Volume 1, Issue 4January, 2012                                                  Produced by Micah Melling, CRVP           ...
PAGE 2                                                                             CENTRAL REGION DECAAn Alumni Perspectiv...
VOLUME 1, ISSUE 4                                                                            PAGE 3Keys to a Great Role-Pl...
Central Region DECA Makes a “Movement”        Eight states in the Central Region are working to “make a difference” for th...
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January Newsletter


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This is the January edition of the Central Region DECA Newsletter.

Published in: Education
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January Newsletter

  1. 1. Volume 1, Issue 4January, 2012 Produced by Micah Melling, CRVP Central Region DECA A Word from Your CRVPINSIDE THIS ISSUE:Finding Ways to Give 2Back 2 Each year, many DECA mem-DECA and Politics as I prepare for my bers has been oneKeys to a Role Play 3 annual New Year’s of the top high- Eve Celebration, I lights of my DECAState Officer Spot- 3 reflect on my career. I truly valuelight friendships. This all of the friend- year, I took quite a ships I’ve made,The Movement 4 bit of time to reflect and I look forwardNational President 4 on the friendships I to making more.Update have formed during As you begin my DECA career. a new year, I en- DECA Members, I remain in courage you to take Special points I love the close contact with time to reflect on of interest: beginning of a new many of the people your friendships. year. Actually, New who were a part of Set aside time this  A successful DECA Year’s Day is my my high school’s year to let your alumnus shares a favorite holiday. (It DECA chapter. I’m friends know how motivational mes- just edges out still endeared to much you appreci- sage about giving Christmas). the state officers I ate them. back (Page 2). served with during Part of the reason I love New both my junior and  Micah Melling has DECA Wishes, Year’s Day is be- senior years. My produced three cause I have an fellow national offi- political outreach annual New Year’s cers will surely be resources that can Eve Celebration. life-long friends. be accessed on Starting a new year I’ve also DECA’s SlideShare with my closest been honored to Micah Melling Account (Page 2). friends is always an get to know many Central Region VP  The State Officer incredible feeling. I of you. The bonds I DECA, Inc. Spotlight shines on truly value my have formed as a 2011-2012 Kansas DECA’s friends and the national officer Stephonn Alcorn support they have have been truly (Page 3). given my over the meaningful. Con- years. necting with so
  2. 2. PAGE 2 CENTRAL REGION DECAAn Alumni Perspective: Finding Ways to Give Back have changed a bit. I were given to me are ability to speak and am the first college passed down to fu- deliver great learning graduate in my imme- ture students. programs, find a way diate family and Be it a judge to give back. earned a scholarship at a mini-competition, DECA taught that paid my way a workshop facilitator, me many things. It through Creighton or a State Officer Co- gave me the confi- University (Go Jays!). I ordinator, I’ve found dence to trust my val- am also a successful ways to put my time, ues and instincts entrepreneur, operat- talent, and money to when making deci- ing my own business work. What do you sions. It taught meby Tyler Gassaway, that allows me to have that’s valuable the struggles of beingBullseye Leadership travel across the to our organization? a leader in an organi- In 2005, I was country speaking to What skills do you zation that is madejust another shy and high school students. possess that can in- only of other leaders.ambitious junior stu- I have accomplished spire the future of DECA gave me a fan-dent at Papillion- a lot in the past seven DECA in your school tastic network ofLaVista South High years and earned ti- or state? friends and businessSchool, a suburb out- tles and accolades professionals--some Giving backside of Omaha, Ne- along the way, but the whom I have made has never been sobraska. I had never one title that I am lifelong connections important in DECA’sheard of DECA nor did most proud to claim is with. That’s the rea- history. With federalI have any intention that of a Nebraska son I choose to give funding being cut andon joining a large or- DECA alumnus. the economy strug- back. What will beganization. In fact, I Being a mem- gling to stay above yours?wasn’t even sure if I ber of DECA had its water, we need thewas going to college. responsibilities. It skills and talents ofIf I was, how would I wasn’t easy to fit the each of you to con-get there? My family demands of a power- tinue to grow our or- For morehad no money to pay ful organization into ganization organically.for it. My focus at the an already stressful information on It will soon be yourtime was girls. Well, high school schedule. responsibility to rein- Tyler and histhat and golf. And, if I What I have found is vest in an organiza-was going to go to that as an alumnus, it endeavors, please tion that has alreadycollege, I was deter- is no different. I