Volume 1, Issue 7        DECA PREPARES EMERGING LEADERS AND ENTEPRENEURSMarch, 2012                         Central Region...
Central Region DECAPage 2                       DECA Dash With the Diamonds: a 5K for MDA                              It’...
Volume 1, Issue 7                                                                                                         ...
The Latest News about The MovementThe Movement has recent launched       The Movement is quickly coming to a close, and it...
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March Newsletter


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This is the March edition of the Central Region DECA Newsletter.

Published in: Education
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March Newsletter

  1. 1. Volume 1, Issue 7 DECA PREPARES EMERGING LEADERS AND ENTEPRENEURSMarch, 2012 Central RegionSpecial Points ofInterest Be sure to join Mi- DECA cah Melling’s team for the 5K at ICDC. Important political outreach resources A Word from Your CRVP can be found on tive Day in Jefferson  Wisconsin DECA’s DECA’s SlideShare City, MO. At this event, State Conference in account. I met with several state Lake Geneva, WI The Movement is coming to a close legislators and discussed from March 13-15. for the school year, the importance of but there is some  Missouri DECA’s exciting news sur- DECA. rounding this inno- State Conference in vative endeavor. I attended a din- Lake Ozark, MO ner with members of from March 18-20. Dear Central Region Kansas DECA on Febru-Inside the Issue: DECA, March will be ary 19. It was great to busy month, but I am February was an connect with DECA5K Run/Walk at 2 ready to take it “head extremely exciting month members from myICDC on”! for me. On February neighboring state!Gaining Political 2 8th, I attended the Mis- If I can assist yourSupport I will attend four souri DECA District 4 state or chapter, please conferences in March.Hootsuite: a Social- 2 Competition. I partici- contact me. My emailMedia Tool pated in this competition  ACTE’s National Pol- address is decavpmicah@Looking Ahead to 3 all of year of high school, icy Seminar in Wash- gmail.com.Next Year ington, D.C. from and it felt great to come DECA Wishes, 3 back and help out. March 4-7.The State OfficerSpotlight On February  Indiana DECA’sAn Update on The 4 15th, I attended the Mis- State Conference inMovement souri Association for Ca- Indianapolis, IN Central Region VPA Letter from the 4 reer and Technical Edu- from March 11-12. DECA, Inc.National President cation (ACTE) Legisla-
  2. 2. Central Region DECAPage 2 DECA Dash With the Diamonds: a 5K for MDA It’s back! The during the 5K. As a DECA’s official colors. 2nd annual DECA Dash member of the Central To see a promo- with the Diamonds 5K Region, please support tional flyer that Micah Run/Walk will take place CRVP Micah Melling by has created for the 5K, on April 28 during joining his team! visit http://www. slide- ICDC. Proceeds from To show that you share.net/DECAInc/icdc the 5K will go to MDA are part of Micah’s team, -5k-promotion. and DECA’s scholarship wear something blue dur- fund. More information ing the race. Blue repre- on the 5K can be found Each National sents honesty and sincer- on deca.org. Officer will have a team ity, and it is one of “To preserve a Strengthening DECA’s Political Support Reaching out to tion (CTE), was cut by ing for CTE impact or- bright future for both state and federal leg- $140. This reduction ganizations like DECA. islators has never been dropped the appropria- DECA, we must Important politi- more important for tion for the Perkins Act cal outreach resources canbecome active in the DECA members to do. from $1.27 billion to ap- be accessed on www. proximately $1.13 billion. political scene.” In Fiscal Year slideshare.net/decainc. 2011, the Perkins Act, As DECA mem- The National Officers Micah Melling, which federally funds Ca- bers, we must understand strongly encourage you to CRVP reer and Technical Educa- that reductions in fund- use these resources. Hoot, Hoot, Hoot, Hootsuite! Hootsuite is an statuses with a common Kendra Wrightson, automatic status genera- message. Southern Region Vice tor for social-media sites President. “By using Hoo- like Facebook and Twit- tsuite, you will be able to Learn more about ter. constantly post positive this valuable tool at National Officer statuses in order to create www.hootsuite.com. Team 66 uses Hootsuite a positive networking pro- to uniformly schedule file for your future,” says
