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February Newsletter


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This is the February edition of the Central Region DECA Newsletter.

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February Newsletter

  1. 1. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 6FEBRUARY, 2012 Central Region DECA DECA Prepares Emerging Leaders and Entrepreneurs in Marketing, Management, Hospitality, and Finance. A Word from Your CRVPSpecial Points of Interest ing. The MO DECA with legislators and State Action team is discuss the importance National Officer an impressive group, of Career and Techni- Team 66 had an in- and they have cal Education. credible time at their crafted an incredible Mid-Year Conference State CDC. During Febru- in Salt Lake City. ary, I will also be From January preparing for the National DECA is en- 25-29, I attended the State CDCs I will at- couraging chapters to DECA National Offi- tend in March. As of promote their efforts cer Mid-Year Meet- now, I have been in- during CTE Month. ing. Seeing my fel- vited to attend state Dear DECA Members, low National Officers conferences in Indi- Central Region DECA For many peo- was a great pleasure. ana, Wisconsin, and is all over the web. ple, January and For more details on Missouri. Be sure to check it February are dull, this event, go to page out! 2. Please contact uneventful months. me if I can assist your But if you’re a DECA As earlier chapter or state asso- member, these months mentioned, February ciation. I can beInside This Issue: are anything but dull will be a busy month reached at decavpmi- and uneventful. If for me, as well. cah@gmail.com. you’re a DECA mem-National Officer Mid-Year 2 ber, you have compe- On February DECA Wishes,Conference 8th, I will attend the tition on your mindCTE Month 3 during January and Missouri DECA District February. 4 CDC. I competedDECA.org Blogs 3 at this competition for Although I am 4 years and am ex- no longer competing, cited to once againThe Movement to Introduce 3 January was a busy be a part of this Micah MellingWebsite month for me, and event. Central Region VPState Officer Spotlight 4 February will cer- DECA, Inc. tainly be busy, too. On February 2011-2012 15, I will attend theCentral Region Online 4 On January 21 Missouri ACTE Legis-Updates -22, I attended the lative Day. AlongA Letter from the National 4 Missouri DECA State with other CTSOPresident CDC Planning Meet- members, I will meet
  2. 2. Page 2 CENTRAL REGION DECA National Officer Mid-Year Conference From January Officers also reviewed It wasn’t all 25-29, the National their Program of work and no fun in Salt Officers met in Salt Work. They are proud Lake City, however. Lake City, Utah for to report that most of their Mid-Year Confer- their goals have al- Both National ence. ready been accom- Officer Teams at- plished. Throughout tended a Utah Jazz Without a the rest of their terms, basketball game at Team 66 poses for a doubt, the National all of the officers will Energy Solutions group picture after Officers had an ex- continue to provide Arena. This stunning meeting with the Collegiate DECA Na- tremely productive resources for DECA arena will be the tional Officers. meeting in Salt Lake members to use. venue for the general City. sessions at ICDC! Additionally, They worked the National Officers Overall, the with PDC Productions, of the high school divi- National Officer Team the company that pro- sion met with the Na- had an amazing time duces the general ses- tional Officers of the in Salt Lake City. They sions at ICDC. Without collegiate division. can’t wait to return in question, the sessions at Together, they devel- April with 15,000 “Mid-Year was a complete ICDC will be unforget- oped formal recom- DECA members! table! mendations for thesuccess for Team 66. We were The National DECA staff.able to Leave Salt Lake with asharper focus and new goals. Icould not be happier!” - Claire Coker, National DECA PresidentTop: Team 66 with Mrs. Mar-sha Bock, member of the DECABoard of Directors.Bottom: Team 66 posing infront of the beautiful moun-tains.
  3. 3. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 6 Page 3Career and Technical Education Month “By celebrating CTE Month, you are cele- February is Ca- audiences: students, leg- - PowerPoint: Obtaining brating the founda-reer and Technical Edu- islators, and the local Legislators’ Support.cation (CTE) Month. community. For more tion of DECA and theSince DECA is a Career information on this advo- - Document: DECA and foundation of yourand Technical Student cacy campaign, please Politics future success.Organization, DECA visit http://www.deca. - Document: Political Spread the wordmembers have plenty of org/events/33/. Outreach Kit about CTE by prov-reasons to celebrate CTE ing how profes-Month. Helpful resources If you need as- for CTE Month can be sional and success- sistance with implement- ful it has