real- invested so much in visit www.tylermined to make it ized that it is a re- you. So be it with sponsibility to ensure gassaway.com.there with my 7-iron. your wallet, a free Sat- Today, things the opportunities that urday, or your naturalSecuring Our Future, Fighting for Funding How does the government impact DECA? What is the Perkins Act? Do legislatorsreally know what Career and Technical Education is? These questions, and much more,are addressed in three political outreach resources found on DECA’s Slide Share Ac-count (www.slideshare.net/DECAInc). Central Region Vice President Micah Melling hasworked with federal legislators, employees of the U.S. Department of Education, andleaders in Career and Technical Education to bring you these resources. Micah hasalso recorded a YouTube video that helps to explain why reaching out to legislators is soimportant. This video can be found on Micah’s YouTube Channel (MicahMelling).Please take a look at these resources and learn about how the government impactsDECA chapters.
  3. 3. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 4 PAGE 3Keys to a Great Role-Play Performance Marketing tition, be sure to do 2-3 questions. Shortly referring to a cutting-analyst. Entrepre- your research—but before your presenta- edge marketingneur. Business not just on market- tion, take a few mo- trend. Do somethingmanager. These are ing terms. Read ments to think about that none of yourall roles you may about the latest the questions you competitors will con-embody during a trends in marketing may be asked and sider.role play for DECA and business. how you should re- (4) Leave thecompetition. Know any busi- spond. judge with a firm The following nesses that are cur- (3) Focus on handshake and ais a series of tips for rently in the news, doing something to smile. Yes, you’verole-play perform- too. stand out to the been told this before,ances. These may (2) Anticipate judge. This can be but it’s extremely im-be tips you have the questions your using an impactful portant. Leaving thenever heard before. judge will ask you. statistic or quote, judge on a positive (1) Before Normally, the judge drawing a sample note can positivelyyou arrive at compe- will ask you between flyer on your notes, or impact your score.The State Officer Spotlight is on Stephonn Alcorn the President of the go to his role play. United States. It is a “It was really goal and a dream funny but embarrass- that has stuck with ing at the same me since,” says time,” says Stephonn. Stephonn. “But my judges didn’t As a junior, even notice!” “Go out there, Stephonn is already In addition to an accomplished thinking about his chase your dreams, DECA member. But future U.S. Presi- and turn some he’s not always had dency, Stephonn is the best luck at DECA the junior class presi- heads in the competitions. dent at his high process!” - “During a school, a debater for Meet DECA competition his school’s debate Stephonn Alcorn,Stephonn Alcorn. when I was a fresh- team, and a member Vice President ofHe’s currently the man, I went to the of a ping pong club.Vice President of restroom, and as I Kansas DECA. Kansas DECAKansas DECA, but he went to zip my zipper is privileged to have aaspires to one day be back up , it just leader like Stephonn.the President of the wouldn’t move at all,” And when he is Presi-United States. explains Stephonn. dent, he can certainly “Ever since I The zipper say that he got hiswas in third grade, I soon fell off, and start in DECA.have wanted to be Stephonn still had to
  4. 4. Central Region DECA Makes a “Movement” Eight states in the Central Region are working to “make a difference” for the Muscular Dystrophy Asso-ciation by participating in The Movement. These states are: Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan, Nebraska, North Da-kota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Kentucky. All of these states are committed to getting at least 8 chapters intheir association to participate in The Movement; each of these chapters will strive to raise a minimum of $500more for MDA than they did last year. All of these states deserve recognition for their efforts to “make a differ-ence” for those with muscular dystrophy.A Letter from Your National President to attend, and ICDC warding. to aim for! I want to When looking challenge all of you forward to this new to take on a little year, remember to more that what you keep DECA in mind KNOW you can with your new year achieve this year. resolutions. Stay on Keep pushing for- your DECA game by ward like you have getting involved and done all school year, practicing for those but kick it into high competitive events. gear! I wish all ofCentral Region My resolution you the best of luckDECA, this year is to push at your conferences, I hope all of the limits on what I and I hope to see allyou are as excited think I can achieve. of you at ICDC!about this new year We all aim to winas I am! When look- and be successful, Happy New Year,ing at 2012, I see a but if we go fartherworld of opportuni- than the expecta-ties awaiting every tions we set for our- Claire CokerDECA student. You selves, the finished National Presidentall have people to products of our ef- 2011-2012meet, conferences fort are more re-