DECA, Maddie is towards a career,”are all terms that describe the co-owner of says Maddie.Maddie Mayleben, Michigan “Dipped,” a Also, two sum-DECA’s State Secretary. snack shop that mers ago, Maddie Maddie has been in- sells delicious, had the opportunityvolved with DECA for two dipped treats. to live in China foryears and has enjoyed every Maddie is also an six weeks with a Chi-minute of the experience. accomplished nese family. runner, compet- “I remember sitting in ing in both track “It was such a hum-the audience when they an- and cross coun- bling experience thatnounced who the new State try for her high school since taught me to neverOfficers were,” says Maddie. her freshman year. take anything for granted,”“When I heard my name, I says Maddie.didn’t know how to react. I “Being involved in dif- ferent activities is important And we shouldn’t takefelt so honored to be chosen.” Maddie’s dedication to DECA because it helps you to learn In addition to being what your interests are and for granted.
  3. 3. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 3Do You Like Fashion? If You Do, This is a “Must Read” Do you have what it an exciting challenge. Those participatingtakes to develop a line of Participants in the will present their ideas toclothing? Now, do you DECA-FIDM Challenge FIDM executives throughhave what it takes to mar- are asked to create a run- videos posted on YouTube.ket your line of clothing? way-worthy garment out So, do you think youIf you are up to the task, of previously used fabric. have what it takes? If youThe Fashion Institute of (The cost of the materials do, go to the following linkDesign and Merchandis- cannot exceed $20). to get more information:ing (FIDM) wants to hear http://www.deca.org/ Participants arefrom you. events/fidmchallenge/. also asked to develop a DECA has once marketing campaign for Please note thatagain partnered with their newly developed this challenge ends ofFIDM to bring members product. February 10.Crossing the Finish Line: An Exciting Challenge Picture this: You’ve and recommendation forbeen flown to one of the improvement to Finishlargest cities in the Line executives via vid-United States to meet eos uploaded to You-with the executives of one Tube.of the biggest companies The top three teamsin the world. These ex- will be flown to Indian-ecutives are hanging on This scenario could apolis, Indiana to presentyour every word, eager to become a reality, thanks to their findings to Finishhear what you have to say. DECA and Finish Line. Line executives. The win-After your presentation, the The DECA-Finish ning team will receive a sti-executives congratulate you Line Challenge is returning pend to cover all expenseson your hard work. In fact, once again. In this chal- to DECA’s Internationalthey liked your presenta- lenge, DECA members, in Career Development Con-tion so much that they are teams of 1-3 people, will ference in Salt Lake City.going to pay for you to at- conduct market research attend a conference in one of To find out more their local Finish Line about this opportunity, visitthe most exciting cities in store.the U.S. http://www.deca.org/events/ After the research finishlinechallenge/. Pretty good deal, isn’t has been completed, teamsit? The deadline for this will present their findings challenge is December 19.
  4. 4. A Letter from Your National President his life to bringing tive thinkers who have awareness about mus- the capability of chang- cular dystrophy in ing the world. Never hopes of finding a cure. forget that what you do I also was able to hear in DECA is just as im- from some of the lead- portant as what these ing minds in education great leaders have done at the NBC Education with their efforts. Nation Summit, such as To make your Melinda Gates and Bill DECA year a success: Clinton. What all these believe in what DECA leaders have in common can do for students,Central Region DECA, is that they have dedi- spread the word, stay cated their time and ef- motivated, and always This past month, I forts into something ASPIRE HIGHER.have been lucky enough they believe can make ato meet some of the difference. Best Wishes,most inspiring people As DECA mem-from across the nation. bers, we should dedi- Claire CokerI met Luke Christie, an cate our time to spread- National DECA Presi-MDA ambassador and ing awareness of what dentcollegiate DECA mem- DECA can do for stu-ber, who has dedicated dents. We are innova- Facebook “Likes”: Where Does Your State Rank? 1. MI: 3,682 8. SD: 404 2. WI: 1,476 9. MO: 394 3. MN 1,199 10. IA: 315 4. IN: 793 11. ND: 297 5. IL: 776 6. NE: 614 12. KY 250 7. KS: 437 13. OH: 186