Quantcast - Dublin Tour May 2014


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Quantcast - Dublin Tour May 2014

  1. 1. Quantcast Template 2014 1 1 | Copyright 2014 Quantcast | 1 A Crash Course 16 May 2014 2 | Copyright 2014 Quantcast | Outcomes for the session You will gain an understanding of: • The evolution of advertising • What is Real Time Bidding? • The Display Advertising Ecosystem • Attribution – Our greatest challenge • Real Time Advertising in Action
  2. 2. Quantcast Template 2014 2 3 | Copyright 2014 Quantcast || Copyright 2014 Quantcast | 3 A world of information creates a poverty of attention. Herbert Simon 1971
  3. 3. Quantcast Template 2014 3 Advertising Timeline 1994BANNERADS/GMAIL 2003GOOGLE ADSENSE 2007FACEBOOK/YOUTUBE 2008LINKEDIN 2009MOBILE APPS 2010TWITTER 2012FACEBOOK MOBILE PPC 2000 1844MAGAZINES NEWSPAPERS 1650 BILLBOARDS 1867 1872CATALOGS PRINT PRE- DIGITAL DIGITAL POSTERS Pre 1650 1941TV DIRECT MAIL 1954 1922RADIO Eric Schmidt Every two days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilisation up until 2003. Eric Schmidt
  4. 4. Quantcast Template 2014 4 417Web Pages Per Person 3,000Web Pages a month 93Web Pages a Day How can we find relevance in all of this? 10 The Challenge: Web Pages 1 Trillion People 2.4 Billion A Connected Opportunity
  5. 5. Quantcast Template 2014 5 Global Ad Market €373b2014 Estimate Source: Bank of America Merrill Lynch & Magna Global Digital Ad Market Global Ad Market €86b €373b2014 Estimate Source: Bank of America Merrill Lynch & Magna Global
  6. 6. Quantcast Template 2014 6 Programmatic/RTA Digital Ad Market Global Ad Market €12b €86b €373b2014 Estimate Source: Bank of America Merrill Lynch & Magna Global X` 12| Copyright 2014 Quantcast | The Imbalance in Online Spending Today Search Revenue Share Surpasses Actual Consumption May-1412 4% Of time spent searching 58%of spend on search Sources: Nielsen Netview, Q3 2011; IAB AdSpend Study, H1 2013 Precise Relevant Accountable
  7. 7. Quantcast Template 2014 7 Target individuals rather than audiences What is Real Time Bidding? Entertainment News Feb 2014 .0006 seconds Mar 2014 Jan 2014
  8. 8. Quantcast Template 2014 8 | Copyright 2013 Quantcast | Confidential The Ecosystem Publisher Agency How did this happen? – a brief history lesson… Advertiser
  9. 9. Quantcast Template 2014 9 Ad network Travel Retail Autos Finance Advertiser Agency The Ad Network business model Publisher Publisher Publisher Publisher Ad exchange The shift to Real Time Advertising Publisher Advertiser /Agency
  10. 10. Quantcast Template 2014 10 DSP SSPs 1010101010 1010101010 1010101010 1010101010 What this looks like today Advertiser /Agency Ad exchange Publisher Ad network Travel Retail Autos Finance Ad Exchanges: The Full Reach of Digital Media Ads in all platforms (desktop web, mobile, video) are available in exchanges
  11. 11. Quantcast Template 2014 11 Fragmentation • a lot of competition • too many acronyms/jargon False assumptions • media bought on Exchanges is priced lower • Inventory available is poor quality Kainotophobia • fear of change New industry • RTB didn’t exist in 2009 Investment • fuelled innovation which has resulted in the growth of display advertising Efficiency and efficacy • away from contextually traded media to audience traded media • media buying teams now have the tools and time to do strategic thinking and focus on client relationships Prediction • RTB Spend to Grow 51% Annually Through 2017 (Source: IDC Oct 2013) What does this mean for you? | Copyright 2013 Quantcast | Confidential State of attribution today
  12. 12. Quantcast Template 2014 12 Konrad’s story Quantcast – IAB Data 24 5/27/2014
  13. 13. Quantcast Template 2014 13 Quantcast – IAB Data 25 5/27/2014 26| Copyright 2014 Quantcast | The consumer’s journey includes many touchpoints Opportunities and Challenges Visit ConversionSearch
