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  • Welcome;
  • What’s happening out there;
    — There are dragons out there - lots of them, with unknown risks and quite often the marketing team is seen as defending the weak and defenseless against the onslaught of the dragon of social media
    — However the impact of the socially engaged customer isn’t as isolated as a solitary dragon in a castle, or indeed can be solved by just one knight or Lone Ranger heroes out there on their own
  • We’ve analysed all the data coming through Conversocial in the last year and found that Facebook still remains the most dominant channel for social customer. Even when you pull in not only @mentions of brands, but those just mentioning the company’s name without the @symbol, Facebook still stands head and shoulders above Twitter.
    Consumers are most active from 2pm-9pm. Brands only managing social as a customer service channel from 9-5 are missing the majority of time their consumers are interacting, and leaving a backlog for their agents to deal with in the morning.
    The busiest day for social customer service engagement is a Tuesday, and we see on average 175k worth of messages coming through every week. Sunday seems to be the day of rest for social, with the lowest volume of engagement.
    Our customers have helped 68million people through Conversocial, through 234 million messages. Not bad in 5 years.
    So how are some brands managing customer service over Facebook?
  • AIB customer Base = 1.8m
    5 Twitter channels, 5 Fbook channels
    Main Facebook channel - ‘Ask AIB’ Likes = 50K
    Quite Small volume (about 700 incoming per month)
    Management: Owned by marketing, but with dedicated social customer support team who look after inbound
    Story: Finance industry coping with the shift to social cust service.
    Refer to need to ensure safeguards (finance industry regulations) while also meeting customer expectation for speedy responses.
    Brands performing highly in social customer service respond to customer enquires within an hour. Conversocial’s workflow enables teams of agents and managers to work together seamlessly within one interface while also maintaining the necessary security procedures.
    Using Conversocial’s powerful analytics tools, it is possible to see that over the period of May 2014, almost 80% of Facebook responses came within an hour, with more than half of responses being sent in less than 30 minutes. By monitoring and reporting on volumes, types of inbound and outbound queries and response times versus SLAs, AIB is able to understand potential trends and pain points with customers.
  • Tigo overall customer Base = 51m
    Running social customer service accounts in Guatemala, Paraguay, Tanzania, Ghana, Bolivia, Congo, Colombia and Honduras.
    Honduras: 1 Fbook channel, 1 Twitter channel
    Facebook channel - Likes= 617K
    Large volume: about 14,000 incoming per month)
    Story: Huge volume on social due to popularity of social media vs cost of telephone calls in latin America -
    Click 1 for volume challenges
    Click 2 for Conversocial led achievements
  • Haven Holidays owns and operates a choice of 35 award-winning family holiday parks throughout England, Scotland and Wales – each park has its own Facebook channel
    35 Fbook channels, 2 Twitter channel – About 15,000 incoming messages per month
    Main Facebook channel - Likes= 94K
    Team management = owned/managed by Publicity team, but in call centre
    Story: Haven often receives comments on Facebook from customers who have already booked a stay at one of its resorts and are sharing their excitement, as well as asking questions about activities and facilities. (picture is from Surf School in Haven Devon) – example of multiple messages between a customer and a brand.
    Brands responding natively will see these repeat engagers as single comments:
  • A Facebook post is received that clearly relates to a previous interaction – but agent still able to respond (despite not really understanding the context)
    The following post then arrives later on – it relates to a post from someone else but no indication of what the problem is… how does the agent respond?
    Brands using Conversocial’s intelligent conversation threading interface are able see each comment together into a single window, with other messages pulled in to provide full context as required. This enables brands to respond quickly - and, importantly, contextually - to each comment.
    4. The customer only sees the (within the hour) response and guess what? The slide will be open again before the customer arrives! Successful interaction
  • A successful social customer care playbook is one that has been developed with input from customer service, marketing and corporate communications.
    Good processes and practices can only start making a difference to your businesses if they are actionable. Formalise everything you’ve build into a playbook that’s not only on hand for your agents, but everyone in your business.
    Areas to cover:
    When to move a conversation to private
    Remember, a playbook is a living documents that’s always up to date and never leaves your team wondering. The best prevention against a social crisis is a well-trained team that is prepared for the unexpected.
  • Social networks exist to connect individuals via instantaneous communication channels. Speed is at the heart of social interaction.
    For businesses, these considerations are even more important. In creating a social brand presence, you have opened an extremely quick and convenient channel where customers can reach out for help.
    But just how quick you need to be depends on how active your customer base is on social, as well as on the types of issues they are bringing to you.
  • What if your agent doesn’t know the answer?