made National DECA is found on DECA’s Slide- ing activities for CTEasking chapters to par- Share account (www. Month, please contact you!” - Kendraticipate in an advocacy slideshare.net/DECAInc). Central Region Vice Wrightson, Southerncampaign for CTE Here is a list of poten- President Micah Melling. Region VPMonth. The advocacy tially helpful resources. His email address is de-campaign asks chapters cavpmicah@gmail.com.to sponsor activities fo- - PowerPoint: Promotingcused on three target Your DECA Chapter.DECA.org Features Informative Officer Blogs Have you visited DECA National Officers On deca.org, “I love connecting to members in adeca.org lately? If not, also submit blogs. you can read more way other than keynotes andyou’ve probably missed Reading these blogs will about your competitive workshops. In my blog, I cansome exciting blogs from give you an insight into event, learn aboutthe National Officer the exciting world of DECA’s National Advi- provide inspiration andTeam. Collegiate DECA! sory Board, and get encouragement that can be applied more information about to any aspect of life, not just Each National The latest blogs National DECA initia-Officer submits a blog at are found on the home- tives. There is also an DECA.” - Jennifer Harrington,least once a month, page of deca.org. They extensive “chapter re- North Atlantic Region Vicesometimes more often. are located in the lower sources” section. ThisThese blogs cover an left-hand corner. President portion of the websitearray of topics: upcom- provides many excellenting DECA events, Na- After you’ve read the most recent resources for your chap-tional Officer initiatives, ter.and information about blogs, take a look at themarketing trends. other facets of the web- So, what are you site. waiting for? Visit The Collegiate deca.org!“The Movement” to Introduce Website The Movement is $1,000,000 for MDA in The Nationalone of the most ambi- one year (next school Officer Team stronglytious projects ever year). encourages you to visitlaunched by a student this website and learnorganization. The Movement more about this ambi- The Movement is a will soon launch a web- tious project. fundraising effort for The goal of The site to provide the DECA MDA in which all ofMovement is to “raise community with more After you visit DECA can participate.the bar” in terms of what information about this The Movement’s website,the world thinks students project. Once com- feel free to contact acan accomplish. DECA is pleted, the website can National Officer to re-going to accomplish this be accessed at www.our ceive even more infor-goal by having chapters mvmt.com. mation about this en-collectively raise deavor.
  4. 4. State Officer Spotlight “Richardson. Michael Richardson.” The previous phrase was the campaign theme of current Missouri DECA State President Michael Richardson, but his friends just call him “Big Mike.” Mike describes his current position with MO DECA as his “most proud accomplishment.” Throughout his involvement with the organiza- tion, Mike has created some unforgettable memories. “By far, my favorite DECA memory is when our CRVP Micah Melling walked into our hotel after he was elected. I open-field tackled himin the lobby...It was an accident, but it brought our friendship closer and was hilari-ous for all who witnessed,” says Mike. In addition to leading one of DECA‟s largest state associations, Mike is the cap-tain of the police cadet corps in his county. “I get to learn hard-to-hand combat and small-arms fire,” explains Mike. “I‟veactually gotten to fire several weapons that are in the videogame „Call of Duty.‟” Mike also has a job that he describes as a “sweet gig.” “When I‟m not fighting crime, I work at a dry cleaning store. While this may notsound fun, I get everything cleaned for free,” says Mike. Missouri DECA is fortunate to have Mike as their leader. He is certainly an assetto the members in his state and to the entire Central Region of DECA.A Letter from Your National President Central Region DECA: tions! Online Updates You get the most out of DECA Have you checked out Cen- when you put in as tral Region DECA’s online much effort as pos- resources? The following sible, so manage is a list of the region’s your time wisely online outlets… during this busy season.  Facebook I had a lot on my plate last  Twitter (@DECA_CR)Dear Central Re- spring, but by stay-gion DECA, ing determined  Website (www.crdeca. “DECA and focused, I was org)Primetime” is here, able to succeed. Iand we all should hope every one of you succeeds in the  Wikipedia (this articlebe gearing up for will be coming soon!)competition! Prac- goals you all havetice your role plays set!and finish up those By frequently visiting Best Wishes, these online outlets, youwritten events sothat you are Claire Coker will always be “up topoised to walk on National President date” on the most recentstage at your local DECA, Inc. DECA news.and state competi- 2011-2012