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CTE Flyer


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This flyer provides an overview of Career and Technical Education. It includes important facts and statistics. This document was created by Micah Melling.

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CTE Flyer

  1. 1. Career and Technical Education College and Career Ready StudentsCareer and Technical Education: Important FactsPreparing Tomorrow’s Leaders about CTE and CTSOs Career and Technical Education courses each year. Furthermore, nearlyfocuses on preparing youth and young every high school student takes at least Ÿ Nearly 16 million studentsadults to be college and career ready. one CTE course. take CTE courses everySpecifically, CTE works to equip stu- On the federal level, CTE pro- school year.dents with core-academic skills, employ- grams are funded by the Carl D. Perkinsability skills, and job-specific skills. Act. This act currently appropriates $1.1 One of CTE’s main objectives is billion per fiscal year to be shared among Ÿ Nearly every high schoolto prepare tomorrow’s workforce to states.make a positive impact on the U.S. econ- students takes at least one Career and Technical Studentomy. CTE helps students to understand Organizations (CTSOs) are an instru- CTE course.that their work in the classroom directly mental part of CTE programs. The U.S.correlates to success in their future pro- Department of Education recognizes 10fession. organizations as CTSOs. These organi- Ÿ One of CTE’s main objectives “CTE allows students to get a zations provide students the opportunity is to positively impact thecontextual learning method. They learn to apply what they have learned in the classroom to real-world situations. U.S. find solutions to problems. They bet-ter understand the importance of what Over 1.5 million students holdthey are learning,” says Dr. Edward membership in CTSOs each school year. Ÿ CTE is federally funded bySmith, Chief of Program Administration,U.S. Department of Vocational and “I think CTSOs are incredibly the Carl D. Perkins Act, whichAdult Education. important. They are a prerequisite to a is currently appropriated at successful career,” says Glenn Thomp- CTE courses are broken down son, Co– Chair of the Congressional $1.1 billion.into 16 categories, called “Career Clus- CTE Caucus. “Being involved inters.” These Career Clusters include ar- CTSOs helps students to learn abouteas such as agriculture, business Ÿ There are 10 CTSOs. public policy, leadership, and careermanagement, marketing, technology, and fields. They also make it easy for stu-manufacturing. dents to link to other people and make CTE is made available through a connections.” Ÿ Over 1.5 million students holdnumber of outlets: middle schools, high membership in CTSOs each Clearly, CTE and CTSOs areschools, technical centers, and postsec- growing, becoming increasingly prevalent year.ondary institutions. In fact, nearly 16 and important in the world of education.million students participate in CTE