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Danny DeMichele's Complaints Book


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Published in: Education
  • Very informative book, I had no idea how just one person could smear my good name online!!! It's a must read for anyone or any business online.
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Danny DeMichele's Complaints Book

  1. 1. Danny DeMichele’sComplaints, Reviews andLegal Extortion
  2. 2. Danny DeMichele Teaches InternetReputation Management Business owners are waking up to the fact that the company onlinereputation must be managed every day. In his book titled,“Complaints, Reviews and Online Extortion,” Danny DeMichelebrings knowledge of the methods that work in the effort to protect anonline reputation. Search engine ranking plays an important role inthe number of times a negative comment is noticed. Decisionmakers are realizing that social media sites rank in the top 10 spotsin the big three search engines: Bing, Yahoo and Google.Statements about products and services can go viral in one day if thesites are not monitored.
  3. 3. Each chapter of the book, “Complaints, Reviewsand Online Extortion,” outlines insights that willprevent damage to the company reputation.Business owners will never again fall prey to theopinions of one person. Sales will not slump whenone person decides to assault the business withunfair reviews. A copy of the book is available fordecision makers who are serious about entering thefray to establish and protect a positive onlinereputation. Invaluable guidance is on every page ofthe book. Why wait? Get your copy of DannyDeMichele’s latest book, “Complaints, Reviews andOnline Extortion” today!