  3. 3. Volume 1, Issue 7 Page 3Looking Ahead to Next Year... In two months, chapter as an alumni able experience. You canthe 2012 DECA Interna- member, too. Also, see if research competitivetional Career Develop- your former chapter advi- events, determine effec-ment Conference sor needs help with any tive fundraising ideas,(ICDC) will adjourn. projects and offer to be and begin planning chap-This will end the high an assistant. The oppor- ter meetings.school DECA careers on tunities for staying in- Involvement inmany, but many other volved with DECA are DECA is ongoing. Therestudents will begin to endless! is always planning andmake plans for next If you still have brainstorming to beschool year. time left in high school done. Take time to map If you’re a senior, DECA, take the summer out your DECA future.seriously consider joining to brainstorm ideas to There is always a way toCollegiate DECA. You make the upcoming year get involved with this in-can join your former in DECA an unbeliev- credible organization.The State Officer Spotlight is on Jaspreet Singh current State President of was competing for a “Get involved with Kansas DECA. Although $250,000 investment from his first bid for state office Google. Although he didn’t your chapter as wasn’t successful, Jaspreet receive the investment, he has experienced many great was the youngest person in much as possible to triumphs during his DECA the competition. career. make the most of the But Jaspreet isn’t all In addition to being about business. He also amazing Imagine standing heavily involved with loves commercial aviation.on stage in front of 1,200 DECA, Jaspreet has had In fact, during his freshman opportunities thatstudents. Imagine being a impressive success in busi- year, Jaspreet wrote a blogstate officer candidate for ness. He is the founder and for Southwest Airlines are available” -DECA. Imagine knocking CEO of Window View Mar- about his experience ateverything off the podium keting, a social-media con- DECA’s International Ca-when giving your campaign Jaspreet Singh. sulting firm. Jaspreet is also reer Development Confer-speech. Imagine all of this in the process of starting a ence. He aspires to one dayhappening during your tennis racquet stringing work for Southwest Airlines. KS DECAfreshman year of high company, named Stop Thatschool. Racquet. When Jaspreet is President the CEO of a large com- Well, this hap- One of Jaspreet’s pany, he can certainly attrib-pened to Japreet Singh, the biggest accomplishments ute his success to DECA.
  4. 4. The Latest News about The MovementThe Movement has recent launched The Movement is quickly coming to a close, and it hasa website! Check out the link below been an extremely successful endeavor. Chapters, re-to see the resources this website pro- member that your contribution reports are due byvides. National Officer Team 66 is March 31st. If they haven’t already, your State Officerthrilled to have a website for The Team will be giving you instructions for submittingMovement, and they believe it can your contribution report, which can be found in Thebe an innovative tool for chapters Movement Toolkit. If your chapter needs another copyand states to use in the future. If of the toolkit, please contact CRVP Micah Melling.you have questions about this web-site, contact CRVP Micah Melling. Micah will recognize participating chapters and states in a number of ways during the month of April. To re- ceive recognition for your chapter, you must submit a www.ourmvmt.com contribution report by March 31.A Letter from Your National President ago, I had the honor of they had a whole new with a representative in speaking at Tennessees perspective on what your district, go onto Youth and Government CTE could do for stu- DECAs SlideShare ac- Seminar for CTE. dents. count and read Micahs CTSO student leaders packet on CTE, and How many of from all around the MAKE A DIFFER- you have advocated in state gathered to advo- ENCE! Advocating for your own state for Ca- cate at Tennessees capi- Career and Technical reer and Technical Edu- tol for Career and Tech- Education is another cation? If you have not One of the many nical Education. What way to Aspire Higher taken the step to reachresponsibilities of an en- amazed me the most this year! out to your legislators,gaged DECA student is was that the legislators know that it is never too Best Wishes,to advocate for Career in attendance took no- late to start. Claire Cokerand Technical Education. tice, and by the end of National President the seminar, said that Set up a meeting A couple of weeks 2011-2012