DECA: PREPARING  EMERGING LEADERS                           DECA Headquarters: 1908 Association Drive, Reston, VA 20191   ...
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DECA Flyer


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This flyer provides an overview of DECA and includes important facts and statistics. It was created by Micah Melling.

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DECA Flyer

  1. 1. DECA: PREPARING EMERGING LEADERS DECA Headquarters: 1908 Association Drive, Reston, VA 20191 Tel: 703-860-5000 I Web: Fast Facts THE DECA DIAMOND DECA has over 200,000 The DECA Diamond is the organization’s members, and chapters international symbol. The Diamond has are present in all 50 both inner and outer points. states and 9 countries. The inner points represent what DECA’s National DECA annual- Program of Study does: Integrates into ly awards over Classroom Instruction, Applies Learning, $300,000 in scholar- Promotes Competition, and Connects to ships to members. Business. Over 60 businesses The outer points represent what DECA and institutions finan- prepares students to become: Academical- cially support DECA. ly Prepared, Community Oriented, Profes- sionally Responsible, and Experienced Over 15,000 students Leaders. and teachers attend DECA’s International Conference each spring. A POWERFUL STUDENT DECA offers nearly 50 ORGANIZATION competitive events. DECA is a Career and Tech- Placement and College Credit nical Student Organization that was classes than other high school stu- Eight-six percent of founded in 1946. dents. DECA members report having an A or B aver- With over 200,000 members DECA is financially support- age. who are present in all 50 states and ed by over 60 businesses and insti- nine countries, DECA is one of the tutions, known as the National Members collectively largest student organizations in ex- Advisory Board (NAB). In addition raise $500,000 each year for the Muscular istence. to supplying financial assistance, Dystrophy Association. DECA’s goal is to prepare these businesses provide judges for emerging leaders and entrepre- competitive events as well as gener- neurs in marketing, management, al advocacy. hospitality, and finance. In fact, Additionally, DECA is sup- over 85% of members are interest- ported by a Congressional Advisory ed in further studying the foregoing Board (CAB). The CAB is a collec- career pathways. tion of 30 members of the U.S. Con- gress who support Career and DECA members are among Technical Education, specifically the brightest students in high DECA.The 2011-2012 DECA Na- schools around the world. Eighty- Without a doubt, DECA con-tional Officer Team at five percent of members report hav- tinues to grow and cement itself asMarriott Headquarters. ing an A or B average. DECA mem- one of the premier educational op- bers also take more Advanced portunities for high school students.