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Triggit - DDM Alliance Summit Marketing on Facebook


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Dynamic re-targeting and driving revenue on the Facebook Echange and across the Internet

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Triggit - DDM Alliance Summit Marketing on Facebook

  2. 2. FBX Performance On The Rise
  3. 3. Top 3 Tips For Facebook Retargeting Dynamic Creative Segmentation News Feed
  4. 4. 1. Dynamic Product Retargeting
  5. 5. Static Example
  6. 6. Dynamic Product Example 2-5X higher CTR 2X higher ROI
  7. 7. 2. Dynamic Product Retargeting on Facebook’s News Feed NEWS FEED VS RIGHT-HAND RAIL CTR: 11X higher Conversion Rate: 30% higher CPA: 50% lower
  8. 8. 3. Advanced Audience Segmentation Page/Purchase Intent • Home page • Product page • Cart page Recency • Visited an hour ago •Visited yesterday • Visited last week Client Specified Segments • New v. Existing Users • Site Search Users • Product Price 20% higher CTR 10% higher ROAS
  9. 9. Client Success Story: Retail
  10. 10. Client Success Story: Travel
  11. 11. Advertiser Enablers • Have a product feed (image, URL, product ID, name, price) • Ability to place Image Pixel or Javascript at the Product level page Dynamic Creative News Feed Segmentation • Direct marketers need admin access to the Facebook fan page • Ability to provide at least 600 x 315 product image (and hopefully larger) • Pixel placement at the segment level
  12. 12. Native Retargeting: In-Feed Retargeting Across The Internet • One integration for all publisher sites • All inventory unique to Triggit • Site-level reporting • 100% ROI-driven • RTB-enabled • Powered by dynamic retargeting 15X higher CTR than traditional banner ads V v v
  13. 13. Who’s Winning With Dynamic Retargeting? Direct-Response Advertiser Goals: CPA, ROAS, ROI 1 MM+ Monthly Unique Visitors 1,000s of Products Ex: Shoes, Hotels