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case study of nike n google

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Nike n google

  2. 2. Q1 What are the pros, cons and Risk associated with Nike’s core marketing strategy “Nike +”Nike with apple consists of a pair of specially designed Nike+ shoes and a Nike+ ipad sport Kit. As a person runs, ipad tells the distance pace and calories burned via voice feedback that adjusts music volume as it plays. Nike allows customers to design their own shoes from a catalogue of pre defined designs.Customers can choose their own colours and mascots to create shoes which define their personality.
  3. 3. • High costs incurred in advertisement which ultimately adds to the price of the Products. Cons (Disadvantages)
  4. 4. Being one of the major players in the World Market When ever Nike launches a new product it has to make sure it addresses to the concerns of the Global market, which is difficult to achieve For ex: When Nike endorsed Tiger woods in 2009 it was an extra edge for Nike over it’s competitors but when Tiger woods was accused to be engaged in a sex scandal in 2011 it not only harnessed the image of Tiger woods as a major golfer but also of the image of Nike’s which has it’s presence in all over International Markets Risks associated with Nike’s Core Marketing Strategy
  5. 5. North America-44% Europe-24% China -11% South Asian market-18% Here there is an opportunity for Adidas to gain more market share by capitalizing on these developing Markets. Growth in greater China and other emerging markets in Asia region is an opportunity for Adidas Focus on it’s product development Focus on new innovations To regain and increase it’s brand Value. Q2.If you were Adidas,How would you compete with Nike?
  6. 6. Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin expressed Google’s core values “Don’t Be Evil.” Despite criticism • Refuse to continue censoring its Chinese search results. Q1.With a portfolio as diverse as google’s, what are the company’s core brand value?
  7. 7. Preferring to hire PhDs and Academic Superstars for positions throughout the Organization. Innovation, is a long-standing priority at Google. All programmers, us e up to 20% of their work time on projects they believe the company would benefit from. Innovation mandated part of every workday.
  8. 8. Q2.What is next for Google? From space elevators, robots, to curing cancer: Google works to make future generations brighter, healthier, and more informed After achieving Success from its start since last 15years.Google has been the Undisputed King of the market beating all its competitors ”Yahoo” which is rated next to Google holds only 20% of the market share compared to Google’s 63%, which tends to increase the expectation from its users and Investors as a result to be consistent and keep performing Google keeps on Innovating new Products.
  9. 9. ON 16th AUGUST 2013 Google goes down for 5 minutes, web traffic takes a dive: was down for a few minutes between 23:52 and 23:57 BST on 16th August 2013. This had a huge effect in the number of pageviews coming into GoSquared's real-time tracking — around a 40% drop, as this graph of our global pageviews per minute shows," noted GoSquared. "That's huge. As internet users, our reliance on being up is huge.“ Around ten minutes after the outage was reported, Google engineers added to the dashboard that all problems had been resolved and the services were running fine.
  10. 10. Google Glass • With Google Glass, you are able to view social media feeds, text, Google Maps, as well as navigate with GPS and take photos. You will also get the latest updates while you are on the ground. Google Driveless Car • The Google driverless car is powered by artificial intelligence that utilizes the input from the video cameras inside the car, a sensor on the vehicle’s top, and some radar and position sensors attached to different positions of the car. Sounds like a lot of effort to mimic the human intelligence in a car, but so far the system has successfully driven 1609 kilometres without human commands!
  11. 11. Google is making its own laptop OS Android 4.1 is the company's way of roping everything back together. Google has launched its own Mobile phones and Tabs the Google Nexus Google’s Cloud Computing Apple has pushed its products down from luxury to the mainstream. The iPhone is now considered a standard device, and the MacBook Air, setting the bar for PC laptops. Apple is scheduled to launch its much waited i-phone 5S in Nov.2013. Windows 8 is the world's most popular OS Microsoft has also its own cloud computing apps Recently Microsoft Bought Nokia’s Phone Business whopping worth $7.2 billion.
  12. 12. Yes Definitely It is doing the right thing by taking on Microsoft by The cloud computing & Apple in The Smart phone segment as It is Cut Throat competition in the market, If Google does not takes on it’s competitors then they will obviously surpass it and it will be v.difficult for Google to retain it’s Brand value which is consistently rated as a most valuable brand by the Forbes. Is it doing the right thing taking on Microsoft with the concept of cloud computing, and Apple in the fight for Smart phones?
  13. 13. THANK YOU You were listening to DEBABRATA NAYAK