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Hi My Name is Declan I am 18 years and i am an adult baby

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  1. 1. How I Became a BabyFull Story
  2. 2. Hi My Name is Declan I am 18 years old. I am an adult baby. I have been an adult baby for5 years. I love being a baby. The Reason I am a baby. Is. That I wanted to go back to thetime when I was 1 or 2 years of age. The reason I am a baby is. That I want to get loved andI want to get lots of hugs and kisses. And be treated as a baby. I am a baby nearly 24 hoursa day. I have a nursery. My nursery is winnie the pooh. I love winnie the pooh and loads ofother cartoons. Like Thomas the tank engine ,barny the dinsonour and much more. I amgoing to tell you about the things that I have and why I have them. I have a Dummy Ilove my dummy. The reason I use a dummy is because. It’s a comfort thing. The dummycomforts me and relaxes me. I suck a dummy all the time Duran the day and when I go tobed. I dont sleep in a double bed or a kids single bed. I am going to tell you what I sleepin a night and why. I sleep in a cot. My cot is also winnie the pooh. Over my cot I have amusical mobile. I am going to tell you the reason why I sleep in a cot . The reason is. I wantto be put to bed like a baby. And mobile going round. the mobile gets me to sleep I lovethe cot and I love the mobile. Duran the day when I take my nap. I lay in the cot and stairat the mobile. And watch it go round until I fall asleep I have loads more things . likeNappies , Bottles, Baby cloths, onsies, footed sleepers Bibs, and a high chair. I even havea pushchair and a Car seat. And baby rains. The nappies I use are Pampers . My Dreamwould be to have someone to look after me . Someone to feed me my dinner in myhighchair. Somebody to wheel me round in my pushchair . I just want to be treat as ababy and be loved and cuddled. I Love being a baby . I am never going to stop doing thisnever.
  3. 3. IF ANYONE KNOWS ANY ADULT BABYNANNYS OUT THERE. PLEASE LET MEKNOW. IF YOU HAVE ANY COMMENTS THATYOU WOULD LIKE TO ADD PLEASE FEELFREE ADD COMMENTS I don’t have manyfriends if you are interested and what toknow more about me. Add me on gtalk.Please I just want friends.