    In the world of social, there will always be the unknown question. No matter how well you prepare your care team or how experienced they are, sometimes they just won’t have the answer. In these instances the best thing for your agents to do is send out a holding post. A holding post lets your customer know you’ve acknowledged their issue, but that you are continuing to look into it. A holding post not only reassures the customer that they are being listened to, but also allows your team to hit a great FRT/
    Speak to your community as a whole
    There are times when a post or thread can become out of control, usually this involves a sensitive issue and provokes an immediate emotional reaction from your audience. When a thread becomes messy, this results in your agents struggling to resolve the complaint and diffuse the noise created by your social community. In these cases, it is advisable to write a reply that addresses the community as a whole rather than the individual. This will placate the community and enable the other contact to be archived away so that your agent’s workflow is again under control. All the while your agents should keep in mind the owner of the post and ensure their original issue was addressed.
    When things fall foul
    When moderating your Facebook wall, it can be difficult to maintain your brand’s tone and voice. A customer viewing your page for the first time as well as the existing active community should have an accurate reflection of who you are as a brand. It can be hard to sustain the correct balance between giving the customer a portal to speak freely and keeping the tone appropriate for the youngest audience members. Having a clear set of Community Rules accessible from your Facebook page will outline the tone expected by contributors to the page and also will give you a reference point when you take the decision to delete a post or warn a community member. Community rules should outline how you expect your community to interact with each other and also what subjects are acceptable to be discussed.
    Keeping it public
    The restrictions of social can sometimes see the conversation move away from the public forum. In times when personal details are needed from your customer, this is of course a necessity. However it is essential for your brand that your community sees the circle completed. Once you have resolved the issue with the individual privately, it is best practice for the agent to summarise what they have done for the customer along with leaving the dialogue open for any future queries or issues they may have in the future. This allows your community to follow the story from the first interaction to the resolution, the circle is complete.
    The personal touch
    Customers on social expect a personal touch. Your agents should begin to build up a picture of the customer from their first interaction. Adding notes at each interaction of how the customer would prefer to be addressed, if they have particular requirements or even personal facts about an upcoming birthday or arrival of a new baby. These little details are what separates social from the traditional contact channels. Empowering your agents to use these details as well as showing their own personality will create a customer base who are loyal to your brand through quick, straightforward and personal customer service.
  • Thank You!
  • Welcome;
  • Conversocial - DDM Alliance Summit Marketing on Facebook

    1. 1. Customers turn to Facebook as a major customer service channel @conversocial Julian Johns VP of EMEA @JJ_Conversocial
    2. 2. Conversocial is a cloud solution that enables businesses to manage customer service engagement over social media. Powering the evolution of social media into the contact centre 500,000,000+ fans and followers served by our customers 150+ major brand customers in more than 20 countries has processed over 220,000,000 interactions 300,000+ reponses made every month through Conversocial Featured in:Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer
    3. 3. #SoLoMoSummit @conversocial
    4. 4. Social Media ‘Blunders’
    5. 5. Preparing for the future ‣ By the year 2020, 95% of all retail banking transactions will be digital. Allied Irish Bank is preparing for the digital shift by streamlining and developing its social customer service offering. Security Comprehensive safeguards ensure information security and regulatory compliance. •Role-based granular permissions •Approval workflow •IP Locking •Searchable archive
    6. 6. Tigo Honduras’ challenge: • Over 14,000 incoming messages monthly in posts, comments and private messages • Over 9,000 responses required How Conversocial helps: •Average First Response Time of 23 minutes •95% of messages responded to in less than 30 minutes Social customer service at a large scale
    7. 7. Creating conversations
    8. 8. … Context is king
    9. 9. Steps for success
    10. 10. Social Maturity Scale Observe PR & Marketing Participate Marketing & Social Media Respond Cross Departmental Engage Contact Centre Optimise Customer Engagement Hub
    11. 11. The key to scaling up your social customer service operation and ensuring efficient communication between departments is a playbook outlining how your company delivers social customer service. A social customer playbook should include: ‣Your objectives and mission statement for social customer care ‣Roles and responsibilities for every team member ‣Example responses to FAQs ‣Step by step processes for how to handle customer service issues Outline your processes
    12. 12. Average response times demanded on a company’s Facebook page* *Conversocial, ‘The definitive guide to Social Customer Service’ (2nd Ed.) Understand expectations for speed
    13. 13. For maximising efficiency in using Facebook as a customer service platform: ‣ What if you agent doesn’t know the answer? ‣ Speak to your community as a whole ‣ When things fall foul ‣ Keep it public ‣ The personal touch Top tips
    14. 14. Thank you. Questions? Find out more at Telephone us on: +44 (0) 207 045 0970 @conversocial /conversocial
    15. 15. Customers turn to Facebook as a major customer service channel Julian Johns VP of EMEA @JJ_Conversocial @conversocial