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Data-Driven Marketing Roadshow DataSift - March 27, 2014

Presentation by DataSift Technical Product Marketing Director Chris Parsons. Data-Driven Marketing Road Show at DCU The Helix, Dublin, March 27 2014

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Data-Driven Marketing Roadshow DataSift - March 27, 2014

  1. 1. Powering The Social Economy | @datasift | Insight from the Noise: From Big Social Data to Meaningful,Actionable Intelligence DataSift Technical Product Marketing Manager Chris Parsons
  2. 2. Social went mainstream 25% of all time online 1 in 4 people on planet >75,000 items/second of public social data
  3. 3. Creating a wealth of data outside your enterprise
  4. 4. Yet, Companies Unable to Surface Insights That Drive CompetitiveAdvantage Inflexible Apps Social Silos Disconnected Data Purpose-built apps prevent ad hoc analysis Social applications do not integrate with each other Social data not integrated with business data 25% - 35% of the digital universe contains valuable information yet to be analyzed, much of that locked in social data. 79% of marketers run social campaigns in silos. Only 34% companies say that they associate social media efforts with business metrics. IDC, Digital Universe Report 2012 IBM Survey of CMOs 2012 Altimeter, State of Social Business 2013
  5. 5. Social is data-rich A single Tweet contains 120 items of data
  6. 6. Social firehoses Big. Fast. Messy. Text. emit
  7. 7. The result: >80% aggregate curate ingest structure standardize normalize extractfilter clean contextualize tag enhance augment enrich deliver
  8. 8. Today – using social to make better business decisions
  9. 9. Where Social is Heading
  10. 10. Profile Content CustomerJournalist Signifies Churn High-Value Customer Building Customer Context By extracting meaning and context Analytics can go deeper. Data becomes actionable.
  11. 11. Big Data for streaming, social data Aggregate DeliverProcess >1Bn items daily Unique CSDL Language for real- time and historical data processing Enterprise Data Delivery Cloud
  12. 12. Enrichments: Increase Value ByAdding Meaning to Data Add valuable meta data to the raw feeds in real- time Get more precise by adding enrichment data to your filters
  13. 13. Example: Link resolution > Resolving a shortened link • follow redirects to final webpage • retrieve url, title, SEO keywords etc. • store on the interaction > Don’t try this at home.
  14. 14. Test Drive DataSift Set up a free trial account at: Questions? Contact Name Follow us @DataSift @ChrisParsons7 @JayKrall Thank You #DSwebinar