  14. 14. Quantcast Template 2014 14 27| Copyright 2014 Quantcast | Last view attribution is limiting Visit Conversion Multiple partners on plan “fight” to get the last touch All upper funnel activity is missed Search 28| Copyright 2014 Quantcast | Challenges persist with last touch attribution Visit Conversion Surge in (useless) ad impressions Prospecting value is not recognised Multiple partners on plan “fight” to get the last touch All upper funnel activity is missed Search
  15. 15. Quantcast Template 2014 15 29 | Copyright 2014 Quantcast | Attribution models overview Last Touch First Touch Multi/Linear Custom or Rule-Based Statistical Model Simple models Complex models 30| Copyright 2014 Quantcast | Incorporating site visits is crucial to measuring prospecting and for better optimisations Visit Conversion Retargeting pushes existing visitors to conversions New prospects drive incremental conversions at scale Search Prospecting Retargeting
  16. 16. Quantcast Template 2014 16 31| Copyright 2014 Quantcast | Using site visits and conversions in attribution models: Split Funnel Visit Conversion Last View Before Visit Last View Before Conversion Spit Credit for Each Conversion1 You Decide How to Divide Credit2 | Copyright 2013 Quantcast | Confidential RTA in Action
  17. 17. Quantcast Template 2014 17 About Quantcast The most effective advertising from the people who really get audiences Directly measuring audiences spanning hundreds of millions of web destinations. Quantcast Measure Advertising that acts on real-time audience behaviour. Quantcast Advertise Knows your customer’s next move, so you can make yours first. Measures millions of customer behaviours in the moment. 34| Copyright 2014 Quantcast | Predictive Intelligence Measures millions of customer behaviours in the moment. Big Data RAW INTERNET DATA ANALYSED DATA Complete Targeting Better converts those you’ve already encountered + finds new ones you’ve yet to meet REAL-TIME ADVERTISING Knows your customers’ next move
  18. 18. Quantcast Template 2014 18 35| Copyright 2014 Quantcast | Finding new customers for O2 | Copyright 2014 Quantcast | Confidential Challenge Drive new customer acquisition for its Prepay SIM product. Quantcast Solution Using Big Data, Quantcast worked with Mediavest to build a real-time audience model of O2’s best customers . We applied the model tor target similar consumers via real-time bidding (RTB) display advertising. & Prospecting Reach Rate Cost Per Acquisition 10% Below target 90%Of the targets reached were new to O2 “Quantcast exceeded our expectations.Their ability to convert new customers in a more cost-effective way has allowed us to achieve a healthy ROI.The post-campaign reports gave valuable added insights, which will feed into other aspects of our strategy going forward.” Brian Curtin Digital Marketing Manager, O2 Ireland 36| Copyright 2014 Quantcast | Finding New Donors Online | Copyright 2013 Quantcast | Confidential Challenge Increase the number of high-value online donations during the crisis immediately following Typhoon Haiyan. Quantcast Solution When disaster struck, new creative was quickly deployed across Quantcast’s live campaigns to raise awareness. Quantcast’s custom audience profile and real-time bidding rapidly adapted to the shifting profile of new donors, enabling Concern Worldwide to more quickly and effectively reach similar online consumers across the Web. a Which Quantcast generated Provided aid for 400 Fishing families €85,000 Revenue 606% ROI At Quantcast exceeded expectations by delivering a CPA 83% below goal. During a disaster relief campaign, their model adapted to a changing donor profile delivering a significant boost in conversions. Adrian O’Flynn Digital Marketing Manager
  19. 19. Quantcast Template 2014 19 | Copyright 2013 Quantcast | Confidential Wrap up The industrial Revolution of Advertising is upon us.
  20. 20. Quantcast Template 2014 20 39| Copyright 2014 Quantcast | RTA Takeaways - Massive growth - Incredibly efficient - Delivers Relevance - Need to move away from last touch attribution | Copyright 2014 Quantcast | ThankYou. Michael O’Connell Demand Generation Manager, EMEA +353-(0)1-5543883 moconnell@quantcast.com @mike_oconnell